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Car Vinyl Wrapping Near Me in NYC


Car vinyl wrapping is an economical and effective way to give your vehicle a new look, protecting its paint against fading, scratches, and swirl marks – increasing resale value and helping you sell faster.

Wraps come in various vinyl hues or with custom-printed graphics for an eye-catching appearance on your vehicle. Choose from camo, red brake calipers, carbon fiber, or matte black designs and colors to complete the look.


Car wrapping provides an instant custom look while still protecting its original paint underneath. This versatile method offers an effective alternative to costly and time-consuming paint jobs, allowing you to choose from various colors and graphics – it is especially suited to businesses promoting their company logo or needing fleet vehicles with consistent looks and styles.

Whether it’s a full or partial wrap, getting the appropriate vinyl can ensure the best results. A gloss black film works best on exterior cars, while matte and satin finishes suit interior applications. Also, beware of harsh chemicals that could damage vinyl – these should only be used sparingly; furthermore, take steps such as keeping it stored safely when not driving and avoid automatic or drive-thru car washes due to their rigid brushes, which could damage its surface.

One way to give your vehicle an eye-catching, special appearance is with a neon fluorescent wrap. Available in green, orange, and yellow fluorescent vinyl colors for long-term performance with durability and dimensional stability features that make it great for graphic detailing and emblems; however, it shouldn’t be exposed directly to sunlight.

Though applying vinyl can seem intimidating, the process is far safer than you imagine. A professionally trained wrapper can ensure a flawless and durable finish while protecting the original paint underneath. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow installation instructions and prepare your car before beginning vinyl application.

ONEighty offers more than vinyl wraps; they also specialize in custom trailer graphics and signage to meet the unique needs of businesses. Utilizing only top-of-the-line materials from industry leaders such as 3M and Avery Dennison, their products help commercial, retail, and residential establishments stand out while simultaneously meeting individual clients’ preferences for appearance and functionality. In addition, ONEighty provides services such as screen printing murals.

Sainz Designs

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle is an easy, cost-effective way to transform its appearance without repaint. Not only does this option save time and money over repainting, but it also protects its original paint from scratches and abrasions while offering endless design and color possibilities – plus, it can easily be removed at any time, making upgrading its look easy!

212 Motoring of Brooklyn offers vinyl car wraps in various colors and finishes. Their experienced installers use heat guns and squeegees to adhere the vinyl tightly over paint surfaces and eliminate air bubbles before performing quality assurance inspections to ensure their wrap is impeccable. 212 Motoring installers can add racing stripes, trims, or other accessories for a complete car or truck look.

This company provides various wrap colors and finishes, including gloss, matte, metallic pearl, and carbon fiber. Furthermore, its staff can add custom logos or graphics for business promotion, clear bras to prevent scratches from damage, paint protection films to avoid further blemishes on a car, and clear bras to protect paint surfaces against potential wear-and-tear injuries – all at competitive rates that clients can learn more about by visiting its website.

Car wraps can help make your vehicle stand out and improve its visual appeal as an economical, cost-cutting alternative to full-body paint jobs. Plus, they can easily be removed before selling your car, helping increase both its appearance and resale value!

Sainz Designs of Staten Island offers an extensive range of styles and colors for cars, trucks, vans, and food trucks – with their team being known for their attention to detail and fast service. Their installers specialize in creating personalized wraps to match each client’s personality or style – they even specialize in wrapping all primary brand vehicles to customize vinyl to fit around every corner of the car’s unique shape! Additionally, they provide full-body vinyl car wraps, which make an excellent option for commercial fleet vehicles and large-scale fleets alike!


SkinzWraps 3m car wraps provide an affordable way to advertise your brand on the road and is becoming an increasingly popular method for businesses to promote themselves on a mobile platform. Their designers and installers specialize in custom vehicle wrapping designs to deliver results, which may save on advertising costs over traditional forms like billboards.

Vinyl wraps make vehicle maintenance much more straightforward, protecting it from scratching, fading, and other forms of damage while providing scratch resistance and UV protection. They’re an ideal option for fleet vehicles, too! With plenty of colors and styles, vinyl wraps offer the perfect finishing touch.

Vehicle wraps can also help promote your company’s logo and information effectively, helping create brand recognition and new clients – especially in busy areas with heavy traffic jams. Furthermore, this form of branding is much less costly than billboard advertising and lasts much longer!

SkinzWraps offers more than 3m car wraps. Their services also include building/storefront window graphics, restaurant murals, transit systems/subway cars/billboards, as well as billboards – with their team of experienced designers and installers assisting with all kinds of projects no matter the size. Their services come backed with a five-year manufacturer warranty at competitive pricing for businesses.

Ridgewood Car Wraps in Ridgewood, New York, provides car wraps to both individuals and companies in Ridgewood. Their technicians undergo an intensive apprenticeship program so that they are capable of handling even the most intricate designs. Their state-of-the-art digital printing facility allows them to take everything from simple one-color designs to full vehicle wrappings.

If your car’s color has become outdated, one Source Media offers color change wraps for sports cars, sedans, and trucks. From camo to hot pink and Nardo grey options – One Source Media’s car wrap shop has what you need to make your vehicle unique.

One Source Media

If you love customizing cars, vehicle wraps may be just what you need to complete your look. With vinyl sheets that offer virtually endless color possibilities and digitally printed logos or text designs available to choose from, a vehicle wrap allows for complete customization while protecting original paint from scratching while keeping its appearance looking brand new – not to mention being more affordable than repainting and easily removable; plus they allow for instant changes of look as soon as you want!

Vehicle wrapping can help your small business stand out in traffic and attract customers at the same time at a relatively cost-effective rate. Not only is it more eye-catching than traditional billboards, but you can even add contact info like phone number or website URL for accessible communication.

One Source Media provides car wrapping services, from full fleet wraps and custom designs to fleet wrapping solutions. Their designers collaborate with clients to craft an eye-catching car wrap design; additionally, they can provide graphic design services for campaigns or signage if required. Their team can assist with everything from concept through completion – including vinyl cutting and installation!

Car wrapping can be an affordable and creative way to show your individuality in your car, making a statement without breaking the bank. Installation is quick and easy, with various colors and finishes; plus, it can easily be removed and replaced if you no longer like what you see!

Many drivers consider their automobiles an expression of high-speed self-expression, and many companies use their fleet vehicles to promote products and services. By adding custom vinyl wraps to their vehicle fleets, drivers and companies alike can use them as rolling billboards that will draw the eye of anyone passing by; best of all, it’s an investment that pays for itself many times over!

Vehicle wraps can be an effective way to promote businesses, support favorite teams and brands, or simply show your fandom for specific companies. A wrap is more visible and will catch people’s eyes more readily than a screen logo.