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Gaura Travel Review


Gaura Travel is a leading subcontinent specialist travel agent that specializes in cheap airfares. The company has served over 50,000 customers and sold over hundred thousand tickets. It is a pioneering travel agent that offers round-the-clock customer service and streamlined contact center operations. Read on to learn more about the company and its services.

Gaura Travel’s handling of abrupt booking changes and lack of clarity on refunds left Indian migrants financially and emotionally drained

Gaura Travel, an online travel booking service, charged a fee of 5% of the total booking value upon booking. This fee was not refundable. In addition, Gaura Travel failed to provide any information on whether or not it would compensate the passengers in case of overbooking. Moreover, the company only accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard as payment methods.

Gaura Travel denies any wrongdoing and insists that the company acted in the best interests of travelers. The company bills itself as the leading name in travel between India and Australia. However, the company has lost the trust of a large number of Indian migrants in Australia. In one case, an Indian immigrant named Ravinder Jassal booked a flight from Adelaide to Delhi with Sri Lankan Airlines.

The Thakkars initially opted for Singapore Airlines, but then received an email from Gaura Travel informing them that Malaysian Airlines would be flying through Kuala Lumpur instead of Singapore Airlines. As a result, the four people ended up paying a total of $2,000 for tickets.

In addition, Gaura Travel’s lack of clarity regarding refunds has left Indian migrants financially and emotionally drained. In the past, the company has not been transparent with passengers and has failed to refund them after abrupt booking changes. This has led to several complaints and has led to the company being sued by Indian migrants.

Surcharges charged by Gaura Travel

Surcharges charged by Gaura Travel vary depending on the class of travel that you choose. The company offers both Business and Economy class services. If you choose the latter, you will be able to avail of limited services. However, if you wish to travel in Business class, you will need to pay additional fees.

Gaura Travel reserves the right to refuse boarding and/or remove Passengers from flights if they have respiratory or other medical conditions. The airline considers such removal to be in the best interests of the flight operation, the other Passengers, and the flight crew. It is your responsibility to check your eligibility to travel on the flight before boarding the flight.

Gaura Travel does not accept liability for any losses or delays caused by the cancellation of a flight. Its policy also limits its liability to the cost of supplying the same goods or services again and for paying the costs of having the same services provided. Its liability under these conditions is limited to the amount of money the airline spent to provide the services.

Customer service by Gaura Travel

Gaura Travel has been around for twelve years and has served over a hundred thousand people. Its travel services span India and Australia. Gaura Travel provides a range of travel services from flight bookings to accommodation. These travel services have helped countless individuals to return home. Some of the people who have benefited from Gaura Travel’s services include those who are in critical medical situations, are separated from their families, and have been affected by high unemployment rates. Another group of people needed to travel home for funeral rites. These travel services have helped to provide closure for these people.

Gaura Travel offers a variety of affordable and efficient travel options. The company can create customized travel packages to suit your needs. Whether you are visiting India for the first time or planning a trip for the fifth time, Gaura Travel can help you find the right travel solutions to meet your travel needs.

Gaura Travel has also been instrumental in arranging repatriation flights for stranded Indians. They were the first travel agency to act in such a way during the pandemic. The agency has been receiving over 1,000 calls a day and has had to navigate a lot of red tape. For example, the Indian state where the flight lands must ensure that it has the appropriate facilities for quarantine. They also have to get approval from the Australian consulate.