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Epic Trading Forex Reviews


Epic Trading is a forex trading MLM

Epic Trading is a forex trading MLM that claims to teach Forex trading, but is it real? Its compensation plan is based on recruitment, making the program look more like a pyramid scheme than a legit business opportunity. If you’re interested in earning passive income, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Epic Trading is a global training company offering educational resources and tools to people from different backgrounds. While the company does not provide forex trading, its mission is to foster an environment that allows people of all backgrounds to succeed. Its name stands for Exceptional People Incredible Compensation. They also have an affiliate program for Independent Business Owners. As an entrepreneur, you can earn commissions and bonuses for referring other members to the company.

The compensation plan of Epic Trading is relatively high. It pays its affiliates for retail customers and referrals. To earn a commission on retail customers, you must recruit more affiliates and maintain more active customers. The higher your IBO rank, the more you earn.

It offers a range of educational forex trading resources.

Epic Trading is a network marketing company that offers various educational forex trading resources. They aim to teach people how to make money by trading stocks, currencies, and binary options. They are also active on social media and regularly post news updates and details about upcoming events. While they do not provide brokerage services, their customer support is reliable and prompt. All their resources are available in a variety of formats.

The company was founded in September 2020 and is led by David McCovey, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in many industries. As a company, it follows an MLM model, with customers signing up for the curriculum and using the system’s affiliate marketing strategy to gain access to the software. In addition, epic Trading offers educational resources for both beginners and advanced investors.

Epic Trading’s educational resources are decent, and the content is easy to follow. The company also provides live customer support. However, the company’s monthly membership fees are pretty high, so beginners may want to choose a cheaper alternative.

It has a decent compensation plan.

Epic Trading is a forex trading company that has millions of customers worldwide. It is also one of the fastest-growing industries on the Internet. Although trading in the Forex market can be straightforward, it is also risky. That is why there is a compensation plan with EPIC Trading.

Epic Trading offers a good compensation plan for its affiliates. It is based on a referral system. Each time you refer three individuals to Epic Trading, you earn money. There are three different levels of earning potential. The higher you reach, the higher you earn. However, you must ensure that each referral you refer has at least ten active customers.

Another significant aspect of Epic Trading’s compensation plan is that it is easy to earn commissions. You can earn 50% of the commissions from your downlines if you have at least three active clients. The compensation plan is not the most generous, but it is reasonable for a new MLM company. If you are looking for a decent compensation plan for an MLM business, Epic Trading has an attractive compensation plan.

It is a scam

The FTC has listed Epic Trading as a red flag. This is even though the trading platform is not a Ponzi scheme. The company pays affiliates based on the number of retail subscribers they recruit. The higher the number of recruits, the higher the income. To achieve Founder status, a member must keep at least ten active members.

Trading on the Forex market is hazardous and requires knowledge and skill. Fortunately, with the proper training, you can make good profits. But, you need to make sure you’re getting the training you need from a reliable forex trading academy. A forex trading academy or university must deliver the training it promises. Recruitment schemes and MLM-based compensation plans can derail your success.

The scammers will ask you to pay a $250 sign-up fee. They will also ask for your email address and phone number. They will then transfer you to a scam broker. He will ask you to deposit $250 to start trading. They will promise you incredible returns within a short period. However, after transferring your money, the scammer will contact you and ask for more money.