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Coleus Fishnet Stockings As a “Thriller” in Combination Containers


Fishnet stockings coleus is an eye-catching foliage plant that makes an eye-catching statement in combination containers. While best suited for outdoor gardens, it can also thrive under proper indoor conditions.

Fishnet stockings coleus plants need well-draining soil and regular supplementation with liquid or foliar fertilizers to thrive and remain healthy. Be careful when applying liquid or foliar fertilizers in order to avoid burning their leaves!

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Coleus fishnet stockings stand out in shaded gardens and containers due to their vibrant foliage that combines colors like green, chartreuse, burgundy, and purple. Not only is this plant heat tolerant and deer resistant, but it is also an adaptable indoor plant suitable for use as an interior plant. Growing to three feet high and boasting a regal upright habit, it makes an excellent “thriller” in combination containers. Although gardeners typically agree that its foliage looks best without flower production taking place first. Gardeners should regularly prune off any flower buds that appear, keeping their plant looking its best. Coleus also benefits from regular feedings with liquid fertilizers or foliar spraying; follow label instructions carefully, as excessive or concentrated fertilizers could damage roots and leaves.

Fishnet stockings coleus thrives outdoors in warm climates, with partial shade being preferred over full sunlight. But this plant can still flourish when grown in direct sun as long as its soil remains moist; using a well-draining potting mix or garden soil enriched with peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite will give an optimal balance between moisture retention and drainage for this particular variety.

Fishnet stockings coleus plants require bright indirect lighting as well as increased humidity to thrive indoors. To increase humidity levels, misting foliage or placing it in a tray filled with water may help create the optimal environment for their development. Furthermore, drafts or heating vents must be kept away as these could cause the leaves to become dry and brittle over time.

Fishnet stockings coleus is easy to propagate from cuttings and maintain in both gardens and containers, though full sun may make its cultivation challenging; most gardeners find better results when cultivating it under partial shade, where some sunlight will reach it while late afternoon heat remains protected from getting it.


Coleus thrives in warm environments and is hardy only up to USDA zones 10 and 11. It can be grown as either an annual or brought indoors for wintertime care, making it suitable for containers mixed with other warm-season plants such as impatiens, pansies, or petunias. When placed outdoors, it should be situated between part and full shade as too much sunlight can burn the foliage of coleus flowers – adding vibrant hues to any garden or container space! With its low maintenance needs and dynamic flower display, it adds rich color accents that bring deep color anywhere it grows – perfect additions!

Coleus is a vigorous grower that can reach up to 3 feet in height with its spread. Known for its bright leaves with multiple hues and patterns that match other warm-season foliage types, this plant makes an eye-catching accent in gardens or borders or creative pots such as macrame hanging baskets. Coleus works exceptionally well when planted alongside Impatiens or Petunias or with shrubs such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camellias, etc.

Fishnet Stockings’ is an upright coleus cultivar distinguished by inky black lines tracing each leaf vein pattern on its lime-green foliage. It grows best in partial shade conditions and pairs perfectly with other PROVEN WINNERS varieties, such as COLORBLAZE LIME TIME(TM) or Dark Star, for optimal growth and color enhancement.

Velvet Mocha, one of our PROVEN WINNERS(r), is one of our most sought-after varieties that is deer-resistant. Its deep burgundy foliage boasts contrastive lime green edges for an eye-catching display when planted outdoors or used as an edging plant; Velvet Mocha looks incredibly captivating when combined with other coleus cultivars like Kong Rose or Kong Green to bring color into any container display.

Coleus is a fast-growing annual that tolerates frost well and adds beauty and interest to any sunny garden bed or container. If you wish to overwinter it as a houseplant, choose the healthiest specimen and move it indoors before the first frost arrives; keep the plant in direct sunlight in a sunny location with regular misting from a spray bottle to maintain humidity in its environment.


Fishnet stockings coleus make an eye-catching feature in any shade garden or container. Their vibrant foliage provides a rich backdrop for other plants to display their color and form, as well as set off flowers and blooming shrubs. Fishnet stockings coleus thrive when grown according to proper cultivation techniques – good soil conditions and frequent watering, as well as regular fertilization, pesticide application, and monitoring for any diseases or pests that might crop up.

Coleus plants are tropical in origin and require warm temperatures for optimal growth. Outdoor planting should only occur when nighttime temperatures consistently surpass 55 degrees Fahrenheit; indoors, they should be placed in a sunny location with moderate to high light, avoiding direct sunlight as direct exposure may scorch delicate leaves. Light is another critical element in supporting coleus’ success: too little light prevents dense leaf growth, while too much may result in pale and wilted foliage.

Fishnet stockings coleus requires well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH range for best growth in both containers and gardens, such as potting mix. Organic material may also be added for additional support and to supplement with balanced slow-release fertilizers as recommended by manufacturers, applying these about every four or six weeks throughout their growing season.

If you live in a mild climate, coleus plants can be grown year-round outdoors in shade or partial sunlight. To maximize survival of frost damage and ensure they will recover when brought indoors for winter use. Plant them when temperatures remain consistent as soon as cold or dry conditions arise – or get them inside when temperatures dip – or they risk dying from frost damage! Coleus plants do not rebound when exposed to extreme cold; instead, they go limp and die off quickly – so to be safe, it would be prudent to treat coleus like annuals when temperatures fall.


Coleus are low-maintenance plants that require little care or maintenance once established. While they prefer moist soil conditions, they also need plenty of hydration throughout their growth period. Although coleus are tolerant of some heat exposure, they benefit more when shaded from direct sun; an ideal location would be receiving morning sun with protection during the hottest part of the day. Because their leaves can be damaged by frost damage more readily than most plants, be sure to cover when temperatures dip.

Trailing varieties of coleus make an excellent addition to hanging baskets when combined with other flowering plants or cascading foliage to balance out their display. Their multicolored foliage also works wonders in brightening up shaded landscape beds while providing support in combination plantings; heat tolerance, deer resistance, and adaptability make coleus ideal choices for use both outdoors and as indoor houseplants.

Coleus plants can be propagated easily from softwood cuttings or non-flowering tips, with containers being an effective warm-weather annual garden solution. Once planted in their new homes, it’s possible to keep them alive for several weeks before needing to be potted on and overwintered. When rooting them, it is advised to use a propagator tray filled with multipurpose compost covered with film or glass for warmth and moisture retention – adding rooting hormone may also prove helpful, though this step isn’t essential.

Many modern shade and sun coleus cultivars showcase vibrant colors. One such variety, Fishnet Stockings, stands out amongst other plants with its lime green leaves heavily veined in deep purple to make an eye-catching display – no doubt why it has earned recognition as a PROVEN WINNERS(r) Top Seller.

“Dark Star” coleus can be overwintered as an indoor plant and boasts darkly patterned leaves, reaching 12 inches at maturity, which makes its dark lines really stand out. Flowers may not be showy but attract hummingbirds nonetheless.