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Bose Lifestyle 650 Soundbar Review


Feel the thunderous explosions of your favorite blockbuster film and sing along to your favorite songs.

The Lifestyle 650 Bose system was created with premium performance in mind, boasting slim center channel speakers and four OmniJewel satellite speakers – Bose’s smallest. As such, this compact system can fit almost anywhere without taking up too much room in your living space.


This soundbar provides crisp audio in an attractive design. Setup is easy and includes a multi-directional remote. Spotify and Amazon Music services are supported, as are additional compatible Bose speakers for multi-room audio playback. ADAPTiQ room calibration system adds extra sound quality that automatically adapts to your room layout.

The soundbar has various finishes and can be conveniently mounted to any wall. With multiple inputs that support TV, Blu-Ray player, streaming devices, or DVD players, upscaling DVD players to 1080p resolution, and built-in FM radio service – everything needed for high-quality entertainment at home or work!

Once you plug in, a Bose soundbar will prompt you to create an account and pair it with your smart device. You can begin configuring it using the mobile app – similar to calibrating headphones. The process involves choosing your listening location before playing test sounds for analysis by ADAPTiQ software that will optimize speaker settings accordingly.

Bose has recently released one of their best soundbars yet with this impressive soundbar, boasting a unique feature set that makes it a top pick among consumers looking for new home entertainment systems. Bose pioneered an industry-first audio calibration feature, ADAPTiQ, that automatically adjusts it to suit any living space by playing tones through speakers and then analyzing them with a headset worn over your ears – similar to AV receiver calibration systems!

The soundbar is sleek and sophisticated. It is available in glossy black or arctic white finishes with perforated aluminum grilles or tempered glass tops – although fingerprint magnets may pose difficulty cleaning them off regularly. At its base are two touch-sensitive controls – one to power on and another muting voice assistant services; its small display makes reading it difficult.

OmniJewel Speakers

Bose Lifestyle 650 stands out as an exceptional surround sound system, boasting OmniJewel drivers that are easily rotatable to help position them around your living room. Furthermore, its bass module sits beneath your TV for profound bass impact. Moreover, this sound system represents excellent value for money with superior design and audio quality; yet other methods may provide additional features.

The Bose 650 features a premium look, perfect for any media room. Its satellites take up very little space, while the base has an elegant appearance reminiscent of high-end electronics. Constructed of aluminum with a glass top, its large port at the back provides access to external devices such as Blu-ray players or gaming consoles.

Lifestyle 650’s audio quality is unparalleled, and its user interface simplifies setup. The system’s ADAPTiQ audio calibration technology automatically adapts its output to match the specific acoustics of your living room, with tones playing through speakers. At the same time, you listen with headphones that you wear yourself for measurement by its media center and use that information as feedback to calibrate speaker levels accordingly.

Your Lifestyle 650 makes connecting AV equipment easy, featuring various connection options, such as an RCA cable for analog input and digital coax for optical and HDMI outputs. Furthermore, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections enable mobile phone connectivity while its included remote allows you to control music playback.

The system is well-built, and each satellite is constructed of durable materials to withstand repeated abuse. Unfortunately, however, its base could be improved as it’s too large for most spaces and an issue when expanding entertainment systems across more rooms in your home. Unfortunately, however, its ADAPTiQ process can only be performed once per room which could become an obstacle when expanding to additional rooms in your home.


The Bose Lifestyle 650 surround sound system offers impressive audio performance and is designed to transform the look and feel of your home theater system. Featuring elegant speakers, a bass module, and a console that doesn’t take up much space – and is equipped with universal remote control and HDMI input support, not to mention Bose’s ADAPTiQ technology makes setting it up and adjusting it easier than ever!

The Lifestyle Series 650 is an upgrade to previous Lifestyle models. Featuring a DVD player, HDMI inputs, and automatic video upscaling to HDTV resolution. Connect and easily control your favorite sources – such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, or game consoles- using its on-screen instructions that guide you through the setup process.

Another cool feature is Bose’s AdaptiQ audio calibration system, which automatically matches it to any given room’s acoustics by playing tones through speakers and listening with a headset-mounted microphone before applying sophisticated equalization to address any acoustic anomalies that arise from playing techniques through speakers; older Bose systems required a manual setup that was only accurate within one room. This feature marks a significant upgrade over earlier models that required manual adjustments that only produced real results in one space.

Bose home entertainment systems stand out as industry leaders in terms of home entertainment systems with features like these built into them, including an inbuilt CD/DVD player as well as an iPod/iPhone port – making this system ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy music and movies on their TV screen.

The 650 surround sound system is an excellent option for anyone seeking a high-quality home entertainment system featuring outstanding performance and versatility. Its compact design fits nicely in any room while its speakers are made of top-of-the-line materials; additionally, its acoustics are superb, and its use is effortless – plus, this popular system comes in various colors and sizes! It has earned rave customer reviews around the globe!

Remote Control

The Bose Lifestyle 48 home entertainment system is Bose’s top-of-the-line home theater solution. This flagship media system has an AV media center featuring DVD playback, 5 Jewel Cube satellite speakers, and an Acoustimass bass module. This intelligent playback system also learns your tastes in music thanks to uMusic; rate songs by pressing either “+” or “-” on your remote control and find similar pieces based on that information.

If you aren’t quite sure what music to listen to, the system offers the uMusic service to make recommendations. With up to 340 hours of CD storage available on its hard drive and access through either web browsing or standard MP3 players, plus Gracenote search ability that ranks songs by attributes like artist, composer, and genre, you have endless musical entertainment available!

This VideoStage 5 technology system is one of the few systems capable of expanding to other rooms using wireless remote controls to send signals from another room back to your media center. These remotes use radio frequency technology, so they don’t require line-of-sight infrared, meaning they work through walls and outdoors!

Lifestyle 48 has an uMusic and AV media center, four main audio inputs for TV, VCR, and cable/satellite receivers, digital coaxial connections, and all necessary cables to get you up and running right out of the box. An RF remote makes setup quick and simple!

The Bose Lifestyle 48 includes an uMusic system designed to take the thinking out of home entertainment, using proprietary Unify technology with onscreen messages that guide you through setting up and connecting to sources. Unify also makes integration with TV and Blu-ray Disc player easier, with six HDMI inputs keeping up with high-definition technologies and 4K pass-through, ensuring compatibility for future technologies. Plus, the automatic calibration ADAPTiQ system provides audio perfection every time!