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Golf Cart Phone Holder: Everything You Need to Know – A Comprehensive Review



Golf has evolved over the years, and technology has become an integral part of the game. Golfers now rely on their smartphones for GPS yardage, scorekeeping, and even as a source of entertainment during rounds. To make these tasks more convenient, a golf cart phone holder has become a popular accessory among golf enthusiasts. This article will explore the benefits and features of a golf cart phone holder and why it’s a valuable addition to your golfing experience.

Features to Look for in a Golf Cart Phone Holder:

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure that the phone holder has a safe and stable mounting system to keep your device in place, even on bumpy terrain.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the holder is compatible with your smartphone’s size and design. Some holders are universal, while others are designed for specific phone models.
  • Adjustability: Look for a holder that offers adjustability in terms of angle and position. This allows you to find the most comfortable and convenient viewing angle.
  • Durability: Given the outdoor nature of golf, it’s essential to choose a phone holder made from durable and weather-resistant materials to withstand various conditions.

Benefits of a Golf Cart Phone Holder:

1. Safety First:

Safety is paramount on the golf course. With a phone holder, you can keep your eyes on the fairway and your hands on the wheel, reducing the risk of accidents usually caused by distracted driving.

2. Easy Access to Golf Apps:

A golf cart phone holder allows golfers to keep their smartphones easily accessible while on the course. This is especially important when using GPS apps for yardage information, as you can quickly check distances to hazards and the green without fumbling for your phone in your pocket & bag.

3. Handsfree Operation:

Holding your phone during a round can be inconvenient and distracting. A phone holder on your golf cart provides a hands-free solution, usually allowing you to focus on your swing and your game.

4. Entertainment and Scorekeeping:

Many golfers use their phones not only for golf-related tasks but also for listening to music or tracking their scores. A phone holder makes it easy to keep your phone in view for these purposes without interrupting your game.

Installation and Usage:

  • Installation: Most golf cart phone holders are easy to install. They typically attach to the cart’s frame or handlebars using clamps or straps. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a secure fit.
  • Usage: After installation, place your smartphone in the holder & adjust it to your preferred viewing angle. Make sure it’s secure before driving the cart.

Additional Considerations:

1. Versatility:

While golf cart phone holders are primarily designed for use on the golf course, many can also be used in other settings. Some can be detached from the cart and used as regular phone holders in your car or at home, adding to their versatility and value.

2. Battery Charging:

Some golf cart phone holders come equipped with built-in charging ports or USB ports, allowing you to keep your smartphone charged during your round. This feature ensures that your device won’t run out of battery power, mainly if you rely heavily on it for GPS or other golf apps.

3. Maintenance:

Regularly check and clean your golf cart phone holder to ensure it continues to function correctly. Dust, dirt, & debris can accumulate over time, affecting the holder’s grip and adjustability. Cleaning it with a damp cloth and gentle detergent can help maintain its performance.

4. Cost:

Golf cart phone holders come in a range of prices, so generally consider your budget when making a selection. While basic models are affordable, high-end holders with advanced features may be pricier. Assess your needs and Choose a container that offers the features you need at a price point that fits your budget.


Investing in a golf cart phone holder is a tiny but significant step towards improving your golfing experience. It offers convenience, safety, and versatility on the course, allowing you to make the most of your time on the links. When choosing the correct holder for your needs, prioritize features like secure mounting, adjustability, compatibility, durability, and any additional benefits such as charging capabilities. With the right golf cart phone holder, you can enhance your game & enjoy a more enjoyable and connected round of golf.

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