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Food Lion Money Order


Food Lion offers Western Union money orders in many of their stores. You can pay with either cash or debit card, and fees typically come to less than a dollar; costs may differ depending on where the order is purchased.

Money orders can be an ideal solution to send immediate funds quickly to those in need. However, there are certain restrictions and requirements associated with their use.

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Food Lion offers Western Union money orders up to $500 at most of its stores for less than $1 each, available both with cash or debit card payment and tracking online transfer services. Unfortunately, however, they do not sell MoneyGram orders.

Food Lion offers money orders of up to $500 that can be purchased at their customer care desks across most locations. Payment can be made using cash or debit card; you must present identification. In addition, their money order should include the full recipient’s name.

Credit cards should not be used to purchase Food Lion money orders due to the associated fees and restrictions that could lead to additional charges and interest payments from your card provider.

Food Lion is an iconic grocery store chain in the United States with multiple locations nationwide. Although its headquarters are in Salisbury, North Carolina, Food Lion operates throughout numerous states, offering services from food, beverage, and beauty products to gift cards and various financial solutions.


Money orders offer an easy and secure way of sending or receiving funds. They resemble checks but do not take money directly from your account like bank checks. Money orders can be purchased in various places such as grocery stores and financial institutions – make sure that before buying one, you read all applicable rules and fees!

Food Lion offers Western Union money orders at most of its locations. You can usually purchase up to $500 daily; the fee is less than one dollar. Buying one from Food Lion is straightforward – bring identification and your recipient’s full name; use the Western Union transfer tracker for peace of mind as you monitor its journey!

Food Lion provides more than money orders; their stores offer cash, personal checks, check cashing services, and generous return policies. Talk to the customer service desk of your local Food Lion store for more details about what services are offered there.


Food Lion offers Western Union money orders at most locations with a $500 limit per transaction and fees of under $1. Customers can purchase money orders in person, online, with cash, or a credit card and provide photo identification and their recipient’s full name for this transaction. Once purchased, money orders can be tracked using the Western Union Transfer Tracker.

Food Lion, owned and operated by Ahold Delhaize, boasts more than 1,000 locations in the US and offers customers products and services such as book stamps, lottery tickets, coin-counting machines, prepaid debit cards, check cashing services, carpet cleaning, and gift cards for third-party businesses – in addition to offering generous return policies.

Food Lion does not currently offer MoneyGram money orders; however, many stores sell Western Union money orders. While a fee may apply per money order purchased, individual stores may have different requirements and limitations regarding minimum purchases or cashing fees; for instance, some locations require at least $5 in total assets before additional fees apply when cashing them.

Food Lion can efficiently access cash quickly; however, customers should remember that they do not cash orders directly. The best place to do this would be a bank or credit union.


Food Lion is an expansive grocery store chain with over 1000 locations in 10 states. As well as offering a wide selection of products and services such as money orders and check cashing, Food Lion stores may also provide these options; to be sure of this before visiting one, it’s best to contact beforehand and inquire as it might not all offer these amenities.

Food Lion stores usually offer Western Union money orders up to $500 in amount; their maximum varies based on your location. They charge a flat fee of $1 or less, and you can pay by cash, debit card, or credit card; please provide your government ID and recipient’s full name when placing the order online and track its status online if concerned about whereabouts it has arrived.

Food Lion offers Western Union money orders and their brand of money orders known as “Food City,” which vary slightly from those sold at Family Fare but often cost significantly less, usually costing 70 cents each.

Food Lion stores also provide financial services such as cashing personal checks and offering an extensive return policy, gift card purchases for third-party retailers, cashiering personal checks, and generous return policies. You can learn more by calling their customer service line or visiting their website – store hours vary by location, but usually between 7 a.m. and 9 pm.