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Family Farm and Home in Aliquippa, PA


Family Farm and Home is a large retail chain in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that offers various products, including food, clothing, furniture, and home accessories, as well as insurance such as car and homeowners policies.

Seasonal associates offer exceptional customer service, assist with product merchandising and support the store management team while upholding the Family Farm and Home mission statement and values.

Car Insurance

Family Farm & Home is a full-service retail store providing raw milk, cheese, soy-free pastured poultry, 100% grass-fed pastured beef, and garden produce for purchase. Additionally, we provide Community Supported Agriculture memberships. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we serve customers throughout western Pennsylvania.

Find an insurance agent nearby who can assist in the protection of those and things most important to you, like car insurance quotes that show how much money can be saved; discover more about State Farm’s efforts in helping people manage risk effectively;

*Prices and coverage options will differ based on your state. Not all discounts may apply to all drivers; check with your State Farm agent for more details.

State Farm(r) is the preferred home insurer of more homeowners than any other company, and we invite you to discover its many benefits with products like Brand New Belongings and Better Roof Replacement. Homeowners insurance may help pay to replace or repair damage to your home, such as burglary or fire; we also offer renters protection plans.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance provides comprehensive protection for your personal property and your house. It also protects you from liability if an accident happens on your property. Homeowner’s insurance is an invaluable investment for any Aliquippa resident; yet many are confused about its purpose or coverage; our local agents can be valuable resources here in Pennsylvania!

Broad form and particular form policies provide similar coverage, though their details can vary slightly. A standard broad-form policy (HO-02) ensures your house against only those perils listed; on the other hand, special-form policies (HO-3) provide all-risk coverage against damage from covered causes of loss – offering greater peace of mind to policy holders.

If you own high-value items like jewelry, art, and sports equipment that need protecting, contact Karen Peters in Aliquippa about a Personal Articles Policy now. This optional add-on can provide worldwide coverage of your belongings1.

State Farm is committed to helping its customers navigate obstacles and efficiently meet their goals. Our knowledgeable agents can guide you through your auto, home, and life insurance options before finding one that best meets your requirements.

Life Insurance

Family farms can be hugely valuable financial assets, not emotional ones. While family farms may be passed from generation to generation, not all heirs will want to continue running farm operations themselves. Life insurance can be a powerful tool in equalizing inheritances, providing liquidity, or covering estate taxes in these situations.

Life insurance buy-outs can prevent an urgent sale or fire sale of an essential asset for families. By giving heirs time to decide how best to handle the property and avoid bitter feelings, a buy-out can prevent potentially destructive relationships among heirs that might otherwise develop between siblings.

If you own collectibles, jewelry, or sports equipment of great value that need protecting from loss or damage, a State Farm personal articles policy could offer the required protection. Speak to Karen Peters of Aliquippa today about receiving a personal property policy quote!

Health Insurance

State Farm health insurance plans can help you and your family cover medical costs more efficiently. Our agents can assist with enrollment in supplemental, Medicare supplement, or individual medical coverage plans depending on your needs and eligibility; additionally, we offer life protection policies and disability income policies – for more information, contact Karen Peters in Aliquippa for a personalized quote today!

Aliquippa insurance agents understand it can be hard to imagine the loss of someone close. That’s why our agents take time to explain your liability so you can select an affordable policy to meet your needs – plus get discounted auto and home policies as a bonus!

State Farm is the nation’s leading auto insurer1, and we specialize in tailoring car insurance to fit the lifestyles of each of our customers, from new driver coverage and rental car policies to discounts for good student drivers and safe drivers. Plus, we offer personal property coverage that protects items like jewelry, collectibles, and sports equipment that may not be covered under standard homeowner or renter policies.