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Exercisek Clothing Reviews


Emma Seymour is the Senior Textiles Product Analyst for workout apparel at the Good Housekeeping Institute. With a degree in fiber science, Emma enjoys testing out the latest exercise dresses.

This dress is built from Lululemon’s super-soft signature Alosoft fabric and provides both sweat-wicking and flattering performance. Featuring an attractive sweetheart neckline and built-in biker shorts for support and a back cutout to maximize airflow, this piece from their signature line makes an excellent statement piece!


Halara is a Hong Kong-based athleisure fashion brand offering fashionable yet functional activewear. Their clothing is constructed using soft yet stretchy fabrics that feel good against the skin, unlike fast fashion brands that often employ scratchy polyester fabrics that feel uncomfortable against the skin. Furthermore, unlike their competitors’ clothes which reek of chemicals when touched, Halara’s clothes smell fresh without leaving behind chemical odors.

Clothing from this company ranges from sports bras and padded tanks, leggings, and exercise dresses, with an extensive selection of sizes and styles – many customers praise its attractive designs, while some have expressed concerns over sizing issues – especially among plus-size women.

Halara offers high-end design and quality at competitive prices compared to other leading athleisure brands, making its price point especially appealing to women looking chic while working out. Furthermore, the site provides a secure checkout process and a satisfaction guarantee.

Halara’s Cloudful Fabric is thick and soft, similar to bathing suit material in texture and appearance, yet durable enough for rigorous wear. Specifically tailored for workout apparel by Halara, this material provides maximum flexibility and resistance against high-intensity use. Halara utilizes fashionable design elements like ruching details and crossover waistbands to add flair to their workout wear; Halara also offers various colors and prints to find an outfit perfect for your wardrobe. Not to mention how comfortable their leggings and dresses are while exercising!

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a luxury activewear brand dedicated to inspiring yogis and those training to live mindfully. Their products are constructed using premium materials and feature carefully-engineered silhouettes engineered to sculpt and smooth for a flattering fit – they have even received celebrity approval, making them suitable for studio practice and streetwear.

Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge founded their company in Los Angeles in 2007 as childhood friends Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge were inspired to create something that spread kindness and positivity, something they still aim for today. All their clothing designs take place at their LA headquarters using sustainable materials such as recycled cotton, organic hemp, and angora wool; production is 100% sweatshop free, earning them a certification from WRAP (World Responsible Accredited Production).

Instagram feed of yoga brand that encourages people to get up and stretch. In addition to showing its clothing line, the yoga brand also features fitness tutorials from instructors and yoga challenges. They’re well known for offering vegan-friendly products and commitment towards sustainability.

Alo Yoga offers products for both men and women that range from tops, bottoms, dresses, tops with bottoms and skirts – designed with sustainable fabrics that are soft yet breathable; easy to wash, durable enough not to stretch out or lose shape quickly; free shipping returns and exchanges within 30 days so you can be confident in your purchase!


Lululemon (pronounced loo-lush-lemon) specializes in technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and other sweaty pursuits like cycling and dance. Their signature fabrics conform closely to your body and wick away moisture to minimize sweat-induced bacteria-based odors; additionally, they offer loungewear.

The brand is beloved and renowned for its high-performance fabrics and aspirational philosophy. Employees are encouraged to become self-motivated and pursue personal development goals; even posting one-, five- and ten-year goal items within its employee room provides motivation.

But Lululemon has also been accused of encouraging body shaming culture. For instance, its controversial luon fabric rendered women’s pants see-through and elastic drawstrings on some yoga pants were reported snapping back and hitting consumers in the face.

Though the brand enjoys a strong cult following, its prices remain steep. This may be attributed to their use of specialized proprietary fabrics and rigorous tests conducted at Whitespace Lab – complete with humidity-controlled chambers and high-end exercise machines – where all gear must be scrutinized before being released for sale.

Lululemon has long been revered for its high-end fabrics and aspirational philosophy prioritizing self-improvement. Employees are encouraged to pursue personal growth and empowerment, as evidenced by its manifesto, which calls for “spiritual awakening” and promotes physical challenge through physical fitness allowance and stock purchase plans. The company offers all these perks and more to employees!


Colorfulkoala provides comfortable yet stylish workout attire at affordable prices. Their leggings are crafted from 75% polyester and 25% spandex for optimal softness and sweat-wicking/breathability – perfect for yoga, running, or other physical activities like dance. In addition, they have deep and spacious pockets perfect for stashing away small items like phones or keys!

Leggings with seamless waistband designs offer adequate tummy control without needing elastic bands, making squatting an effortless feat with flatlock seams that minimize chafing. Sizes range from XS to XL, making them suitable for women of all shapes and sizes, while their incredible flexibility and stretchy material offer comfort during every move.

Colorfulkoala’s brushed leggings offer an economical alternative to Lululemon’s Align joggers. While similar in style, these leggings feature no drawstring and lean more toward being leggings instead. Crafted with Nulu fabric for maximum softness and comfort. They have athletic fits to flatter any figure and tall women specifically! Their only potential downside could be rolling down during intense workouts, but by following care instructions, they should stay put longer term.

Pact Studio

Pact Studio is an eco-friendly clothing company offering stylish yet comfortable apparel for both men and women. Their clothing is made of organic cotton grown without chemicals, recycled materials, and production methods to maximize the sustainability of its production methods. The company provides eco-friendly packaging and offsets the carbon emissions of shipping their products. Their collection ranges from simple t-shirts and leggings to dresses and jumpsuits. Pact Studio has won praise from customers who appreciate its products’ quality and affordability. Plus, they frequently host sales and discounts making them an attractive budget option for shoppers. Pact Studio prides itself on using partnership and creativity to shape a brighter future.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices makes getting into shape more attractive with stylish yet comfortable activewear that makes you feel good – be it yoga class, hiking with friends, or simply walking the dog! Outdoor Voices’ mission is to get people moving by providing stylish yet functional activewear that makes an everyday workout appealing. They believe fitness should not be treated as a performance, so you can move in whatever way you feel comfortable – whether that means hitting the gym, hiking with buddies, or simply taking a stroll with Fido!

Outdoor Voices, an American clothing company known for selling athleisure apparel online to millennial customers, has successfully used referral marketing to expand its business and build an engaged customer base. This blog post look at how referral programs operate and provide tips for using them effectively.

Outdoor Voices’ mission is to get people moving and encourage daily physical activity, with their latest collection including everything from Volley Dresses and Rectrek Cargo Pants – in mood-boosting hues – inspiring people to keep moving every day and be active! They have also added options encouraging mobility regardless of weather conditions, such as keeping active with Kustomer. Employing modern tools for success like Kustomer provides customers with more tailored and practical experiences than ever.