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Coldwell Banker Reviews


The Coldwell Banker leads program is overpriced and does not prequalify leads. Coldwell Banker reviews also say the director of the leads program is arrogant and aggressive. In addition, many agents say the benefits are primarily for listing agents and are too expensive for non-listing agents. However, there are some benefits to Coldwell Banker, including a commission split.

Coldwell Banker’s culture

While you may think that company culture is a subjective topic, Coldwell Banker employees are overwhelmingly positive about their culture. Their culture scores a B+ among employees. The company’s leadership team plays a crucial role in fostering a strong company culture. CEO Ryan Gorman, for example, has been rated 79/100 by employees.

Coldwell Banker’s leadership team is focused on fostering an environment of personal and professional growth. The company celebrates its associates’ success and recognizes their efforts by promoting its core values. The Coldwell Banker Value Proposition includes four core elements: Production Power, Culture of Awesomeness, Wealth Building, and Coaching to Confidence. In addition, branch managers are responsible for fostering a community-focused environment and attracting new associates to the company. They help their teams succeed by modeling the company’s values and demonstrating high energy.

Training programs are an integral part of Coldwell Banker’s culture. The company provides up to 13,000 clock hours of training annually and reviews courses on an ongoing basis. Continuing education programs are also available for sales agents.

Coldwell Banker’s commission split

One of the most common complaints among Coldwell Banker agents is that their commission splits are low. However, there are many options to increase your commissions and income with another brokerage. Coldwell Banker is a well-established real estate franchise that has been around for over a century. Its name is recognizable and offers many tech tools for agents to use. With over 92,159 agents worldwide, Coldwell Banker is an excellent choice if you want a solid career in real estate.

Coldwell Banker’s commission split varies from branch office to branch office, but it is typically a 55/45 split. This is lower than other major brokerages, which typically offer 70 percent commission splits. Coldwell Banker commission splits are not mandatory, so agents can opt for a commission split that works best for them.

Coldwell Banker offers extensive training to its agents. The training consists of an orientation class and ten sessions on various topics, such as technology, self-marketing, contracts, disclosures, and working with buyers and sellers. The classes are held weekly, and agents can access online tutorials and live webinars. In addition, Coldwell Banker has development directors who assist new agents with their career development.

Coldwell Banker’s training opportunities

If you’re considering joining the Coldwell Banker team, you can look forward to extensive training and support. The company provides a high level of technology and excellent marketing support. You will also be supported by a knowledgeable administrative staff and a supportive management team. You can also expect a commission from your work, which can significantly benefit agents.

Coldwell Banker has launched a proprietary training program called the Launch course, which aims to teach new real estate professionals best practices and tools. The course lasts seven weeks and is delivered via interactive live web sessions. Each session lasts about 90 minutes. The Launch course also includes a mentor guide, which helps participants apply what they have learned. In addition, the program covers topics such as developing a business plan and prospecting strategy.

In addition to training, Coldwell Banker Chesapeake also offers the CB University program, which features weekly workshops and one-on-one coaching from industry experts. All of this helps Coldwell Banker employees become better agents. The company also offers state-of-the-art technology suites, which help them stay up-to-date on new trends and improve their productivity and sales.

Coldwell Banker’s office hours

Whether you are looking for a new home, need a real estate agent, or want to learn more about the industry, Coldwell Banker’s office hours can help you find the ideal home. In addition to their business hours, Coldwell Banker offices also provide support services for their agents and even offer a few freebies.

Coldwell Banker is one of the largest real estate brokerages in the world. They have a good reputation for having supportive and friendly management and plenty of training and education resources. Agents can expect excellent onboarding instruction from the company’s leadership and receive many free classes. There’s a reason Coldwell Banker is the number one brokerage in the world.