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ADA-Compliant Bathroom Stall Dividers


ADA-compliant restrooms require toilet partitions that don’t allow others to see inside an occupied stall. Various choices are available, including solid plastic and stainless steel options. Often, the Amazing fact about vách ngăn toilet.

Selecting the ideal bathroom partition material depends on both usage and cost considerations. Solid plastic is often considered superior as it resists damage better than its alternatives, such as phenolic or stainless steel.

Powder-coated steel

Powder-coated steel toilet partitions are an economical and long-term choice. Made of galvanized-bonderized steel with an excellent powder-coated finish that resists chipping, scratching, fading, and corrosion, they usually come with one-year warranties to provide peace of mind for users.

The corners of these stalls are welded together with entire corner welds that provide a solid hygienic seal and add durability to the product. In addition, heavy duty aluminum privacy strips on either side of the latch door block sight gaps for increased security.

Most powder-coated steel colors come with additional Anti-Graffiti and Special Effects qualities for an upcharge, which protect the finish against graffiti and other markings. Furthermore, 24-hour Premium Quick Ship and 48-hour Quick Ship options can also be chosen at additional charges.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel bathroom partitions are an increasingly popular choice in commercial spaces because of their stylish and resilient properties. Being impervious to corrosion makes stainless steel an excellent material choice for restrooms that experience frequent vandalism or heavy usage; its ease of cleaning requires minimal maintenance costs – scratches and stains can often be removed simply with buffing and blending techniques.

Whether they have a Type 304 surface with a #4 brushed finish or embossed pattern, stainless steel bathroom partitions elevate any restroom’s aesthetic while offering exceptional durability. Interlocking corners and full corner welds create an airtight seal against moisture collecting in panels, doors, and pilasters, which prevents moisture from breeding odor-causing microorganisms that create unpleasant odors inside panels, doors, or pilasters.

However, stainless steel toilet stalls tend to dent and scratch more easily than HDPE plastic ones, leading to higher maintenance costs in your facility. HDPE material offers more cost-effective restroom partition solutions thanks to its solid structure, which can withstand impacts while not needing much upkeep, making it an economical choice.

Plastic laminate

These restroom partitions offer an economical solution. They are constructed of smooth-surface high-pressure laminate bonded to a 45-lb density resin-infused particleboard core. Available from manufacturers like Wilsonart or Formica, these partitions come in an assortment of designs, colors, and wood grain textures for your selection—not to mention customizable prints!

Stalls come in various sizes and configurations to suit different spaces. You have the choice between floor-mounting or ceiling-hung models with continuous mounting hardware that eliminates gaps in walls and doors. Speak with an expert today about what configuration would work best in your environment.

Plastic laminate is considered a Class B material and can withstand forceful impacts better than metal partitions; however, prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to delamination and warping.


Phenolic toilet partitions combine durability and moisture resistance with a sleek design for an exceptional solution for public restrooms that see high foot traffic, such as high school restrooms. Their water resistance also makes them highly vandalized, graffiti, and bacteria-resistant —an invaluable asset in public facilities. Plus, they hose off easily for maintenance! They come in an assortment of colors and textures.

Solid phenolic partitions are constructed by immersing layers of kraft paper in resin and pressing them under heat and pressure until a solid plastic substrate forms. The resultant material is tough yet durable, with an outer melamine laminate layer protecting it from impacts, scratching, fading, corrosion damage, graffiti markings, moisture ingress, or moisture leakage damage.

Available in standard and custom layouts, with mounting options such as floor-anchored, overhead-braced, and floor-to-ceiling mounting solutions, these racks make it simple to keep clean by not needing sanding or painting, which significantly lowers maintenance costs.

Solid plastic

Solid plastic restroom partitions are an economical and resilient choice for high-traffic commercial bathrooms subject to vandalism or frequent visitor traffic. Their resistance to denting, scratches, mildew growth, and graffiti also makes them easy to keep clean with minimal maintenance requirements—saving both time and money in the long run. Due to their moisture-proof nature, solid plastic partitions also make a great addition to locker rooms or pool bathrooms.

Solid-color molded plastic features homogenous coloring throughout, making damage difficult to spot. Its lightly textured surfaces help conceal minor nicks and dings. Furthermore, this material boasts 59 times more excellent impact resistance than metal.

All toilet partition manufacturers provide no-sightline solutions to maximize privacy. This can be accomplished using a continuous hinge side and stop filler that fills in all sightline gaps around the door and rubber bumper stops to deaden noise and protect against wear – this feature can be found across both standard and luxury stall layout dimensions.


Hadrian is an industry-leading toilet partition manufacturer and innovator. Their advanced technology tools streamline project processes for distributors, architects, designers, contractors, and facility owners, saving both time and money during project implementation. Furthermore, Hadrian takes great pride in being environmentally conscious; their toilet partitions contain recycled content with LEED point potential that makes their product ideal for green building initiatives.

Hadrian’s powder coating system creates a durable finish that withstands impacts, abrasions, detergents, and acids. Furthermore, its application makes LEED-sensitive projects easy, as no volatile organic compounds or urea-formaldehyde are involved. Their manufacturing process also minimizes waste and energy consumption!

Hadrian offers an assortment of restroom hardware, including chrome-plated zamak ADA latch covers and knobs that come complete with fasteners and installation instructions for quick installation. All parts can be purchased individually or as part of a complete ADA restroom hardware kit for convenient purchase and assembly.