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Barbershop 2: Back in Business (DVD)


Barbershop 2: Back in Business picks up where the original left off, with owner Calvin taking on Nappy Cutz salons as his rivals in the market for fancy black-oriented hair salons. Calvin is joined by his neighborhood barbershop staff members, including Eve (Terri), ex-con Ricky, and respectable Nigerian immigrant Dinka who all contribute their expertise in running his shop.

Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan gives his characters plenty of freedom to witty banter that often hits close to home.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube was born O’Shea Jackson and is an American rapper and actor. A founding member of N.W.A, many critics regard him as one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop artists ever. Additionally, he serves as director and producer for various film and television projects.

After his group’s success, Ice Cube set about his solo career. His 1991 album Death Certificate proved more controversial and controversial than its predecessor; two tracks on it, “No Vaseline” and “Black Korea,” were widely perceived to be anti-Semitic or racist, respectively. Furthermore, there were guest spots from L.A. rappers such as Deadly Threat and Kam on it.

Next year, he made his directorial debut with the urban comedy The Players Club and followed it up with sequels Next Friday and Barbershop 2. Meanwhile, he continued recording music, producing several RIAA-certified albums until 2006, when his album Laugh Now, Cry Later was released.

Barbershop 2 Back in Business, directed by Ice Cube and released in 2008, tells the tale of Calvin Palmer Jr (Ice Cube) as a barbershop owner in South Side Chicago under pressure from developers to sell. Meanwhile, Isaac (Troy Garity), Terri (Eve), and Ricky (Michael Ealy) all work at his shop and face personal and professional struggles, not to mention competition from Nappy Cutz; ultimately though the barbershop remains open with everyone working together and all becoming part of one community; both critical and commercial successes!


Barbershop: The Sequels revisits the Chicago neighborhood where Calvin Palmer (Ice Cube) owns and operates his barbershop with employees Isaac, Terri, Ricky, Dinka, and Kenard, who each have personal and work problems. When hipper franchise Nappy Cutz arrives on the block, and gentrification threatens small businesses like Calvin’s barbershop, Calvin refuses bribes offered by local politician Lalowe Brown and Willie Leroux to support anti-gentrification legislation and refuses to update his shop to match its surroundings; customers protest his store as customers boycott it all together despite his efforts; ultimately losing business and eventually closing his shop despite its efforts despite all his efforts despite all attempts by Calvin.

EVE feels abandoned without WALL*E, so she visits the barbershop to reunite with her colleagues, who comfort her. After realizing she has feelings for WALL*E, she asks about his directive and name before returning home, where he finds a plant he had been searching for – only then do they hug and kiss one another, leaving an electric current running through both. When Eve wakes up the following morning, she discovers it has revived her memory of him, sparking excitement.

The Captain instructs GO-4 to bring EVE and WALL*E to the Repair Ward on board the ship. Calvin and his crew discuss gentrification in their neighborhood; they fear their new barbershop may be replaced with more costly stores and restaurants that cost more. Calvin wants to stay and fight for his neighborhood; family discussion topics: Does your family support local or chain businesses; what benefits come with supporting small, local companies; examples of how supporting small local businesses can strengthen communities?

Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy first came into prominence with his award-winning performance in 2002’s Barbershop, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping busy since. Since then, he’s participated in several off-Broadway stage productions and had prominent starring and recurring roles on numerous popular sitcoms – like 2 Fast 2 Furious: Takers and Sony thriller The Intruder.

He’s currently working on a legal drama for HBO and a film project called “The Rhythm Section,” written and directed by Raamla Mohamed (“Scandal”). This story follows an accused jazz musician as she attempts to prove her innocence against charges of murdering someone from her past.

He’s known for his work on television and being an accomplished singer and composer with albums under his belt and stage credits like The Color Purple. Moving forward, he plans on merging musical and acting talents further.

Ealy hails from Silver Spring, Maryland. Alongside his wife, Khatira Rafiqzada, and children, Ealy is deeply invested in African American heritage and culture. Both Khatira and Ealy are active participants in civil rights movements and other social justice causes; together, they have two children. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, cooking, reading, and rooting for Baltimore Orioles baseball teams as hobbies – though most importantly, he and his family volunteer at local food banks together! He and Khatira also volunteer alongside their involvement with the National Association for Advancement of Colored Peoples while serving on its advisory board as ambassadors – two causes close to Ealy’s heart!

Troy Garity

Calvin Palmer (Ice Cube), a South Side Chicago barbershop owner, finds his business facing new obstacles in this sequel to the 2002 hit. Employee relationships are growing apart, and Nappy Cutz chain barbershop has opened across from him – all promising jobs, income, and tax revenues; yet Calvin is concerned that its unique character may be lost through this development.

Calvin must face a grave threat to his livelihood when his shop is sold to a developer who plans to turn it into an upscale salon with an unfamiliar sign and name, alienating all his customers who rely on him for haircuts and style advice.

This movie delivers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as barbers, and their customers attempt to figure out ways to save the business from its imminent collapse. Additionally, the film explores issues of gentrification and what it means to belong to a community – it was met with positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Troy Garity is a famous American actor best known for portraying Isaac in the Barbershop films. Additionally, he has made notable appearances in Steal This Movie, Soldier’s Girl, and Sunshine. Born to actor Jane Fonda and politician Tom Hayden with Dutch, French German, and Irish ancestry – Troy started acting at Santa Barbara Laurel Springs Camp for the Arts, where he later joined the Academy of Dramatic Arts before making numerous stage appearances.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah has earned critical acclaim for her performances across many films, from dramas such as The Secret Life of Bees and Carlotta Brown on NBC to comedies like Barbershop 2. Queen is known for singing talent and acting and has released multiple albums.

Ice Cube stars as Calvin Palmer Jr. of Nappy Cutz Barbershop on Chicago’s South Side, yet his shop faces new obstacles due to gentrification threatening its close-knit community. But Calvin is determined not to let go of his business and finds ways to deflect any threats against it.

The film introduces several new characters, including Gina (Queen Latifah), who works at a beauty salon next door to Calvin’s barbershop and becomes friends with Eddie after sharing past histories and experiences; Calvin’s son Kenard (Kenan Thompson) struggles with his new responsibilities at the shop while Isaac (Troy Garity) feels neglected by them all, leading him into an argument at their barbeque party.

Queen Latifah first rose to fame thanks to her role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air television series. After becoming known for portraying Aaliyah in that series, she soon began appearing in more movies – both comedies and dramas. Since then, she has gone on to star in multiple acclaimed films like The Secret Life of Bees, Joyful Noise, and Taxi, as well as voice acting for Ice Age: The Meltdown animation movie and guest starring on various television series such as FPB of Bel-Air, Living Single and Parkers among many others.