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Buy a Toran For Diwali Online


Diwali is known as the festival of lights, and each household decorates its home with lamps and diyas. These illuminations spread positive vibes throughout the house and bring prosperity and luck to its inhabitants. The first step in preparing for the festival of lights is to clean the house. It is a tedious task, but it is necessary to welcome good luck and prosperity. You can ask your family members to help you with this task. However, you can buy a toran for Diwali online if you are short on time.


If you are planning to gift a Bandhanwar to your loved one on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, then you have come to the right place. Bandhanwar is a traditional Indian door hanging that is beautifully crafted. It is made using optimum quality primary material and is known for its elegant looks and classic feel. Bandhanwar is handmade by women in villages and is tested for various quality parameters.

Bandhanwar is a traditional decoration for the doors of Indian houses and is an excellent way to add an ethnic look to the entrance of your home. It is also an excellent choice for decorating temples, pooja rooms, and entrance gates. In addition, Bandhanwars make perfect decorations for birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarming parties.

Sanchi Torana

Sanchi Torana is an imitation of timber and brick architecture in stone. It is used in the architecture of Buddhist and Hindu temples. The earliest examples of torrents date back to the Mauryan Empire. The Kalingas were also known for using it in temples.

Torans were traditionally used to decorate temples, pathways, and homes. They add a festive mood to a room. They are also used to hang on windows and doorways.

Mirror work toran

Diwali is a time for celebrating happiness and prosperity; a mirror work, toran, is a traditional way to do just that. This festive accessory is made with beautiful mirror pieces woven onto a colorful cloth. Many different shapes and patterns are available for the mirror pieces. They are also decorated with colorful beads and pictures of various religious figures and gods.

The Diwali toran is an integral part of the festivities, and one can make it in various ways. Some people purchase a ready-made one from the market, while others prefer to make their own. The beauty of these beautiful decorations is that they can be used many times and can be stored easily.

Mango leaves toran

Using mango leaves toran on your door during Diwali is a traditional Hindu decoration that brings prosperity and wisdom into the home. Each mango leaf has a Ganesha motif, creating an elegant and artistic door hanging. This toran can also be used for the festival of Navratri.

A mango leaf toran is traditionally made of 12 leaves. The leaves are also used in religious pujas. They have antibacterial properties and are used to absorb excess carbon dioxide.

Glass jar lanterns

Try creating glass jar lanterns if you’re looking for non-messy Diwali craft ideas. These lanterns are made from glass jars that have already been used and can be painted in various colors. Once dusk falls, they’ll give off light and look beautiful.

You can also make them home, using only a few simple items. You’ll need glassware, fruits, spices, and tea-light candles. You’ll also need different colors and shapes of craft paper to decorate them with.

Handmade toran

Handmade torans are an excellent choice for Diwali decoration. They are decorative hangings made with bright red and green colored stones and pearl beads. Their purpose is to attract the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. They are excellent decoration pieces that will add a festive feel to any room.

These beautifully handcrafted torans are made from natural metal and will add sparkle to your home. They are also a great gift choice.