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Adrian Flux Review


Adrian Flux is a UK-based insurance broker offering specialist car, home, and bike coverage policies. Their staff boasts an impeccable record in customer service excellence and expert knowledge.

Coverwise offers an impressive variety of programs for kit cars, modified vehicles as well as disabled drivers, as well as flexible insurance quotes that take account of exceptional circumstances.

East Winch Hall

Adrian Flux is a UK insurance broker at East Winch Hall in Norfolk. They offer motor and home policies from multiple insurers, and employ approximately 1,000 people, making them one of the largest specialist brokers in the UK. Adrian Flux prides itself on offering exceptional customer service – something it prides itself on doing exceptionally well. Customers can reach them via their telephone number or visit their website, and this company boasts an outstanding reputation among customers due to its superior customer support services.

Adrian Flux founded this insurance broker in 1973, and it has grown into one of the UK’s premier specialist brokers, providing coverage for everything from classic cars to kit and modified vehicles, as well as providing home, pet, and travel policies. Their employees are knowledgeable and helpful – leading the industry.

Noetica allows Adrian Flux to consistently deliver an enjoyable customer experience and increase productivity by automating tasks, optimizing human processes, and minimizing manual errors. Its flexible and scalable nature also means it can adapt easily to changing business requirements.

East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn is our headquarters location. Built by William Lancaster as a Grade II listed building, it features an expansive terrace that leads out onto wooded park areas – making it a favorite spot for car shows and events.

King’s Lynn

King’s Lynn became England’s most important port during the 14th century due to increased sea trade between Europe and England. Following fire damage at Trinity Guildhall in 1421, walls were constructed around it for protection, along with two Hanseatic League warehouses built during that period: Marriott’s Warehouse and Hanse House – built during 15th and 16th century construction periods.

King’s Lynn Festival is an annual theater, music, and lecture event. Every summer the Tuesday Market Place hosts Festival Too, an outdoor concert series starring Midge Ure, Deacon Blue, 10cc Mungo Jerry, and Atomic Kitten among others.

King’s Lynn, located in Norfolk’s heartland, offers many shops and restaurants for residents to explore. Additionally, this town is served by its rail network: its central station serves Great Northern, and Greater Anglia trains with 20 scheduled daily trips between King’s Lynn and London; passengers traveling this way should bear in mind they may need to change trains along their journey.

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Caterham and Adrian Flux have come together to offer customers tailored insurance policies, including track-day cover. Their specialist policies cover kits, high-performance vehicles, classic and modified cars as well as 4x4s and military vehicles; in addition, they can choose between extra options such as agreed valuations or European cover.

A family-run company since 1973 and the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker. Specialized in the vehicle and home policies and providing special programs for young drivers, people with disabilities, or those who have made previous claims against their household insurance policies; recently expanding its range with the acquisition of Chartwell Disability Car Insurance Specialists (Chartwell).

It has over 150 branches nationwide and employs over 1,000 staff, with its headquarters at East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, as one of the leaders in motor, home, and pet insurance markets and providing flexible policies it was recently named joint 11th best workplace by Breakroom magazine based on staff expertise and customer service reputation. Plus, it boasts an attractive bonus scheme and pays competitive salaries across its workforce.


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Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s premier specialist motor insurance brokers and provides comprehensive car, home, travel, and bike policies. Established in 1973 and offering cover for everything from classic cars to kit and heavily modified sports cars, its temporary car insurance offers protection for third parties as well as the policy holder themselves – either day by day or up to 12 months and won’t affect existing annual no claims discounts.