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5 Unique Fruit Cake Designs For Birthdays and Special Occasions


This new jelly fruit cake design is not only exotic and exquisite but also extremely simple to create. Requiring minimal baking powder usage, dried fruits are soaked either in apple juice or brandy for an authentic flavor experience.

If you want to surprise your significant other with something genuinely exotic and irresistible, look no further than this heart-shaped fruit cake! Sure to impress them all.

All-new jelly fruit cake

Jelly fruit cake is an airy and delightfully refreshing summertime dessert featuring various fresh fruits held together with jelly in bright natural hues that pop against its white backdrop. Enjoy it cold as either an indulgent treat or a healthy snack for maximum freshness!

This recipe is very straightforward and suitable for beginners. All the ingredients can be found easily at any store, and you can customize it to suit different tastes and preferences; for instance, if you enjoy the flavor of vanilla, replace some orange juice with vanilla extract to give a subtle hint of vanilla that adds depth of flavor to this treat.

Begin by lining a 7-inch aluminum dish with cling film for easy removal of your jelly cake. Next, pour two spoons full of an agar-agar powder and sugar mixture into the dish, scatter the mixed fruits across it evenly, and arrange strawberry petals into five-petal flower designs so their beautiful colors show through your jelly creation.

Once the first layer has been set, add another and refrigerate. When this second layer has hardened, please remove it from the refrigerator and pour in a third. Refrigerate again as soon as this second one has set before taking another look and adding frosting with generous cream cheese fillings to complete your masterpiece!

Fruit jelly cake is an easy and impressive dessert perfect for any party or special event. Gluten-sensitive eaters can appreciate this tasty treat.

This cake offers an exquisite combination of delicate flavor and light texture that will delight you. Add any combination of fruits to make the cake even more beautiful, or use fresh flowers to adorn it. Making this delicious treat is relatively straightforward, but care must be taken during assembly because fruits may dislodge themselves during this process.

Layered fresh fruit and cream cake

Layered fruit and cream cakes make the ideal birthday party desserts. Made of layers of Genoise sponge cake topped with fresh fruit slices and fluffy whipped cream, these tasty cakes are easy to create and can quickly adapt for any special event or season. Layered Fruit & Cream Cake

This fresh fruit and cream cake is an adaptation of a popular Asian recipe sold at Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese bakeries. Perfect for celebrating any special event or celebration with its vibrant fruit varieties that create a delectable, colorful treat – sure to impress guests at any gathering.

One of the critical steps in cake baking is creating the batter. To do so, combine eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla in a heatproof bowl; place this bowl inside another larger one filled with hot water and beat with a whisk until the mixture becomes light and airy.

After baking the cake, let it cool on a rack for at least 30 minutes before frosting with smooth buttercream frosting. Use various pastry tips to create decorative swirls on the surface or even sprinkles for an eye-catching display! If this is your first attempt at piping, practice on a plate first before attempting it on the actual cake!

Once the cake has cooled, decorate it with strawberry slices and a thin layer of whipped cream. Arrange your berries on top before applying a final frosting coat on both the top and sides to keep your cake moist while keeping crumbs away from adhering to it.

Garnish the top of the cake with additional berries and powdered sugar for an irresistibly beautiful cake that is sure to wow guests and become the talk of any party. Layer cakes such as this make an elegant treat for any special event and celebration, perfect for serving when guests arrive or as part of any menu plan.

Personalize it further by writing the celebrant’s name or age on it – making this birthday treat both unforgettable and unique!

Strawberry fruit cake

Strawberry cake designs offer a delicious and creative way to commemorate any special event or celebration, such as birthdays or anniversaries. It makes an excellent present for friends or loved ones as it requires only essential ingredients: fresh fruits combined with cream. If desired, chocolate shavings can add an eye-catching decoration that looks stunning alongside this dish’s flavorful taste – this cake design makes an especially delightful option for little girls as its appearance matches its delicious taste!

This cake is the ideal spring or summer treat! Made with fresh strawberry filling and creamy frosting, its delicate flavor makes it suitable for any celebration – from bridal showers and other wedding-related events to surprising the bride or groom on their big day!

For an eye-catching display, combine strawberries of different sizes in an arrangement that overlaps slightly. To enhance its beauty even further, pipe green frosting onto each strawberry, or leave its natural green stems unfrosted; alternatively, you could even try cutting shapes out of strawberries like hearts, stars, and butterflies for extra decoration!

When using whole strawberries, arrange them in a circle around the edge of your cake. For an added decorative touch, you could also use a knife to make patterns in each strawberry before placing it on your cake. Or you can slice strawberries in half with their pointy ends facing upwards for even more effect.

Smitten Kitchen’s recipe inspired this recipe for pink lady cakes. Similar to hers, it includes cake flour, butter, and whole eggs but forgoes oil for sour cream and milk instead. Furthermore, this cake makes use of strawberry reduction to add extra flavor without creating too much liquid in its batter and frosting.

Heart-shaped fruit basket cake

An unforgettable present, heart-shaped cakes make the ideal Valentine’s Day or other holiday gift. Personalize it by including notes, names, or pictures to make the momentous occasion even more meaningful. GoGift’s selection of heart-shaped cakes makes perfect additions for Valentine’s Day or other events!

This fruit-filled heart-shaped cake will delight all your loved ones. Crafted with fresh fruit, pink whipped cream, and white chocolate slice. Additionally, its silver sprinkles complete its appearance with an abundance of fruits and chocolate!

Make their birthday or anniversary even sweeter by ordering this tasty heart-shaped fruit basket cake online to surprise them on their special day! With two kilograms worth of delicious fruitcake goodness and custom packaging by Five Star Bakery – guaranteed freshness – and your personalized note, it is the ideal treat. Order it now online here.