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Family Farm and Home – Seasonal Associate in Bowling Green, Ohio


Family Farm and Home offer tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual clothing footwear work simple clothing casual footwear work casual apparel work casual clothing casual footwear work and casual work clothing casual footwear work and casual work clothing everyday clothing work casual clothing footwear bird food farm supplies horse livestock feed lawn garden and alternative heating equipment as well as services including curb pickup shopping in-store shopping services as well.

This store is part of the True Value network.

Customer Service

Family Farm and Home, established in Michigan in April 2002 as a True Value dealer, offers customers an expansive selection of products across departments such as tools, hardware, automotive accessories, pet supplies, work/casual clothing/footwear, as well as farm/livestock feed/bird food/lawn/garden care/alternative heating, etc. Additionally, they have various programs such as loyalty rewards/financing plans/item of the month offers and financing solutions available.

All USDA Service Centers are currently open to walk-in traffic without appointments being necessary; however, local offices could revert to “by appointment only” status due to COVID-19 caseloads and staffing levels affecting them; please reach out directly for more information in your area or reach out directly to Lance Wood in Bowling Green for any U.S. Bank banking products inquiries.

Tools & Hardware

Family Farm and Home requires its seasonal associates to deliver exceptional customer service and accurate information regarding merchandise carried at Family Farm and Home. In addition, they must assist with product merchandising and register assistance as necessary while upholding Family Farm and Home’s mission statement and values.

Family Farm and Home, based out of Michigan with locations throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, is a True Value dealer that sells a wide range of tools and hardware as well as automotive, pet supplies, work/casual clothing, bird food, farm supplies, horse feed for livestock feed alternative heating as well as lawn and garden products.


Family Farm and Home, a True Value dealer that offers outdoor items like power tools, lawn and garden supplies, pet food, livestock supplies, trailer and towing supplies, and trailer parts – is located in Bowling Green, Ohio, with 35 stores operating out of Michigan, Indiana Pennsylvania Maryland (Recent expansion to Ohio Indiana as well). Al Fansler leads this chain from his Defiance headquarters, which currently has 35 locations around Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania Maryland (A recent increase also recently took place in Ohio and Indiana), along with his daughter Mary being a director. Family Farm and Home’s headquarters is in Defiance, Michigan. At the same time, its headquarters reside at Defiance Michigan with its headquarter offices headquartered out of Defiance Michigan where Al is also head of these companies, with Tim Fansler serving as co-president co-president co-president Tim Fansler as co-president his son Tim being co-president as co-president co-president Tim and Bob Fansler serving as co-president co-president co-president while daughter Mary serves as director. Family Farm & Home’s 35 locations include Bowling Green, Ohio, which opened for business on February 7th this year!

Pet Supplies

Family Farm & Home, a True Value dealer based out of Michigan that has expanded to Indiana and Ohio through their store on 1080 S Main St in Bowling Green, is their latest location, serving Ohioans for the first time. Specializing in tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual apparel footwear, alternative heating lawn and garden equipment, and horse feed, they also provide small engine repair services and maintain an online storefront to sell these goods and services.

Work & Casual Clothing

Family Farm and Home is an American retail chain offering tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work and casual clothing, footwear, alternative energy products, livestock feed, bird food, lawn and garden equipment, and more. Their first store opened for business in April 2002; today, there are 35 stores, with the newest opening recently in Bowling Green, Ohio. Employee reviews indicate a positive working environment and fair pay as part of employee experiences here.

Farm & Livestock Feed

Family Farm and Home is a True Value dealer with more than 35 locations, serving Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio with tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet products, work casual clothing footwear, alternative heating lawn and garden, and farm and livestock supplies as well as outdoor power tools and accessories. Their headquarters can be found in Defiance, Michigan, while their stores can be found across those three states and Bowling Green, Ohio, where their first opened their doors in 2002. Al Fansler owns this family-owned company which first opened its doors back then. Since then, their operations have grown considerably – opening their first doors before expanding across 35 stores, including Bowling Green, Ohio. Al Fansler, along with his sons Tim Fansler and Bob Tarrant, began running Family Farm & Home since then; its services have expanded since then to over 35 locations – opening up now 35 stores, including Bowling Green, Ohio!