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Boat Rentals in Malta – Explore the Island Nation’s Stunning Coastline and Crystal-Clear Waters


Renting a boat in Malta is an ideal way to discover its gorgeous coast and crystalline waters. It offers access to hidden coves, quiet beaches, and historic landmarks on your terms. What do you consider about boat hire malta.

Malta and its sister islands, Gozo and Comino, offer some of the most transparent waters in the Mediterranean, making them excellent locations for snorkeling or swimming.

Freedom to Explore

Boat rental adventures provide the freedom and flexibility needed to craft an unforgettable experience, whether sailing around Malta or exploring its sister islands. As the turquoise waters offer your playground, new horizons await discovery – coves await discovery, and bays welcome exploration!

Boating experiences allow visitors to see many sites at their own pace without crowds or schedule constraints, providing an intimate connection with Malta’s stunning natural beauty and rich cultural traditions.

Malta’s archipelago lies at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, making it a sailing enthusiast’s haven. Home to several UNESCO World Heritage-listed cities, ancient temples, and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta boasts an array of cultural treasures, yet its true allure lies in its idyllic shores, which provide an idyllic retreat from everyday life.

Signing up with Click& Boat for a yacht charter lets you connect with local boat owners, offering everything from motor yachts to sailboats. You can also opt for skippered boat hire, where your captain/skipper will know their way around your chosen region inside out—no license needed!

Private Moments

Malta’s islands can best be enjoyed from the water. Renting a Malta boat gives you an intimate look at its idyllic beaches and crystal blue waters, as well as Gozo, Malta’s smaller neighbor with stunning beaches and hidden coves. Sailo provides all the services needed to find a perfect yacht charter that fits into any trip schedule, be it for day trips or multi-week sailing vacations.

Our advanced search filters make it easy to quickly narrow your options by boat type, price range, number of guests, and captain/skipper – skippers are an invaluable way to explore Malta with local knowledge that may lead you to breathtaking spots you couldn’t discover alone! Choose skippered boat rentals in Malta to have one show you around and show you some stunning spots you wouldn’t otherwise find on your own!

As soon as you book a Malta yacht rental, be sure to keep an eye on the weather conditions. Malta typically enjoys a warm and sunny climate, though conditions can change according to wind and sea. When planning a day trip sailing adventure, make sure you pick an optimal time between May and October for optimal sailing experiences with milder temperatures, stunning scenery, and fewer crowds; but no matter the season, your private yacht charter promises a fantastic sailing adventure experience.

Unique Perspectives

Malta’s beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters make for unforgettable adventures. Discover hidden coves on Gozo Island, sail out to the Blue Grotto sea caves, or visit Malta’s ancient capital of Valletta—all fantastic experiences on their own. With a yacht charter, you can see Malta from a unique vantage point, away from crowds.

Private charters allow for independent exploration of Malta’s beaches and historic landmarks at your own pace, from lounging on the beach to snorkeling expeditions; yacht charters have something for everyone. A boat rental also makes an excellent way to escape crowds while providing some quality time with loved ones.

Renting a boat in Malta is an affordable way to explore its stunning archipelago. Prices depend on the type of boat and duration of your journey – starting from $600 per day for an elegant sailboat up to over $1,500 per day for luxurious gulets.

When looking for yacht charters in Malta, Sailo’s advanced search filters make finding the ideal boat easy. Select dates, times of day, and numbers for your party to narrow down options, or select whether sailing or motorboating style is available to see which boats may fit the bill.


Malta’s crystal-clear waters and picturesque landscapes provide the ideal setting for an exciting boating adventure. Discover hidden coves and quiet beaches while creating lasting memories in this tranquil corner of the Mediterranean. Not to mention, Malta is home to historic landmarks, including fortresses and temples – making renting a boat the ideal way to experience this nation’s vibrant culture on the water!

While sailing around Malta, you must abide by all maritime rules and regulations to ensure your safety. Make sure your yacht has all necessary equipment, such as life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, distress signals, etc. It is also essential that overloading occurs to avoid accidents at sea.

No matter if it’s a private yacht charter or a large catamaran you want, Malta offers plenty of rental boats to choose from when it comes to renting one for your trip. Once you find your ideal vessel, take some time researching various renting companies and boats before reaching out to their captain or owner; social media often allows for accessible communication between companies/skippers and clients, so starting conversations via these platforms should not be an issue!