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Adrian Flux – Who Owns Adrian Flux?


Adrian Flux Insurance Company of East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, is one of the UK’s largest specialist motor insurers, offering consumers car, home, travel, and bike policies.

Joe Lycett raised issues with Adrian Flux’s black box car insurance policy on his Channel 4 show Got Your Back. Adrian Flux responded that GPS coverage issues resulted in inaccurate journey data and reimbursed its customer.

Company History

Adrian Flux was established in 1974, and today stands as the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker. Based at East Winch Hall near King’s Lynn in Norfolk, Adrian Flux prides itself on excellent customer service as well as offering special schemes for vehicles that might otherwise not be covered elsewhere.

Adrian started the business after having difficulty finding coverage for his Spartan kit car. Determined to ensure even those considered uninsurable, his firm soon earned a solid following among kit car enthusiasts and eventually expanded to provide other forms of vehicle and home coverage.

Recently, this company has earned a strong reputation for offering specialist cover for motorbikes and commercial vehicles, buy-to-let properties, and flood and fire damaged vehicles. Furthermore, they provide cover for drivers with prior claims, criminal convictions, or driving bans.

Apart from offering motor, home, and bike policies, the company also provides travel and pet insurance policies. Furthermore, its promotional girls are frequently seen at car shows and in television ads.

Company Locations

Adrian Flux has been providing car, home, and travel cover since 1973. Headquartered at East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn, they offer tailored policies for kit cars and heavily modified sports cars.

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Adrian Flux sponsors multiple racing teams and drivers, such as Jason Plato (the British Touring Car Champion), Lewis Kerr (one of the country’s premier speedway riders), and Alex Brundle (European Sportscar Championship race winner). Furthermore, the company hosts charity fundraising events throughout the year.

In 2021, West Norfolk Insurance Firm was featured on comedian Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back Channel 4 show for criticizing their black box insurance policy using GPS technology to record driver journey data. Lycett aimed their use of black boxes, which record driver journey data; later however, they claimed there had been issues with the GPS that caused incorrect recording; as an act of goodwill, they reimbursed customers with PS150 as compensation.

Company Profile

Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s premier specialist insurance brokers, offering cover for cars, homes, and bikes. Since 1973 when Adrian Flux’s efforts failed to find insurers who would insure his Spartan kit car, he started his company – now more than forty years later and thousands of policies later, it has built its reputation for offering tailored policies at affordable rates to people who may have received subpar service elsewhere.

East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk in England hosts their call center, employing 1,500 employees. Furthermore, the company maintains offices throughout Europe, Australia, and North America for further expansion.

One of the company’s most acclaimed products is its Black Box insurance policy, which allows drivers to reduce premiums by tracking their driving behavior using GPS tracking devices. Notable celebrity endorsers of this initiative include Jason Plato and Lewis Kerr.

This company uses an array of technologies to run its business, including Google Sign-In, Twitter, and Google Maps. Furthermore, Taboola helps recommend editorial and sponsored content across various websites. At the same time, 6sense offers a free Chrome extension which lets users quickly identify decision makers within an organization within 30 seconds via LinkedIn or any website.

Company Sponsorships

Adrian Flux is a proud sponsor of Caterham Motorsport and provides customized car insurance policies to meet its high-performance vehicle owners’ needs, including track day coverage at no additional cost. Their expert team works across various brands such as Adrian Flux, Sterling, HIC and Chartwell; with headquarters located near Norwich in Norfolk.

West Norfolk Insurance Firm was brought under scrutiny on TV by comedian Joe Lycett during his Got Your Back Channel 4 programme, in 2021. Lycett accused them of miscalculating driving data on its black box policies meant to help drivers reduce premiums by tracking journeys; Lycett claimed one such device recorded a woman driving through both a brook and museum during her journeys – something he called ‘diabolical.’

Though hit by negative press coverage, the company moved swiftly to save jobs at its Norwich branch by taking over Swinton’s call center that was scheduled to close. Today, around 1,000 employees work at East Winch Hall; providing home, motor, and caravan insurance products, specialist car and bike coverage, and motorsport, telemarketing and business development activities.