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Dress Up Like a Train Conductor


Kids love imagining themselves as heroic train conductors; these costumes allow them to do exactly that! From tooting their horns at other trains or riding on wild trains, kids adore becoming the conductors themselves! Kids will love getting in costume as heroic train conductors!

Long clothing sections such as robes, coats, and cloaks that trail behind their wearers may also refer to portions of formal gowns.


Train conductors hold great fascination for children and adults alike. Kids of all ages love donning engineer costumes for parties with railroad themes or Halloween, such as tooting their horn across mountain passes or chugging down tracks. You can even find train conductor hats suitable for any special event!

Train conductors are crew members responsible for operational and safety duties that do not include driving the locomotive. They oversee passenger operations and collect fares; conductors may also be called guards or ticket collectors. Conductors also assist with shunting and changing trolley poles as needed, preparing cargo for transit by inspecting cargo cars before departure and communicating with dispatch staff regarding schedule and route changes.

Train conductor training should emphasize emergency and passenger management procedures to ensure passenger and crew safety. They should also understand how to operate their train’s emergency brakes and safety systems.

Train conductors need to be adept at reading and following timetables, operating switches and the various equipment used on board the train, and understanding different rail lines’ unique systems – some have cabs wherein only their engineer, whereas in others, both must share driving cabs simultaneously.

Before departing a station, the conductor must observe the platform for three car lengths to ensure it is clear before pressing a button in their cab that closes all doors at once, and an automated voice announces, “Please stand clear of the doors.” Finally, they signal to their motorman that they are OK to depart.


Trains have always captured the hearts and imaginations of children worldwide as they make their way over snowy mountain passes and lush valleys. Your child can become their railroad conductor with this junior train engineer costume!

Your child will love dressing up their stuffed animals, action figures, and dolls in this dress-up outfit and pretending to go on adventures throughout town! They can wear this costume when trick-or-treating with friends this Halloween, and this costume would also make an excellent selection for a train-themed birthday party!

Your child can play train engineer with this pinstriped overalls and accessories outfit! Everything they need to look the part is included, from a hat and scarf to gloves. Additionally, this machine washable overalls set features red bandanas that you can have personalized with embroidery or vinyl heat transfer for up to 14 characters on its bib!

Aeromax Toys’ award-winning children’s dress-up manufacturing company produces this costume for children aged 2-10. Made of high-quality and durable material, it will endure frequent wearing and rough play – an excellent option for Halloween or dress-up days at school!

A-Train wears this suit in the teaser trailer for Supernatural Season 3, premiering October 14th. He appears wearing it during an altercation with Blue Hawk (Jensen Ackles of Supernatural alum) when they get into an argument over something; its green, brown, and gold elements reminiscent of Soldier Boy from Ackles’ character makeup is familiar in appearance to fans of Ackles on Supernatural.

Train Master

Train masters play an integral part in any operation, making sure everything runs smoothly while tracking down criminals. So, if you want to step into this role with pride, this costume could be just the thing!

A-Train (Nick Wechsler), another newcomer to Season 3 of The Boys, wears a suit featuring green, brown, and gold elements that match A-Train’s attire perfectly. He can be seen donning it while getting between police officers and protestors while blocking Blue Hawk’s path in one scene.

This junior train engineer outfit is ideal for kids who love trains and want to experience what life would be like as an engineer for a day! Perfect for railroad-themed parties and Halloween costumes alike. Crafted with high-quality materials for frequent wear and use. Toot your train horn when on the tracks! These train engineer stripes work great for boys or girls aged 2-10.