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Family Farm and Home in Bucyrus, Ohio


Family Farm and Home is a retail company offering an assortment of products. Their stores feature departments for tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, casual clothing, and footwear, as well as livestock feed, alternative heating sources, lawn and garden equipment, and livestock feed.

People’s Pharmacy prides itself on opening stores in communities where people know each other by name and still respect hard work as a virtue. With 38 stores already open and more planned to come soon, this retailer specializes in opening locations where locals know each other intimately while still adhering to complex work principles. They currently boast 38 areas worldwide and plan on growing further.

Agricultural Supplies

Family Farm and Home is a chain of specialty retailers dedicated to rural and suburban living, selling tools, hardware, work casual clothing, footwear, pet food supplies, alternative heating systems, lawn and garden equipment, plus agricultural feed products.

Company history dates back to 1905 when Guy Hord purchased land near Ohio 98 on the Crawford-Marion county line near Cincinnati. As an old-fashioned farmer, he used this tract of land for row crops and fruit orchard maintenance while raising other animals, such as hogs.

Family Farm and Home offers quality agricultural supplies at a great value while providing expert advice to their customers. Family Farm and Home understand the significance of preserving heritage while supporting sustainable agriculture; thus, they strive to ensure all families can access products necessary for self-sufficiency.

The company currently employs approximately 200 team members with diverse farm roles. Their farms are spread around the area and have dedicated birthing barns and nurseries for nursery piglets. In addition, 150 growing partners own their barns but are supported by the company in nutrition, vet care, and managing people and pigs.

Family-owned, with locations throughout the U.S., this business takes great pride in being part of local communities while supporting hard work by offering customers the equipment and supplies they require for efficient operations. Their mission is to assist them with improving productivity by providing solutions.

Home & Garden Supplies

Family Farm and Home offers expansive supplies and tools for the home, garden, lawn, and outdoor power tools across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Visit one of their convenience stores now!

The company also carries pet and livestock feed supplies and alternative heating options to suit rural and suburban living environments. Products available include pet, horse, and livestock food and accessories; lawn and garden equipment; home heating units and home hardware supplies; and automotive workwear clothing and footwear for both men and women.

The company takes great pride in being part of local communities, and its staff members are committed to helping customers work smarter and faster. Their product selection, low prices, and outstanding customer service are unparalleled in today’s economy. Their stores are staffed with people who know each customer by name. They take great pride in providing top-quality supplies at low prices alongside expert advice based on faith, family, and community values – something not many competitors can say they possess! Additionally, the store locations across the United States still maintain strong work ethics that value faith, family, and community values; customers across America can still count on knowing one another by name when doing their daily grind!

Tools & Equipment

Quinn’s of Bucyrus offers everything from repairs and maintenance services to buying tools as gifts – they carry an extensive selection of hardware supplies and power tools and membership in the Crawford County Chamber of Commerce.

This company specializes in products tailored to rural and suburban living, such as pet feed for horses and livestock; lawn and garden supplies; alternative heating; home improvement items; and automotive, work clothing footwear tools. Furthermore, farm-related news, including market prices and crop reports, is also provided.

Family Farm and Home has stores across the United States, taking great pride in being an integral part of local communities where everyone knows each other by name and believes in hard work. They aim to equip customers with the knowledge, equipment, and supplies required for successful project completion.

Tim McLaughlin, acting store manager of the Bucyrus store, is eager to open in August and serve the community by offering great products at low prices. The expected employee count is 15-20. McLaughlin has spent nearly 30 years in the retail industry, receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and completing graduate coursework at Xavier University.

Automotive & Auto Parts

Family Farm and Home offers an assortment of commodities such as pet supplies, sporting equipment, farm products, and automotive parts for all family members at its store in Bucyrus, Ohio. In addition to providing these goods, Family Farm and Home also provide work apparel and footwear.

The company dramatically emphasizes supporting local communities and recognizes the value of hard work. Their stores provide products and expertise to help customers work smarter and faster; with prices that make sense and service that feels like family, friends, and neighbors.

Cashier at Family Farm and Home can be challenging and rewarding; its primary responsibilities include welcoming customers, helping them select their product quickly and accurately, processing payment, upholding company values, and upholding the mission of Family Farm and Home. A cashier must possess in-depth knowledge about all payment-related operations to complete duties with dedication.

ECHO Sales Only Dealer

Family Farm & Home, an Ohio-based specialty retailer for agricultural and home products, recently opened locations in Austintown and Bucyrus. The Austintown store covers 45,000 sq. ft of retail space at 4477 Mahoning Ave and will be managed by store director Josh Sheetz; at 2460 E. Mansfield St in Bucyrus, there will be 40,000 sq. ft of space controlled by store manager Tim McLaughlin. Both stores will provide products tailored towards rural and suburban living, such as tools, hardware items, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work clothing, footwear, lawn and garden equipment, alternative heating sources, as well as horse and livestock feed supplies – everything you could need for rural or suburban living situations!

As part of Family Farm and Home, employees at this company are expected to abide by its mission statement, which emphasizes faith, family, and community. Employees must demonstrate dedication to the company values while offering exceptional customer service; additionally, they should be capable of processing transactions quickly and accurately as directed by store management.