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Best Commercial Lawyers in Virginia Beach


When forming a business or corporation in Virginia Beach, having experienced legal counsel who understand the state’s intricate laws is essential. Anchor Legal Group, PLLC is here to provide that assistance.

Each year, Virginia Business surveys over 14,000 attorneys and 50 law firms to identify the top lawyers in 20 categories. This list includes 18 long-term honorees.

Business Formation

If you are considering starting a business in Virginia Beach, consulting an experienced attorney is recommended. Not only can they assist with the legal process, but they may also advise on tax implications and other matters that could impact your venture.

The top commercial lawyers in Virginia Beach can assist you with forming a new company, drafting documents, settling disputes and negotiating contracts. Furthermore, these legal professionals possess the necessary expertise to safeguard your business against potential lawsuits.

If you are a small business owner, you may be thinking about hiring a corporate officer or executive to manage your company. Furthermore, having a corporate secretary on board to assist with administrative tasks like maintaining company records, filing taxes and handling payroll is beneficial. But don’t just hire anyone – finding the right candidate for the job will make all the difference. With them on board, you can get things done quickly, efficiently and at less expense to yourself.

Business Litigation

Business litigators, whether defending or prosecuting, need strong client relationships, thought leadership, practical management skills and deep experience. Furthermore, they should understand the various venues available for litigation – from state and federal courts to private arbitrations and administrative hearings – so that they can position these disputes optimally according to both legal and business needs of their clients.

In addition to litigation, Virginia Beach’s top commercial lawyers also provide advice on a range of other business law issues. These include anti-trust laws, deceptive trade practices and corporate contracts.

An experienced attorney can shield your business from litigation and protect its investment in the company. A lawsuit is one of the last things small business owners want to deal with; it consumes time, money and resources which could otherwise be put towards other objectives.

Business Transactions

If your business is looking to acquire, merge, or sell its assets, the top commercial lawyers in Virginia Beach can provide legal counsel and assistance. They specialize in tax strategies, lawsuit and asset protection, as well as buy-sell agreements.

They can also assist you with regulatory concerns, commercial leases and corporate governance. They’ll guide you through the process and guarantee that all necessary documents are obtained to run your business successfully.

They can assist with breach of business contract issues if your vendor has failed to live up to expectations. They provide legal counsel and offer tailored solutions tailored to your case.

Corporate Governance

In addition to litigation services, top commercial lawyers in Virginia Beach provide corporate governance advice and counsel to business owners. This guidance helps them make informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders of a company.

Corporate governance practices that promote a healthy business climate and prevent future scandals are the best for companies. Furthermore, these practices foster an open relationship with their shareholders and employees.

Corporate governance is not without its shortcomings, however. For one thing, the loud voices of activists, rating agencies, boards and everyday shareholders often drown out thoughtful debate.

Furthermore, our litigious system of corporate law is especially favorable to plaintiffs’ attorneys. Any public company board that announces a major transaction is highly likely to be sued – no matter how well they conduct due diligence.

This type of blackmail discourages value-creating deals and is detrimental to both corporations and society. That is why a new approach to governance, known as “Corporate Governance 2.0,” would reinstate exclusive forum provisions that permit litigation against a company only within its state of incorporation.