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Aug Warzone Loadout Guide


Whether you’re new to the game or an old hand, an Aug warzone loadout is a must-have item. It’s a good way to maximize your experience and ensure your success.


PP19 Bizon is a submachine gun that is similar to the Bullfrog. It has a helical magazine, which is a great advantage because it puts the ammunition where you normally grip it. It is also known for its fast rate of fire. This allows you to fire quickly and repeatedly, which is a key to succeeding in Warzone.

The PP19 Bizon is a powerful gun that will perform well in most situations. It can kill multiple enemies with a single magazine, which is a bonus in a battle royale and squad-based modes. It is also a good weapon for running and gunning. However, it lacks the range and accuracy to be an ideal choice in accuracy challenges.

Assault Rifle

Using an AUG is a great way to get a lot of kills. But there are a few things to consider before choosing your new weapon of choice.

The AUG is a hybrid weapon, combining the accuracy of an assault rifle with the mobility of an SMG. It also has a nice fire rate, making it a viable choice for close-range combat.

The AUG also has an impressive damage output, depending on the attachments you choose. Using the right weapon, you can push the boundaries of a map and wreak havoc on a foe.

Submachine Gun

Despite having been nerfed and buffed a few times, the AUG submachine gun in Modern Warfare has still managed to hold its own as one of the most versatile and accurate weapons in the game. Its mobility and damage output make it a good choice for aggressive hill players, as well as close-range combat.

While it is not the most accurate gun in the game, the AUG does have a high damage output and is capable of full auto. It’s also one of the best suited for close-quarters combat. AUG players should consider a secondary weapon for close range, as well as a shotgun for pushing buildings.

Field Agent Foregrip

Having Field Agent Foregrip on your AUG is great for reducing horizontal and vertical recoil. It also helps to stabilize your weapon when you fire, which will make your shots more accurate. If you have a weapon that has a high recoil like the XM4, you can use this under-barrel attachment to improve your long-range performance.

Adding a 20.5” Task Force Barrel to your AUG will increase your damage range and fire rate. A Mac-10 underbarrel will also reduce your vertical recoil. This gun is perfect for a burst AR weapon.

45 Rnd Speed Mag

Using the 45 Rnd Speed Mag with the AUG Warzone loadout is a great way to boost your fire rate and ammo capacity. This build also offers great gains in range. It is ideal for both long-range and mid-range builds.

The 45 Rnd Speed Mag is a translucent extended magazine. It provides an extra bullet for each reload. It also reduces the aim-down-sights speed. It’s a good alternative to the 45 Rnd Drum. It also reduces sprint to fire time.

Visiontech 2x is a common sight for long-range builds. It has the same field of view as VLK 3.0x, and it has the same zoom. It isn’t too zoomed in, so it’s good for long-range builds. This site is also compatible with the On Point reticle.

Agency Silencer

Whether you are playing Battle Royale or Warzone, the AUG is an excellent SMG. With high damage output, it is ideal for mid-range or long-range combat. However, a good AUG loadout is a must to make it even more effective. This guide will teach you how to maximize your AUG’s performance.

The AUG has been a popular weapon in Warzone since its release. It has high damage output and great mid-range accuracy. It also has moderate recoil control. It is recommended that you use an AUG loadout that suits your playstyle.

The AUG has a built-in 1.5x optic. You can swap this out for a Visiontech 2x optic if you desire a different perspective. You can also try out other attachments to help control erratic recoil.

Modern Warfare MP5

Getting the right Modern Warfare MP5 loadout can make all the difference in your ability to dominate matches. There are five different load-outs for this class, each designed to fit a different kind of playstyle.

One of the most common types of MP5 loadouts focuses on boosting accuracy. This is because accurate shots on targets can make a difference in a gunfight. A combination of stats and perks can make the MP5 more accurate, while also boosting mobility and damage.

The MP5 is the weapon of choice for many players because of its versatility. It can deal damage at medium range, but it’s also very good at close range. With its fast fire rate, the MP5 can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.