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Don’t Forget Your Sunday Dress!


Don’t forget your outfit! Whether it be hunting eggs for an Easter egg hunt or planning delicious brunch recipes, there is plenty to keep yourself occupied this Easter season. Don’t overlook your outfit when planning events!

“Sunday best” is an old-fashioned term used to refer to dress clothes that are nicer than casual wear but less formal than evening attire. Understanding this dress code will enable you to know what to wear when attending weddings or other formal occasions.


Sleeves add the perfect finishing touch to a Sunday dress. From ribbed knit to full-length velvet designs, long-sleeve dresses provide plenty of choices when it comes to comfort and style. Cuffs of sleeves can be rolled up for a laid-back boho vibe while still keeping arms cozy when venturing outdoors. Alternatively, when temperatures cool off further, layer your full-sleeve dress with a light denim jacket or sheer kimono for tailored yet more relaxed looks.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add a pair of skinny jeans beneath your dress for an eye-catching pop of color and to make the transition between summer and fall seamless? A black maxi dress with an alluring low back provides ample opportunities for accessorizing, whether that means pairing leather riding boots or just adding a classic blazer.

Matching stripes across a long-sleeved dress’s sleeves and armhole can be challenging if your fabric has stretch. As a seamstress specializing in pattern making, I can vouch that when armholes and sleeves don’t match exactly, it becomes almost impossible for them to line up correctly.


V-neck sweaters tend to look dressier than their crew neck counterparts when worn under a sport coat or suit jacket, showing off the tie and collar details of an undergarment worn as an extra layer. V-necks also allow dainty necklaces or pendants to shine more vibrantly while framing the face more naturally, adding depth and definition.

Women can pair a V-neck top with a fitted pencil skirt to achieve a classic tailored look that exudes femininity. The wide V-neck makes the ideal way to show off vibrantly colored necklaces, adding an eye-catching splash of color.

Women should exercise caution when selecting V-neck sweaters as if they are too large; they may look sloppy and slouchy at the neckline. A top should fit closely yet comfortably so as not to stretch out and expose too much skin around the chin and collar area.

An excessively long V-neck sweater should also be avoided, as this will accentuate any gaps between its bottom hem and the wearer’s chin. Furthermore, an overly deep V-neck could alter one’s looks and make them appear less refined while also exposing chest hair and decreasing comfort levels for the wearer.


The waistline of a dress or gown is an essential feature, as it can accentuate curves on its wearer and help hide “problem areas.” Additionally, this marks where shaping darts will be placed.

High waistlines can create the appearance of an hourglass figure by creating the illusion of a slimmer waist, but shorter people should avoid this style as it will draw attention to their midriff and “drown out” their legs. Asymmetrical Waistlines add some drama with an “edgy” appearance – perfect for curvier women looking to showcase their curves as it emphasizes natural body structures.

Selecting the proper waistline can be challenging, but taking your time and making an informed choice will pay dividends in comfort and style. A waistline that suits you can have an enormous effect on how comfortable you feel in your gown and where darts are placed for shaping. Take an accurate measurement of your waist and record it. Taking measurements also plays a crucial role when selecting patterns to use, as these will determine whether they fit comfortably or not.