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Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report


Players can visit the Gold Saucer every week and speak with Masked Rose to participate in the Fashion Report challenge. This entails creating an outfit to meet a given theme and being judged by her for submission.

Kasumi’s store (next to Masked Rose) unlocks more items for purchase with MGP as the currency increases over time. She offers clues each Tuesday, and judging begins on Fridays.

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The Fashion Report is a unique weekly activity exclusive to Final Fantasy XIV that encourages players to dress according to a set theme, rewarding those who do well. Players can participate in this feature by visiting Manderville Gold Saucer and speaking with Masked Rose at any time each week; she will present four themes before changing them once again, and players have four chances for submission and judgment before another theme emerges.

To gain entry to the Fashion Report, players must first complete a side quest called Passion for Fashion which can be obtained from Lewena in the Gold Saucer starting from level 15. Once completed, speaking with Masked Rose will enable participation. Every weekly challenge ended with awards of some MGP, and high scorers may even unlock titles!

Masked Rose’s Fashion Report will present players with a weekly theme and allow them to prepare outfits until Friday when judging begins. Players may present themselves for judging up to four times each week; gear using glamour will be judged based on its glamour appearance. Items submitted for judging become bound to their player and cannot be traded or sold on the market board after submission for consideration.

For optimal results, players must remember that for the maximum score, they should try and include as much of the theme into their attire as possible – this means filling all equipment slots (even those not themed) to maximize scores, and scores will go up accordingly.

Finding clues for the Fashion Report may not always be straightforward, but there are a few strategies that can make the task a bit simpler. Players should wear outfits with various colors and styles, use accessories that complement their color schemes, and ensure their equipment is in good condition. These tips may increase their chances of winning each week’s Fashion Report!


Fashion Report in Final Fantasy XIV is an effective way of earning MGP, and participating is enjoyable and beneficial in other ways besides just making MGP. In addition to offering you MGP rewards, fashion Report gives players access to Kasumi’s shop near Masked Rose, which sells some of the game’s most sought-after items, including rare dyes and furniture!

Fashion Report is a weekly “contest” in which players must create an outfit based on a given theme announced each week. It ends every Friday, so only you have three days left before its conclusion; unlike some activities, however, Fashion Report doesn’t pit players against one another but instead relies on an NPC judge who will judge your look and award marks.

To prepare for an event, it is necessary to equip all pieces mentioned by theme clues. Such equipment is usually found at Gold Saucer or NPC markets and obtained through dungeons and trials. To stand out at an event judging session, many pieces can also be glazed to make them more attractive for evaluating purposes – remember this must be completed before presenting an outfit for evaluation!

For maximum points, all equipment slots should be filled with appropriate pieces from Fillbuster or Royal Volunteer gear for chest and leg piece wear, respectively, and with dyes of their suitable types (available through Market Board if they’re missing from your wardrobe). To receive maximum points, all your equipment slots should contain the right pieces from this group – for chest and leg piece use, respectively; filibusters and Royal Volunteer gear are recommended when wearing filibuster gear for chest and leg piece pieces, respectively. Also vital: the correct dyes must be on them; otherwise, points will not accrue! To earn maximum effectiveness, you must wear Fillbuster/Royal Volunteer gear from these groups for chest/leg pieces when worn as filibusters/Royal Volunteer gear, respectively as chest/leg pieces (none can purchase specific dyes from Market Board).

Once you reach level 15 and unlock the Gold Saucer, you can start participating in Final Fantasy 14 Fashion Report. You can begin participating in the Passion for Fashion quest as soon as an NPC named Lewena (X:4.8, Y:6.1) in Ul’dah is located. After completing this simple quest, participate in fashion reports as often as desired; those scoring top marks in fashion reports can win notable titles – so get ready to show your stuff!


The Fashion Report is a weekly mini-game that turns glamour into serious business. Players can earn rewards in the Gold Saucer each week by presenting themselves for judging, much like Next Top Model would. Though not as time-consuming or complicated as its counterpart, The Fashion Report provides an effective means to generate additional MGP income slowly but surely.

