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A Man Was Caught Between Equipment at a Car Wash


Visalia — Recently, an individual was injured after becoming trapped between equipment at a local car wash. Visalia city officials are investigating the incident.

Fresno City Council members voted Thursday unanimously to deny a developer’s permit application for an automatic car wash near an adult care facility, following concerns voiced by residents and advocates who opposed this plan.

Car Wash

Champs Express Car Wash in Visalia provides stress-free car washes. Their primary services include tire shines and undercarriage rinses, as well as more advanced services like Rainbow Polish and free vacuuming. Plus, you can purchase their Warrior Wash for the complete car cleaning experience!

If your car needs some TLC, this service offers an ideal solution. They will clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle to restore it to new. After they remove all dirt and debris from the windshield, wheels, windows, etc, they’ll apply a fresh coat of wax as protection against elements, wipe down the interior with wipes to eliminate any dirt or grime build-up – and wipe down the interior with wipes to eliminate grime build-ups!

Whether for quick car washes or complete detailing services, Visalia residents and travelers can rely on this shop for everything from quick washes to complete detailing services – they even offer three to 10-year ceramic coating warranties! Don’t forget their weekly car washes, an ideal option for Visalia locals and visitors alike!

Before beginning to wash your car, ensure you follow some basic safety guidelines to protect against accidents or damage. First, select an ideal location: One that offers ventilation while being away from traffic or sharp objects that could pose hazards; also inspect for electrical wires or low-hanging branches that could pose threats; wear appropriate clothing and gloves, and do not use household detergents that contain harsh abrasive cleaners that might erode its paint job.

Auto Shop

Professional mechanics with ASE certification make this auto shop your one-stop solution for all vehicle maintenance needs. Here, technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and factory repair manuals to perform thorough vehicle inspections and make repairs that keep it running like new.

The auto shop at this business offers several wash options designed to keep your car looking its best, such as Warrior Wash and Rainbow Polish. In addition, their staff provides essential services like tire shine and undercarriage rinse, using tried-and-true methods for an enjoyable car washing experience.

This business provides various wash options to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly clean. Their staff is welcoming and accommodating; free vacuuming comes standard with every wash purchase! They accept both cash and credit cards.


Tires are an integral component of any car, and you want them always to look their best. At this car wash, they specialize in giving wheels an impressive shine with proven methods used by their Unlimited Wash Club for free washes whenever it suits. I highly recommend their service; they do a remarkable job on all my cars – I wouldn’t go anywhere else in town.

Interior Cleaning

If your vehicle has started looking dull and worn down, visit a quality car wash visalia to give it the makeover it needs. A quality car wash can restore its appearance while protecting it from harsh weather conditions and road debris. Before beginning this task, gather all necessary tools and cleaning products. Additionally, wear non-slip footwear and protective gloves to avoid injury or chemical damage while washing your vehicle. Be wary of using household detergents or abrasive cleaners that could damage vehicle paint finishes, as this could void warranties.

Champs Express’ car wash services allow you to drive your clean and shiny car with pride. Their team uses tried and tested methods to make sure it looks like it came directly from a dealership, with basic packages that include basic wash, wheel wash, undercarriage rinse, rainbow polish, and free vacuuming service – providing quick and efficient solutions for short car cleanup needs.