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Google Lens App For iOS


The Google Lens App for iOS is a great way to find interesting images. The app allows users to search for pictures and even reverse image searching. It also has features for business photos, geometric shapes, and people.

Reverse image searching

If you want to find information about an image, or if you wish to search for a particular object or subject in an image, you can use Google Lens. It’s available on desktop and mobile devices, and you can access it through the Photos app.

To start, you’ll need to copy and paste the URL of an online image. Or, you can right-click on the image and choose “Paste Link.” You can also use the search function on Chrome.

Next, you’ll need to choose how to search for the image. You can type your query in the box if you’d instead use text.

The results will then be displayed in real-time. The first ones to appear will be images with the same subject you’re searching for. Alternatively, you can tap on any white dots to search for a particular element within the image.

Geometric shapes

Google Lens is a little old-fashioned because you can’t just plug your smartphone into a computer and use it to extract text from printed materials. However, it can do several things on your behalf. It’s beneficial for sorting your charitable donations, but it’s also good at helping you locate a lost key. The best part is that it’s all free.

Although it’s not a full-fledged search engine, Google Lens makes it easy to browse through photos and videos using its intuitive interface. A few nifty features include automatic Wi-Fi connectivity and automated image tagging. You can snap a picture of your router’s label, and Google matches it with similar photos and Wi-Fi networks.

For a long time, the Google Photos app was the only way to get your hands on the Lens-mobile. Today, you can download the Search app and enjoy the same capabilities, albeit with a more user-friendly interface.


If you have an Android smartphone, you might be interested in using Google Lens. This AI image recognition technology will tell you what you’re looking at.

This technology can extract information from your photos or printed documents. For instance, it will detect text from blackboard notes, which you can copy to a text document. It can also translate words or recognize books and other physical objects.

You can also make use of the augmented reality feature of Google Lens. This is where the magic happens. With this app, you can point your smartphone’s camera at a book, for example, and it will tell you the title and author. In addition, it can even read the text aloud on its display.

Wi-Fi network names

Google Lens is a service that helps you identify objects and things in the real world. It can read text, recognize animals, and even remember plant varieties. Currently, it is available in English, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

You need to have an active Internet connection to use the Lens app. You also need to ensure that your camera is focused on an object. The app may fail if your camera is too close to the thing.

The Lens app generally works by scanning the text in your photos and translating it into words. While this is not always possible, the app does the most straightforward thing it can.

The app can also tell you the names of Wi-Fi networks. So, for example, it can read the router’s name in your home.

Business photos

Google lens is now available for iPhone and iPad users. It allows users to find products, businesses, locations, and other information. The app uses AI image recognition technology to analyze images.

For example, Google Lens will identify books, buildings, landmarks, and other places. It can also provide additional details, such as a description, reviews, or even links to buy the item.

Business owners can use Lens to find new customers. It can identify and extract business card information. In addition, it can save contact info from business cards into the contacts app. This means you won’t have to type it all over again.

Google is constantly improving Lens, adding new features and functionality to the app. Some of these include the ability to identify movies, games, and other items. Another feature, Reverse Image Search, looks up the details of an image.