Players seeking the maximum score should utilize various glamours on their gear to enhance its appearance and boost its looks, such as appearance-changing items from Old Gridania, Ul’Dah, Steps of Thal, or Limsa Lominsa Lower Deck suppliers. Incorporating glamours in appropriate spots will increase players’ scores on Fashion Report.

Fashion Report players have up to three opportunities each week before judging closes on Friday evening, although they can skip up to one week without losing out on rewards. For best results, however, it is best to complete it as soon as it becomes available to avoid those sellers who increase Market Board prices in anticipation of an imminent rush.

Earn up to 60,000 MGP weekly for scoring at least 80 points on the Fashion Report! Achieving 100 points will bring titles and achievements for players to claim!

Each week, the Fashion Report will introduce a different theme, and its accessories can be purchased at the Bango Zango vendor in Limsa Lominsa. However, remember that your gear must be race-specific; otherwise, it won’t appear in our Fashion Report!

Judging will occur on Friday evening, and the participant with the highest score will receive the most fantastic prize. The second-place finisher will earn medium rewards, while third-place winners will receive small ones.

Fashion Report offers financial rewards and progress in another NPC’s shop based on players accumulating weekly Fashion Report points. Kasumi will unlock fashion and furnishing items in her shop when players earn enough points through Fashion Report points earned each week.


For players hoping to rake in extra MGP each week in Final Fantasy XIV, fashion reports offer an ideal way of doing just that. In this weekly mini-game, players dress to fit a theme and present it before Judge Masked Rose for her evaluation and judgment. Achieve 100 points or higher can earn additional benefits like glamour items or housing items as bonuses!

Fashion Report becomes accessible once players reach level 15 and open the Gold Saucer. Speak with Lewena in the Golden Saucer at X:4.8 Y:6.1 to initiate the Passion for Fashion quest and access the fashion report menu. Masked Rose will present challenges each week with four hints that lead to 10k MGP for participation; players earning 80+ scores receive a bonus of 50k MGP plus the honorary title “Fashion Leader.”

Players must submit an 11-item weekly outfit that adheres to the theme and hints provided to earn rewards from Masked Rose. Players should ensure all slots – except the off-hand slot – are filled before sending it off; any missing gear could substantially lower a player’s score.

Finding gear suitable for each theme of the Fashion Report challenge is never an easy feat, but the FFXIV community offers various resources that can assist them. Reddit user Kaiyoko Star created a visual guide that lists each theme with specific gear that works well with it; she shares her results on the FFXIV subreddit as well as provides a list of suitable equipment based on each weekly Fashion Report challenge, including information such as recommended colors or dyes – an invaluable aid for new players unfamiliar with how best to dress or what gear to look out for or what equipment to use! Her charts include charts listing these results along with information provided by Reddit user Kaiyoko Star which includes charts listing each theme and pieces that work best with it – these charts make her results much simpler! This resource comes to help players who may not know which gear works well based on each challenge theme! Kaiyoko Star provides visual guides showing players what pieces work well, such as her visual guides, which include charts listing articles and gear that works well when used together – helping newcomers who don’t know which gear or colors work well when considering joining fashion reports challenges! She provides lists revealing exactly which equipment works well alongside each week’s Fashion Report theme, along with specific dyes and colors which pair best when trying their first Fashion Report challenge by providing specific dye/color combinations that work best with every theme challenge or don’t know which colors work well together! She usually posts her results on Reddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit thread! She posts results so new players know which dye/color combinations to look out which week’s fashion report with each week’s results subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddit subreddits work best with them! Shares threads, so her results on the FFXIV subreddit as she provides a list as soon as you are so shared by Reddit which shared by giving information that way soon after posting your results, usually publishes and shares them shared among members, too, sharing her results on which subreddits sub reddits provided list that shared results which subreddits provides complete list FFXIV sub reddits she//com FFIV subreddits which weekly fashion report with other members sharing so sharing and shares results also shared so! It usually provides with other members or shares then; usually also providing list which gear/color list usually provided list where.

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