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Cracks in Your Basement Walls?


A finished basement offers a fantastic opportunity to expand your living space, but unwanted moisture and cracks in the foundation walls can quickly turn this dream into a nightmare.  Basement wall cracks are a common concern, and while they may seem alarming, addressing them promptly is crucial to prevent further water intrusion and structural issues.  This article will explore common causes of cracks in basement walls, solutions for repair, and the expertise offered by TAF Basement Waterproofing in Toledo, Ohio (419-500-4440, located at 3116 Bellevue Rd #3, Toledo, OH 43606). Discover the best info about Basement waterproofing+Toledo OH.


What Causes Cracks in Basement Walls?


Several factors can contribute to cracks in your basement walls:


  • Settlement: As a house settles over time, minor cracks can develop in the foundation. These are typically hairline cracks (less than 1/4 inch wide) and may not pose a significant threat.
  • Shrinkage: Concrete naturally shrinks as it cures, and small shrinkage cracks can appear.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: Water pressure from the surrounding soil can cause cracks, especially if proper drainage is lacking.
  • Frost heave: When water in the soil freezes and expands, it can exert pressure on foundation walls, leading to cracks.
  • Poor construction practices: Improper foundation construction techniques can increase the risk of cracks.


How Serious Are Basement Wall Cracks?


The severity of a basement wall crack depends on its size, location, and whether it’s actively leaking water.  Hairline cracks may be nothing to worry about, while larger cracks or those accompanied by water seepage require immediate attention.


Here are some signs that your basement wall cracks need professional attention:


  • The crack is more exhaustive than ¼ inch.
  • The crack is expanding or seems to be moving.
  • Water is leaking through the crack.
  • You notice mold or mildew growth near the crack.


  • Repairing Basement Wall Cracks: DIY vs. Professional


While some minor cracks may be addressed with DIY solutions, for the most part, professional repair is highly recommended.  Here’s why:


  • Diagnosis: A professional can identify the root cause of the crack, which is crucial for proper repair.
  • Repair materials: Professionals use specialized materials designed for long-lasting crack repair in foundation walls.
  • Techniques: Proper crack repair involves routing and injection, which require expertise for successful application.
  • Preventative measures: Professionals can address the underlying cause of the crack to prevent future problems.


TAF Basement Waterproofing: Your Partner in Crack Repair


TAF Basement Waterproofing in Toledo, Ohio (419-500-4440, 3116 Bellevue Rd #3, Toledo, OH 43606) understands the importance of addressing basement wall cracks promptly and effectively.  Their team of experienced professionals can assess the cracks in your basement walls, determine the cause, and recommend the most suitable repair solution.


TAF Basement Waterproofing offers a range of crack repair services, including:


  • Crack evaluation: They will thoroughly inspect the cracks in your basement walls to assess their severity and source.
  • Crack repair: They will repair the cracks using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to prevent further water intrusion.
  • Waterproofing solutions: They may recommend additional waterproofing measures to address the underlying cause of the cracks and prevent future issues.


Don’t let basement wall cracks become a significant headache.  Contact TAF Basement Waterproofing today and get peace of mind knowing your foundation is in good hands.