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Cuban Heel Stockings For Large Women by Leg Avenue


Bring attention to yourself with these stunning 1940s-style stockings, which feature black back seams, heels, and tops to complete their alluring appearance.

Cuban heels were initially created for men’s footwear; however, their popularity on dance floors has since spread worldwide. Offering significant support to flamenco and rumba dancers alike, Cuban heels provide support in every step of their movements.

Fully Fashioned

Gio stockings are authentic, fully fashioned nylon stockings featuring Cuban heels. Crafted in England on vintage machinery, these gorgeous nylon stockings offer vintage glamour for everyday use – the ‘Cuban’ bit refers to the shape of their heel, which is squared off above the ankle instead of tapering like traditional Point heels. Furthermore, their Loop in the Welt feature is another iconic trademark, and these Gios feel fabulously smooth against your skin, perfect for adding vintage flair into any look – great with suspender belts!

Fully fashioned stocks were produced on the same machines used back in the 1940s and 50s, creating vintage-styled garments made of 100% natural fiber for maximum softness against your skin. Due to limited stretchiness compared to modern hosiery, choosing your size accurately is essential – please refer to the size guide for help in doing this.

Gio’s fashioned, seamed Cuban heel stockings are an essential addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Crafted on specially adapted Reading machines, these stockings are tailored to perfectly fit the leg with knitted fabric before joining into one solid seam up the back of the stocking – this style was prevalent prior to seamless pantyhose and reformed nylons becoming widely available during the 1960s.

Gio’s seamed stockings offer something to fit every occasion and style. Popular options include black; however, you can also purchase them in sheer, tan, and black lace finishes. In terms of heels, they come with either point or Cuban heel options and the possibility for demi toe reinforcement, which only covers half of the toe area; perfect for wearing with or without Cuban heels! Other choices include fencenet-inspired fishnet designs similar to fishnet, while Opaque styles feature an RHT (Reinforced Heel and Toe) RHT feature and are suitable for wearing with suspender belts!


These sheer thigh-high stockings, with their classic Cuban heel back seam in black and red hues, are among our most beloved styles – an essential item for every true nylon enthusiast!

Are you looking to add some retro charm to your lingerie or emulate Audrey Hepburn on date night? Thigh highs are perfect for either situation! Wear them with a seductive lace bra or suspender belt to turn heads and dazzle everyone around you with timeless style.

What is the Difference Between French Heels and Cuban Heels? Both designs provide women’s feet with caressing comfort, with Cuban Heels featuring darkened reinforced heels that come to a square top compared to point heels, which taper. Our Gio Fully Fashioned Contrast Cuban Heel Stockings are silky smooth 15 denier nylon and hand-finished on original Reading Machines from England for guaranteed stunning appeal in any crowd!

These gorgeous contrast back seam Cuban heel stockings feature an eye-catching black seam and Cuban heel on a light skin tone leg for an eye-catching vintage-style hosiery collection, sure to bring out your legs’ best qualities with its dramatic black hues on more delicate portions. They will bring out all their potential!

Back seam stockings are the ideal finishing touch to any lingerie ensemble, featuring various colors to complement your wardrobe and a back seam that connects the heel to the top of the stocking, creating a sleek silhouette and drawing attention to your seductive curves. Wear these stunning stockings at cocktail parties or special events for maximum impact!

Back Seam

Back seam stockings add a retro aesthetic to the classic Cuban heel stocking design, elongating legs and drawing attention upward. Our selection includes various styles to meet any need or taste; our Honey Birdette back-seamed thigh highs feature silky smooth material for comfort as well as a sheer shiny appearance, making your legs appear longer when worn with a suspender belt.

A luxurious two-ply smooth knit band at the top of each stocking where its garter attachment fastens adds an elegant touch. Constructed of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, their wide band provides more comfortable wearing while improving fit, perfect as part of an ensemble set or worn alone as thigh-high lingerie accessories.

These fully fashioned stockings, created using original Reading machines in England, feature silky smooth 16 denier material with reinforced toe and heel reinforcement as well as a back seam connecting the foot to the top of the stocking; their Cuban heel adds a vintage-inspired aesthetic.

These stockings feature a stunning black back seam against light skin tone legs for a sophisticated 1940s aesthetic and feel. Their black heel and seam stand out beautifully against skin-tone stockings, adding glamourous 1940s flair. You are sure to turn heads wearing these daring legwear!

These back-seam stockings are true classics! Crafted from high-grade Italian yarn, their classic style is guaranteed to draw admiring glances. Crafted on original machinery from the 1940s and 1950s eras, fully fashioned and boasting Cuban heel, welt, and top features make these gorgeous creations an excellent addition to any lingerie set or outfit; costume designers often favor black as it stands out so dramatically on screen!

Plus Grace

Leg Avenue offers exquisite Cuban heel contrast back seam stockings explicitly designed for plus-size women that will leave an impressionful impression both in and out of the bedroom. Their luxuriously smooth Cuban heel contrast back seam stockings will surely turn heads, pairing beautifully with gorgeous garters to complete a seductive look both inside and outside of bed. You’ll love wearing these fully fashioned stockings from Leg Avenue again and again; Cuban Contrast Heel Stockings for Large Women by Leg Avenue are sure to become favorites quickly! Cuban Contrast Heel Stockings by Leg Avenue are sure to leave an unforgettable impression both inside the bed and inside.