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Best Cardiologists in Vijayawada


A heart specialist can provide the best course of action if you are struggling with high blood pressure or chest pains. Furthermore, they offer treatments that could help extend your life and promote better health.

Vijayawada boasts an array of top-notch cardiologists who provide comprehensive care to people of all ages. These specialists specialize in performing angioplasties and stenting, among other procedures.

Dr. Kodali RajaRamaMohan Rao

Vijayawada’s top cardiologists are renowned for their expertise and have achieved a well-deserved reputation. These doctors treat heart disease, stroke, and vascular issues.

He has 34 years of experience in cardiology and is currently practicing at Ramesh Hospital – Benz Circle. His qualifications include an MBBS and Diploma in Cardiology.

He is a member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and is affiliated with several hospitals in the area. A specialist in Cardiac Surgery, he has received multiple awards for his accomplishments. With extensive experience treating patients of all ages and highly qualified experts, Dr. Singh brings his knowledge of cardiac surgery to patients worldwide.

Dr. Biju Govind

Dr. Biju Govind of Vijayawada is an expert in cardiology and interventional cardiology with 22 years of clinical knowledge. As an award-winning cardiologist with an excellent eye for detail, he ensures his patients receive top-notch service quickly and efficiently.

He is a proud member of the esteemed Indian Medical Association and boasts impressive qualifications. Explore his profile on Practo to learn more about this experienced doctor. One of his most significant accomplishments is performing a highly technical procedure on an infant – something no cardiologist in this country has managed.

Dr. P.Bhaskar Naidu

Dr. P. Bhaskar Naidu is a Cardiologist practicing in Vijayawada with 12 years of experience. He currently practices at Ramesh Hospital, located at Benz Circle, Vijayawada.

Dr. Bhaskar Naidu held MBBS from Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS) Tirupati in 1975, MD-General Medicine from that same institution in 1980, and DM- Cardiology from NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh in 1994; additionally,,, he is a member of Indian Medical Association. You can book an appointment with him via myUpchar at any time convenient – in person or online!

Dr. B. Vijaya Chaitanya

Vijayawada’s top cardiologists are known for diagnosing and treating common heart conditions such as coronary artery disease, rhythm disorders, and congenital heart defects.

Dr. B. Vijaya Chaitanya is one of the most renowned Cardiologists in Vijayawada with ten years of experience, currently practicing at Manipal Hospitals. He holds both MBBS and DM degrees – Cardiology; learn more about him by viewing their profile on Practo. The best part about their services? They are free! They provide a range of treatments from simple check-ups to complex surgeries and are known for their customer service excellence as well.

Dr. B M V Krishna Chaitanya

Dr. B M V Krishna Chaitanya is one of Vijayawada’s premier Cardiologists with over eight years of experience. He practices at Ramesh Hospital in Benz Circle and specializes in managing all types of health issues for his patients. Dr. Chaitanya has an excellent communication style and will listen intently to your concerns before providing the best care possible. Furthermore, his expertise extends to pediatric emergencies, including pericardiocentesis, trans-oesophageal echos, and temporary pacemakers, among other critical care procedures like these as well. Additionally, his friendly manner makes visiting him less stressful for his patients’ experiences visiting him less stressful overall.”

Dr. Monica E Florence Tadi

Vijayawada’s top cardiologists possess unique skills and talents for diagnosing and treating heart ailments. Dr. Monica E Florence Tadi, an accomplished Cardiologist with an impressive list of accomplishments to her credit, earned her MBBS from Katuri Medical College, Guntur, in 2009. Dr. Tadi is now affiliated with Ramesh Hospital in Benz Circle and boasts 11 years of experience in this field. Book an appointment with this knowledgeable doctor today!

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