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Embark on an Adventure With this Mothman Shirt


Distribute knowledge of America’s most mysterious cryptid with this grey Mothman shirt. Designed to capture the spirit of this half-human/half-bird legend from Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Showcase both sides of yourself with this distinctive design! A muscular depiction of the creature represents strength and resilience, while intricate details capture its mysticism.

It’s a bug.

This shirt presents a distinctive take on the Mothman by drawing upon multiple eyewitness reports to craft its illustration. As a result, its robust and unnerving image will add an air of mystery to any ensemble, sure to leave others jealous at film buff meet-ups! This tee will surely impress!

Showcase both sides of yourself with this exclusive Mothman t-shirt. On its front side, this design depicts a muscular version of this mysterious creature to represent strength and resilience, while its reverse side shows its more delicate, vulnerable side against a moonlit sky for added sensitivity and allure. Wear this design to channel its mysterious spirit!

It’s a bird.

Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is an iconic figure from legend and folklore alike, known for being a half-man/bird with glowing red eyes and terrifying the local population with his mysterious existence in 1966 amidst civil rights protests, assassinations and an ever-escalating war. Bring out your inner thriller with this exciting t-shirt featuring its captivating design, which encapsulates this fascinating creature!

A must-have for fans of cryptid folklore, this shirt combines edge and intrigue to form an eye-catching statement about you and the strange world we inhabit. The Mothman’s silhouette captures its sense of impending disaster while its text conveys both fear and fascination – perfect for exploring what’s unknown and sparking conversations wherever it goes!

Sam Shearon created this one-of-a-kind shirt to commemorate an iconic film seen by millions. Inspired by various eyewitness descriptions, this masterpiece of artwork blends the appearances of this legendary creature across reports. Printed on demand on Bella+Canvas soft unisex tees.

This delightful t-shirt features an adorable illustration of West Virginia’s famed mountain cryptids in kawaii style for you to stand out in any crowd! Crafted of high-quality cotton fabric, its unique design will allow you to feel part of history as you wear it – it also makes a beautiful present for anyone curious to see what comes next in life!

It’s a plane.

Are you an admirer of Mothman? Look no further – this super soft vintage-style shirt features a design inspired by various eyewitness accounts of this mythological creature, perfect for true believers or movie enthusiasts! Available sizes 2T-12Y on gray Canvas or StarTee 100% cotton material.

This one-of-a-kind t-shirt captures the spirit of mystery and intrigue that has long fascinated so many. Depicting an iconic half-man/bird creature, this remarkable shirt embodies legendary folklore of warning about impending disaster; its dark silhouette evokes feelings of suspense, fear, and fascination that will strike fear into any who encounters it! This incredible piece will undoubtedly leave an impactful impression when seen!

Charleston artist Sam Shearon designed Kin Ship Goods’ Mothman T-shirt. For over ten years now, Shearon has been creating iconic film and music t-shirts as well as horror and science fiction novels like his latest, The Unseen, which critics have described as being comparable to band t-shirts in terms of its supernatural content.

Mothman became the focal point of a series of strange and tragic events in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, during the mid-1960s. Although sightings of giant winged creatures had occurred prior to this outbreak, none captured residents’ imagination like Mothman did and consequently caused widespread fear among residents.

This exclusive t-shirt makes the ideal present for any horror or sci-fi fan! Crafted with high-quality soft jersey, its printed images come alive. Furthermore, its stylish hemline makes an impressionful statement. Machine washable and dryable; please refer to our size chart for assistance in selecting an appropriate size.

If you appreciate all things weird and wonderful, then this t-shirt will appeal to your sense of wonder! Featuring an illustration of a Mothman from the West Virginia mountains, it makes an excellent way to show your admiration for him! Suitable for unisex and women’s relaxed sizes alike and even features a FanWraps loop label at its hem – you won’t find another shirt quite like it anywhere!

It’s a monster.

Start on an incredible adventure in style with this Mothman shirt! The mysterious creature known as the Mothman haunting Point Pleasant, West Virginia, has long been associated with scary stories involving this half-bird/half-human figure with red glowing eyes that have the power to strike fear into anyone who encounters it. Don’t get scared… This shirt will send chills down your spine!

No matter if you love movies or are simply curious about their mysteries, this shirt will undoubtedly start conversations and spark curiosity. Based on various eyewitness accounts of this mythical beast, this design captures its essence beautifully.

This Mothman-themed tee features an adorable illustration with text reading “Mothman Loves You,” along with its black-and-white print options for optimal style! Made from soft high-quality cotton fabric, this shirt is suitable to wear to a festival or event dedicated to Mothman!

Easton C. Hawk (@eastonhawkillustration) created this shirt as an essential item for fans of his mysterious winged creature, featuring a classic crew neck and short sleeves with superior combed and ring-spun airlume cotton material for maximum softness, slim retail fit, and preshrunk comfort. Plus, there’s even an EastonC.HawkILlustration loop label at the hem!

This mesmerizing Mothman-themed tee captures his world perfectly with its captivating illustrative design and intriguing text. A must-have in any wardrobe, this timeless piece shows off both edge and intrigue – perfect to showcase your inner thrill-seeker. Embark upon an adventureful journey by showing your strength against vulnerability with darkness melting into allure – let the Mothman challenge your mind with this strong illustration! Prepare to have your senses taken over!