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Alvin Leung Restaurant at Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore


Alvin Leung is an international superstar chef whose latest venture is 15 Stamford, a contemporary restaurant located at the Capitol Kempinski Hotel in Singapore. The London-born chef rose to fame with his innovative, multifaceted cuisine at Bo Innovation in Hong Kong. He then used his rebellious, rule-breaking approach to cooking to develop a personal brand. The London-born chef has inspired 15 Stamford from his travels across Asia. He aims to give Singapore diners a taste of the Asian continent.

Daimon Bistro

Daimon Bistro in Toronto, Canada, is one of Alvin Leung’s many restaurants. He also owns Forbidden Duck in Hong Kong and Bo Shanghai in Singapore. Daimon is known for its signature whole roasted cherry duck, fried chicken on egg waffles, ‘drunken’ strawberries, and brown butter ice cream. The experience of eating at Daimon Bistro is like entering a fantasy land. However, the experience is not without its downfalls.

Alvin Leung conceptualized the interiors of the restaurant. The restaurant has 26 seats and serves Cantonese food with a twist. The menu includes dim sum, small plates, meat, seafood, grain mains, and desserts. The food is presented in a stylish, colorful environment.

In addition to the renowned Bo Shanghai, the restaurant has two sister venues. Daimon Gastrolounge has a retro vibe and looks like a 1980s noir movie. Its menu is a more upscale take on Cantonese street food, and its cocktail menu hits cultural touchstones. Cocktails are served in Vitasoy bottles, which make a nice touch.

Bo Shanghai

If you’re a fan of the Chinese food scene, then you’ve most likely heard about Alvin Leung’s X-treme Chinese cuisine. This innovative concept has reinvented Chinese cuisine, breaking traditional misconceptions and creating new and unique taste sensations. You can expect a truly memorable dining experience at his Bo Shanghai restaurant.

In 2009, the inaugural Hong Kong & Macau Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant two Michelin stars. Later it gained a star, and in 2014, the restaurant achieved three stars. The award-winning chef became the first Cantonese to receive this prestigious honor. In addition to the Bo Shanghai restaurant, Alvin Leung also owns a Michelin-starred restaurant in London, serving a three-course tasting menu.

A typical menu for dinner at Bo Shanghai includes a selection of dishes that famous artists inspire. The most famous is the X-treme Chinese dish ‘Sex on the Beach,’ a fried condom stuffed with Yunnan ham and honey, served on “sand.” In addition, the chef liked experimenting with local ingredients to create dishes that shocked diners. He is also known for his molecular xiao long bao, inspired by the techniques of Ferran Adria at El Bulli.

15 Stamford by Alvin Leung

The signature restaurant of Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung, is a celebration of Asian flavors created by Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung. The menu features a selection of Asian dishes and dishes inspired by Chef Alvin Leung’s travels. A set lunch costs $29++, while the a la carte menu costs $39++. The restaurant is located on the lobby level of the hotel and has a separate bar area.

Located in a historical building, 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung offers an intimate dining experience. The interiors are decorated with art and wood paneling, and the menu features classic Asian dishes. Some menu items include a Wagyu steak with Sarawak Black Pepper Sauce and grilled barramundi with Buh Keluak sauce. The restaurant also offers a three-course lunch menu consisting of two entrées and two desserts.

Chef Alvin Leung has earned three Michelin stars and is a multi-faceted cumultifacetedr. At his former Hong Kong restaurant, Bo Innovation, he shot to fame with his rule-breaking culinary rebellion. His first restaurant in Singapore, 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung, pays tribute to Southeast Asian fare with a menu that combines traditional dishes with modern twists.