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Emilio Owen – A Celebrity Kid


Emilio Owen is the son of Kenya Duke and Gary Owen – two well-known figures in Hollywood – and leads an active, fulfilling lifestyle in private.

His mother, Kenya, filed for divorce from her long-term spouse, citing irreconcilable differences.

Emilio is currently dating Taylor Patton. They share photos on their social media profiles as they update each other about their life together. Taylor works as an operations expert at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields.

Emilio Owen’s Age

Emilio Owen, born January 16, 1996, and stepson to comedian and reality TV star Gary Owen, was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now 25 years old and an Ohio resident, he takes pride in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle through regular exercises that he incorporates into his daily regimen. Emilio Owen has an athletic body, making keeping fit a priority and maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle a goal of his.

Reclusive by nature and rarely making public appearances, Taylor Patton remains private primarily when it comes to his personal life despite having a famous television personality father. It is, however, known that they are currently involved with Taylor Patton, who works as an operations expert at American insurance provider Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields.

Although it is unclear when they started dating, reports indicate they have been together for some time now and appear to have enjoyed a healthy and loving relationship. Their affection can be seen through how often they share posts about each other on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Reports state that Emilio and Taylor are planning on getting married shortly. Their closeness is evidenced through Taylor sharing photos about Emilio on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, they share an incredible bond with Kennedy Owen and Austin Owen – their affection is clearly shown through how they interact on screen and off. Moreover, they spend a lot of time together.

Gary Owen is not only an accomplished musician and television personality; he has also performed in various comedy clubs. Additionally, Gary is proud to be the father of three children: stepson Emilio, daughter Austin, and son Kennedy, whom he has always spoken highly of while being supportive of their career choices.

However, 46-year-old comedian Tom Green has not spoken out much about his relationship with Kenya since their split. However, he maintains that he did not neglect his children and did his best in raising them, disproving any claims by Kenya that he was lazy as he always drove them to school, picked them up from school, and never missed their birthdays.

Emilio Owen’s Net Worth

Emilio Owen is a well-known celebrity kid who has experienced significant success in building his career. Additionally, he enjoys an excellent relationship with Taylor Patton, whom he began dating in 2016. They share photographs on social media as well as being seen together regularly with their respective groups of friends; both seem extroverts who appear to live together happily.

Emilio has an estimated net worth of about $3 Million, while Gary Owen is a well-known comedian and actor in America who first made an appearance on BET’s stand-up comedy show Comic View back in 1997 and since has appeared in films like Rebound, Hillbilly Highway and Daddy Day Care.

Emilio’s mother is Kenya Duke, an entrepreneur and business owner who runs Premier Sports and Corporate Travel, an award-winning management service providing travel arrangements for professional sports teams and music tours. Kenya shares two children with Gary Owen: Austin and Kennedy.

In 2021, Kenya filed for divorce from Gary Owen, citing irreconcilable differences. Their 17-year marriage had come to an end.

Emilio is an introvert who prefers to keep his personal life out of public view. He has never discussed his romantic history in public and most likely remains single at present. At 5 feet 9 inches and 75 kg weighing, this man boasts black hair and dark brown eyes.

Ohio’s Lakota West High School offered him the opportunity to study arts. Since childhood, he had an intense fascination for art. Since experimenting with various styles as a child, he had an exceptional interest in oil painting, which he considered an easily adaptable medium with which to work. Van Gogh and Monet’s’ works had long inspired his artistic endeavors.

Emilio Owen’s Relationships

Emilio Owen has always kept a low profile, keeping his personal affairs out of public view. But it has recently come out that he is in a relationship with Taylor Patton, an American working at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields as an operations specialist. Together they live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gary Owen has always treated Emilio like one of his own, often referring to him in social media posts as his oldest son and often spending time together with Austin and Kennedy Owen, Emilio’s siblings.

Emilio has kept a relatively low profile when it comes to his education. He attended an elementary school in Oakland, California, before moving with his mother to Cincinnati; however, details regarding its name remain undisclosed to the public.

His hobbies remain unclear; however, it seems he enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. Being extrovert-natured himself, he looks pretty social as well. Though not much information has been revealed regarding his personal life by media reports, it is evident he loves both his family and girlfriend dearly.

Emilio can take great pride in himself despite coming from a modest background. A good student with aspirations to become an engineer one day, Emilio also excels at football playing, having participated in numerous tournaments.

Emilio has appeared in several television shows and movies, such as Think Like a Man and Hillbilly Highway, giving him a promising future that looks bright. Emilio is close to his family, constantly posting photos of them on his Instagram page; he shares a powerful bond with both siblings as they all get along so well together – we hope we see more of Emilio soon!

Emilio Owen’s Kids

Emilio Owen has two half-siblings; Austin Owen was the result of his mother’s initial relationship with Gary Owen and later on they welcomed Kennedy, currently studying at North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University. Though their parents are now separated, all three siblings remain close; in fact their father often posts photos featuring all three together on his Facebook account.

Reports indicate that Emilio is currently enjoying an amicable relationship with Taylor Patton and they have been dating for some time. Recently he shared a photo of themselves together on Instagram stating they started dating on September 8th 2016, both living in Cincinnati.

They first met during the late 1990s while standing outside The Comedy Club on Sunset Boulevard and exchanging numbers without speaking a word to one another. Later, they reconnected, exchanged phone numbers again, and went out on a date after meeting again.

Emilio Owen had no contact with his biological father, Emilio Toliver Sr. When Duke and Toliver parted ways, she married Gary Owen, and they had Emilio Owen as their offspring.

The family has made multiple appearances on BET TV show The Gary Owen Show. Unfortunately, details regarding their financial status and earnings remain undisclosed at this point; it is evident they have multiple sources of income.

Emilio seems to be an introvert and prefers leading a low-profile lifestyle, which has kept his matters out of the spotlight. But no doubt he must be earning enough to afford an extravagant lifestyle.

Also, as someone with an education background in arts, he should have attended college and earned a degree. Unfortunately, no details regarding his studies or profession have been shared with us yet; nonetheless, he has a charming family and many close relationships.