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Garden of Tranquility OSR Guide


The Garden of Tranquility OSRS quest may be time-consuming but offers substantial rewards. Players may receive a Ring of Charos that saves them money or provides access to options they wouldn’t usually have access to.

Queen Ellamaria wishes for an experienced gardener to construct it as part of her gift to Prince Varrock. She hopes his memory can live on in its peaceful gardens.


The Garden of Tranquility OSRs can be found behind Varrock Castle. This large garden offers various plants – including one white tree, which can help restore up to 8% of energy when picked from it – for you to relax and meditate. It’s also an ideal place for relaxation and meditation.

Start your adventure by speaking to Queen Ellamaria near Varrock castle and agreeing to help her create a garden of peace and serenity as a surprise for King Roald. She will give you instructions on the next steps of this quest.

Begin your adventure by visiting the allotment patch between Falador and Port Sarim before proceeding to Toad and Chicken Pub’s garden on the eastern side. Here, Bernard can be found charming you. He tells you his vines are dying and need plant remedies; use one on them, but it does not work; then talk with Bernard again, who means you to visit Alain at Taverley instead.

Once this task has been accomplished, return to the allotment patch and speak to Elstan again. He’ll explain that he needs someone serious about gardening, offering players some marigold seeds in exchange for their assistance.

Once players have grown the marigolds, they should deliver them to Elstan. He will then ask them to pay Rind’s letter.

After finishing the Garden of Tranquility, players can return to Elstan and collect delphinium seeds. They may also speak with Blandebir at the Laughing Miner pub, Treznor in the wood tree farming patch, and Heskel in the Champions’ Guild bush patch for assistance – all characters found within Old School RuneScape, which was released for free playback in 2007. Plus, crops continue growing even if the player logs off from Old School RuneScape, saving you time and effort when progressing with quests!


Garden of Tranquillity is an intensive quest that takes time and effort, but the rewards can be worthwhile for players who complete it. One such reward is the Ring of Charos, which can be used on other RuneScape quests. Players can use it to charm certain NPCs to lower prices for services provided or gain access to choices otherwise unavailable, saving a considerable amount of money while making RuneScape much more enjoyable overall.

Step one of this quest requires talking to Queen Ellamaria at Varrock Palace garden and helping her create a garden of peace and serenity as a surprise for her husband, Duke Darin. To accomplish this task, the player must agree and receive a list of plants she requires from Queen Ellamaria.

Once this task has been accomplished, the player should return to Draynor Village and inform the Wise Old Man that their tranquility garden has been completed. He will then administer an easy quiz. Furthermore, players should plant delphiniums and onions in allotment patches west of Port Phasmatys and pick four fruits from white trees within their garden; both these activities should take about 40 minutes, leaving enough time for other tasks while waiting.

Once they have amassed all these items, the player should meet with Bernald in Burthorpe, who will inform them that his vines are dying and need treatment. After using one plant cure on them without success, talk to Bernard again, who will advise visiting Alain in Taverley; once done so, they will receive a trolley that can transport statues between Falador, Lumbridge, and Ellamaria’s Garden behind Varrock Palace before using this trolley again to carry two figures into Ellamaria’s Garden before finally receiving an enhanced farming XP increases reward in the form of Ring of Charos which can assist other quests by helping with other quests or missions and boost farming XP gains.


The Garden of Tranquillity can be an arduous quest, but its rewards are worthwhile. Players can obtain the Ring of Charos, which allows them to charm NPCs into offering certain services or giving options that would otherwise remain unavailable to them.

The Ring can provide players with discounts when traveling throughout Runescape. In addition, it grants access to other events and dungeons not ordinarily accessible, including Wilderness and Hallowed Sepulchre dungeons. Plus, you can teleport back to Castle Wars from anywhere within the game.

Queen Ellamaria will reward players who complete the Garden of Tranquillity quest with apple tree seeds, an acorn, five Guam seeds, and a four-dose compost potion – useful in turning full compost bins into super compost. Furthermore, four fruits from the White Tree planted during this quest may be collected later; for best results, it’s wise to wait some minutes after finishing before heading over there to collect additional fruits again.

As well as these rewards, the player will receive an elixir of water and lyre enchantment from the Queen. To enchant their lyre properly, players must return to speak to her again but she may be unavailable; therefore, players must complete their quest when she will be present.

Finally, the Queen will present you with seeds you can plant in Varrock Palace’s gardens. These can be found in Lyra’s vegetable patch north of Port Phasmatys or purchased from Wise Old Man; delphiniums and onions typically take about 40 minutes to grow fully, giving plenty of time for other activities while waiting.

Time required

Garden of Tranquility OSRS Quest Task: You will assist the Queen of Varrock build a garden of peace and serenity as a surprise gift for her husband, Lord Varrock. Although this quest may take time to complete, once finished, you will gain some valuable rewards, such as picking the white tree fruit in Varrock Palace Garden east of Varrock Castle every 5 minutes to earn this reward – it respawns every five minutes, so feel free to pick more often if desired!

Earn some extra cash by selling your crops to Elstan, the gardening expert. Selling onions directly to Brother Althric of Edgeville at a small price can also bring in some cash or plant several seeds and watch them sprout – both options provide plenty of opportunities to make money and enjoy the garden of tranquility or rewards!

The Garden of Tranquility OSRS is an idyllic spot to spend some time. Offering various activities – fishing, planting, and monster killing – plus offering beautiful views of Varrock Cathedral and Castle, it has quickly become one of the go-to spots for new players looking for things to do without needing much skill to complete them all.

No special requirements are necessary to complete the Garden of Tranquility OSRS quest, although at least level 60 Smithing will be necessary to craft the Ring of Charos (a). To reduce costs associated with traveling to Port Phasmatys for this quest, completing The Feud may help.

Start your quest in Varrock by visiting Ellamaria in the palace garden. She’ll ask for your assistance in creating an oasis of peace and serenity for King Roald and give you white tree seed and some compost to get started. After this visit, Alain in Taverley – an expert druid gardener.