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Best Rated Nail Salons Near Me in NYC


Finding an excellent nail salon can be a difficult task. You must consider factors such as cleanliness, insurance, and customer reviews before selecting one that offers various services at various price points.

Plant-filled and offering waterless services with 10-free formula polishes, this Greenpoint location boasts all the elements for an idyllic spa experience: lush planetary, soothing indie music, and custom polish.

Deluxe Nail & Spa

Deluxe Nail and Spa offers the ideal setting for ultimate indulgence in the city center, featuring a spacious waiting area and four private treatment rooms for nails, eyelash extensions, and facials. Their employees prioritize safety and comfort, upgrading their stations with the latest tools to provide extra precaution. Furthermore, this salon boasts an outstanding price-quality ratio and various beauty treatments.

Vanity Projects’ international chain boasts one location each in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Japan for high-end manicures from international artists. Not your ordinary nail salon; their services combine high-end ateliers with an engaging video art program for an experience you won’t forget.

This Williamsburg nail salon boasts Barbie pink armchairs, gold side tables, and neon signs–but that’s only part of its draw. Customers can relax here, and the millennial pink space serves up indie polish brands and services such as acrylics, gels, and nail art (with crystals, animals, or Southwestern patterns!). Plus, it’s waterless — making an eco-conscious customer’s day!

This luxury salon is well-known for its exquisite gel manicures and nail art services but also stands out as an advocate for female empowerment by hiring only female technicians. Additionally, this all-organic, non-toxic salon only uses natural products sourced locally. Additionally, their treatments are purchased in small batches to guarantee quality and purity.

This boutique nail salon prides itself on the details–from nail art to music. It’s a cozy, intimate space with friendly staff and an extensive collection of colors and designs. Their pedicures feature relaxing foot soaks with scrub, callus removal, paraffin treatment, and cuticle work services. They also offer customers glitter, jewels, and rhinestone nail art designs.

Bisou Nail & Spa

Bisou Nail & Spa is a nontoxic nail salon that uses high-quality products to ensure its clients remain healthy and content. Services provided at this salon include manicures, pedicures, eyebrow waxing, and various nail art options for customers to express themselves. Booking an appointment couldn’t be any more straightforward using their mobile app!

This salon is an essential stop for those searching for an enjoyable spa experience. They use only natural and safe products, with highly skilled employees specializing in waterless nail processes, which benefits you and the environment. Multiple locations throughout the city make it easier than ever to find one near you!

Glosslab stands out among top nail salons with its cutting-edge nail designs and affordable prices; you will have a fun time out here with friends. Don’t forget the coupons, either; Glosslab always has great offers!

Paintbucket Nail Salon in Williamsburg specializes in nail art and indie polish brands, with an expansive selection of polish colors (including millennial pink) and creative artists who can design any design you need. Paintbucket even provides a nail art subscription service so your nails stay on trend throughout the year!

This salon specializes in natural and nontoxic beauty products on the Lower East Side. Their 10-free Polish line recently released an adorable summer collection, while their technicians are proficient at Japanese nail art techniques for intricate nail art designs.

Hortus Nail Shop

SoHo is home to this nail art spot dedicated exclusively to nail design. Their staff is so attentive, and their plans are beautiful! And their hospitality is truly outstanding; you feel like royalty when you walk through their door. Using parallel – which lasts three weeks longer and doesn’t buff or sand your nails like regular polish does – I was ultimately won over, and this place quickly became one of my new favorites!

This salon, famous for its lush interior and outdoor pedicure garden, provides the ideal place to unwind. Services offered here include classic manicure and pedicure services, massages, and nail art creation. In addition, there’s a fantastic selection of luxurious nail polish brands like Dior and YSL available here, too.

This holistic nail spa specializes in holistic wellness and hand health, using nontoxic nail polishes from Londontown Kur, Dazzle Dry (a quick-dry gel alternative), CND Shellac, LED light curing instead of UV lamps, and applying extra nourishment oil before starting services to ensure smooth hands.

Eleanor Langston founded her salon to offer clients quality products while making them feel relaxed during a manicure or pedicure experience. There is a beverage bar featuring champagne and Grady’s Cold Brew, iPhone chargers at each station, and seasonal nail art designs created by celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec.


Tenoverten is a leading clean nail and hand care brand dedicated to placing both people and the planet first. They pioneer a conscious beauty movement by offering less-is-more nail, hand, and body care solutions that cleanse, nourish, color, and gloss without harmful ingredients. Their thoughtfully designed products aim to become your first go-to products at salons and homes for superior nail care services.

Tenoverten offers safe, formaldehyde-free manicure and pedicure experiences at all their salons, using nontoxic polishes and cuticle oils in their services. Their vegan formula eliminates toxic substances usually present in nail polish, with 38 unique nail colors from light pastel pinks and beiges to deep scarlet and purple hues and various finishes like sheer, matte, or metallic available for their services.

The brand boasts a minimalist aesthetic and offers clients a relaxing environment, thanks to a highly trained and professional staff using nontoxic products of premium quality. Additionally, they provide services such as massage and hot stone manicures.

Tenoverten offers more than nail salon services; they also sell their nail polish and other products in stores and online. Their nail polish is manufactured in the US using no artificial ingredients and is cruelty-free and free from phthalates; these nail polishes dry quickly while lasting longer than other brands.

This brand offers extensive nail tools and products, such as polish removers, cuticle oil, manicure sticks, and more. Their products feature neutral-tone packaging made with frosted glass. Their products make for an ideal option for women looking to maintain a healthy nail care regime without compromising their fashion sense.


The lunulae on your fingernails provide vital signs about someone’s health. They show how well the nails and organs in your body are functioning and can serve as an early warning system for specific medical conditions. Sometimes, a missing or disappearing lunula can signal severe medical conditions; most commonly, this indicates pleural effusion – the fluid that builds up around the lungs and chest space – however, malnourishment due to extreme diets or medical conditions that interfere with absorption can also result in it the disappearance of these moon-shaped moons on fingernails lunula dissolving entirely – sometimes due to other medical conditions that interfere with being absorbed lunules dissolving altogether lunula may appear disappearance signifies severe conditions.

People may only experience one nail with lunula while others don’t see any; neither situation should necessarily indicate anything is amiss, but it would be wise to consult your physician about these findings.

Nail fungus can be challenging to treat with oral antifungal medications, which often have severe side effects and don’t always work. At Lunula, our breakthrough laser treatment targets onychomycosis directly, yielding an average new apparent nail growth of 6.1mm* within six months* of noninvasive laser treatment – quick, safe, painless treatment!

Lunula nail specialists utilize a cutting-edge dual-diode laser system with multiple combined wavelengths for the most effective results. Our non-thermal laser optimizes photon distribution to the areas most affected by fungal infections: nail bed and proximal germinal matrix. In addition, this laser strengthens the body’s natural immune response, thereby speeding healing time while providing healthy nails! To learn more about this cutting-edge nail fungus treatment, contact Lunula today!