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Duke Lets Take a Bath


The Duke Let Take a Bath is one of the greatest traditions in college football. Since it started just two years ago, whoever wins their game gets doused in mayonnaise with 4.5 gallons dumped onto their head!

Gracewood proudly displays her ducal privilege but soon discovers that abiding by social expectations may keep her safe but that breaking them may bring true fulfillment.

Mayo Bath

The Duke’s Mayo Bowl has long been known for being unconventional. As one of the only college football bowl games with a “mayo bath,” much like Gatorade or Cheez-It baths (or even Cheez-It baths!), its winner gets immersed in 4.5 gallons of Duke’s Mayo before their sponsor gives away $10,000 to their charity of choice.

Duke’s Mayo Bowl stands out in this year of the College Football Playoff with its unique traditions and celebratory atmosphere, but one bowl game stands out with its lighthearted celebration.

This year’s game features South Carolina and North Carolina; Shane Beamer is coaching for South Carolina while Mack Brown leads North Carolina; both coaches have agreed to take a Mayo bath should their team win!

After no mayo bath was held following last year’s game, bowl executive director Dan Morrison believes it may be possible this season. Morrison notes that fans and attendees have long asked for it; if possible, we will make this year count.

Bank of America Stadium’s astroturf surface requires special care to preserve its condition, making mayo spillage impossible.

However, there are other places for players to dispose of mayonnaise besides just on the playing field. A fenced-in area near the team tunnel may be ideal since pre-mixed and diluted mayonnaise won’t run off like it might on a playing field.

Duke’s mayonnaise stands out from other bottled mayonnaise brands by not adding sugar as an ingredient, instead employing high ratios of egg yolks to create its creamy texture and adding paprika, a common component in Southern cooking, to give its unique taste. Plus, due to being thicker and custard-like than most bottled mayonnaise brands, it doesn’t separate when heated as efficiently, providing it with more distinct textures and smells people tend to favor, hence its widespread popularity throughout the South!

Cheez-It Bath

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy experienced this when OSU beat Miami in the Cheez-It Bowl. Oklahoma State players Tre Sterling and Brennan Presley found Gundy after the game to give him a victory bath of Cheez-Its — unlike last week’s French fry bath of Shane Beamer in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl that led to an on-field celebration penalty due to food on the field.

Bowl season has been an incredible celebration of winning teams and coaches, providing fans with an engaging way to honor the players on the winning sides. There’s something delightful about seeing winning coaches get doused in mayo or covered in fries; we hope these celebrations continue at all 32 bowl games this year. Duke’s Mayo Bowl — featuring either team this Friday — would provide fans with a perfect moment.