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Choosing the Best Spinning Reel For Bass


Great bass spinning reels range in price from $30 to over $1000. The best models are robust, smooth, and reliable, with confidence-inducing drag performance for optimal bass fishing experiences.

Daiwa Ballistic LT reels are an excellent option for bass anglers looking for a lightweight tackle with the durability that defines Daiwa’s reputation. It is ideal for smaller swimbaits and finesse techniques like shakey heads.

Reel Weight

Finding the ideal spinning reel for bass fishing involves many details; these range from which sized reel is best suited to targeting specific species to which rods and lines work with certain lures. One key consideration in selecting your spinning reel should be weight. A light spin will help keep tackle at a low profile while making small bait casting easy, while heavy reels add strain to arms and hands on long days out on the water.

Light spinning reels can be ideal for many anglers in finesse fishing techniques such as Ned and hair jigging, wacky rigging, and drop shooting. Their lightweight nature enables anglers to use lines as thin as a 10-pound test without worrying about backlash or resistance issues.

These days, there are many high-quality lightweight reels from brands like Lew’s, Abu Garcia, Shimano, and Daiwa available on the market that feature carbon frames and rotors that reduce weight while increasing strength and durability, along with hybrid carbon drag systems for smooth performance.

In selecting a bass fishing reel, carefully considering its gear ratio is also advisable. This factor will affect how quickly and effectively a spin picks up the line while applying tension on hooks; higher gear ratios tend to work best with fast retrieves, while slower ones provide more pressure for presentations.

Although many anglers gravitate toward one of the big three spinning reel manufacturers for their spinning reel needs, other excellent alternatives out there provide exceptional value and performance – brands such as Lew’s, 13 Fishing, and Pflueger are producing reliable spinning reels at far less expense than their counterparts from more prominent manufacturers.

The KastKing Spartacus II reel is an excellent budget option for bass fishermen. It features corrosion-resistant construction, an aluminum rotor for durability, brass pinion gear, a ceramic line roller for smooth performance, and 21 pounds of drag to put pressure on any bass you catch.

Gear Ratio

Selecting the optimal gear ratio on a spinning reel is critical when fishing for bass. A reel with an inadequate gear ratio won’t be able to retrieve bait quickly enough by bass fishing techniques and lure sizes used.

When selecting the ideal spinning reel for bass fishing, many factors should be considered when choosing a perfect reel, including what bait or technique will be used and the size of fish targeted. A higher gear ratio can help speed up retrieval techniques like burning buzz baits along surfaces or ripping lipless crankbaits through vegetation, while lower gear ratios work well when making slower retrieves, such as cranking jigs over deeper cover or structures.

When selecting the optimal spinning reel for bass fishing, it is crucial to consider the size and weight of the bait you plan on throwing. A giant, aggressive smallmouth in a northern river will require different equipment than one used on Florida or Texas largemouth pushing ten-plus pounds; fortunately, there are options out there suitable for either scenario, whether throwing MadBite Ned Rigs or dragging giant frogs through slop, there will surely be one out there that is up for the task!

Bass fishermen looking for spinning reels under $50 can find one with features and quality that rival those costing three times as much, such as the Daiwa BG Spinning Reel, made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and featuring an 8:7:1 gear ratio to handle any battle that a bass presents them with.

Cadence Ideal 4000 Spinning Reel is another exceptional reel option. Though less durable than higher-end models, this reel still provides excellent quality and features at an outstanding value for its price point. In addition to having a solid construction with braid-ready spool capability and a smooth drag system, this reel can easily handle heavy loads of lines – perfect for fighting big bass in freshwater and saltwater environments!

Line Capacity

Line capacity is essential when selecting a spinning reel for bass fishing since bass is fast enough to cut understrength lines when pinched against rocks or structures quickly. A good spinning reel should be capable of casting lines of 10 pounds (mono) diameter and heavier without spooling out too fast; additionally, this would enable anglers to use lighter lures while targeting larger species such as walleye.

Line capacity is often expressed in terms of reel size (X) and yardage capacity of various pound tests (Y), whereby each figure represents the reel’s capacity to hold one length of line on the spool (Y). But don’t be misled by these figures: A rotation with a 15/120 capacity has 150 yards of 12-pound line on its spool, while 15/180 spins can store 180 yards.

Most reels include a “line-out” warning indicator that signals when their line has reached the end of its spool and needs refilling. Some models, like Shimano Stradic TD reels, feature an internal automatic line leveler to keep the spool filled up, while Daiwa BG2500 reels feature separate external levelers that perform the same function but may be easier to operate.

A high-quality spinning reel should feature a strong body and spool construction that’s resistant to impacts, water resistance, and corrosion resistance, as well as an anti-corrosion finish and protective finish that keeps it looking new for generations of bass fishing. Lew’s Aerios comes equipped with an X-Protect coating, which keeps debris and water from entering its inner workings, extending its lifespan and keeping your reel in tiptop condition for years of bass fishing action.

An ideal spinning reel also requires an anti-twist line roller and an angled lip on its spool to reduce tangles and spirals during casting and retrieval. The Pflueger Supreme XT stands out here thanks to its buttery smooth performance and ten bearings; the Daiwa BG2500 stands up well due to its impressive bail roller for less expensive prices.


Selecting the ideal spinning reel for bass requires careful consideration of all its details. Spool size influences line capacity and speed; rotor material and bail design impact durability and function; corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or aluminum are recommended since they offer strong corrosion protection while remaining lightweight enough for extended use.

Spinning reels can be used for all bass fishing techniques, but they excel at finesse techniques when throwing lines lighter than the 10-pound test. Their lightweight designs and low initial spool inertia make them the ideal choice for drop shotting, Ned rigs, and other finesse applications in which resistance or backlash could prove costly; additionally, they’re perfect for vertical techniques like ice fishing crappie or casting to shallow water panfish.

Daiwa has combined quality and performance into an affordable reel that retails for under $50, something unheard of just a generation ago. Their Aerios reel is capable of handling light baits as well as larger fish alike and features silky-smooth start-up and stop action during both retrieval and hard drag pulls.

The KastKing Spartacus II boasts features and improvements typically reserved for more expensive models, including its corrosion-resistant brass gear and main shaft, ceramic line roller for smoothness, and stainless steel hardware for increased durability. Plus, with an available drag of 21 pounds, it can tackle anything bass fishing throws at it!

Pflueger President reels are another top pick, combining quality and affordability in one package. Their spool is designed to hold more lines while an anti-twist line roller helps prevent backlash; plus, there are ten ball bearings to ensure smooth operation and an acceptable drag rating that still delivers plenty of stopping power for even the largest bass species – making this reel an excellent option for novice anglers looking for high-quality h reels without breaking their budgets.