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Halloween App Icons: Best Halloween App Icons For Android and iPhone



It’s that time of the year when people watch and play horrors long into the night while looking forward to Halloween festivities. These thrill seekers are also likely to decorate their home screens with Halloween app icons.

Changing your app icon to align with a seasonal theme like Halloween can make your app stand out in app stores. Users are more likely to notice an app when it has an eye-catching icon. Designing a Halloween icon may lead to increased visibility and app downloads. Halloween-themed updates can help keep users engaged and entertained. Unique Halloween content, features, or promotions within your app can encourage users to continue taking advantage of it throughout the season and beyond.

Some of the best free Halloween app Icons for Your Home Screen:

1. Cute Halloween App Icons:

These adorable app Icons from Pinterest are ideal for those looking to create a cute Halloween home screen. Every app cover has charming illustrations to revamp icons for a spooky season. You’ll find friendly ghosts, candy corn, spider webs, and vampire fangs to channel the holiday.

2. Orange Halloween App Icons:

If you prefer white icons, these orange Halloween app Icons are for you. Each cover has an orange background with dark gray artwork, leaving room for colorful wallpaper. There are twenty covers you can use, and most feature the same artwork. This is preferable if you like simple designs and consistency throughout your home screen.

3. Free Halloween App Icons:

The first two options are simple and sweet, but this set takes cover designs to the next level. Every app cover has a spider web background, a white icon to represent the app, and compelling illustrations to highlight each icon. The detailed illustrations are easy to notice and describe Halloween well.

4. Neutral Halloween App Icons:

Last but certainly not least, in this roundup post is a set of neutral Halloween app icons that pair well with fall wallpapers. The varying shades of brown for background colors combined with intricate line art icons make for a minimal and versatile set that’s easy on the eyes.

5. Mac Halloween Icons:

When looking for Halloween icon inspiration on the App Store, ASO managers often go to the iPhone & iPad Apps section — and forget that you can find incredible ideas on Mac Apps, too. Take a look at this pack of well-crafted icons, and you’ll get what we mean.

A word of advice: do not limit yourself to one source of inspiration. References are everywhere. Browse through phone wallpapers, widgets, book covers, and movies. Follow the news to get information about pop culture trends. For instance, this year, we can expect a lot of Barbie and Oppenheimer-inspired costumes at Halloween parties. It could be a sign you can give your app icon a similar makeover!

6. Black Halloween Icons:

If you prefer a sleek and mysterious Halloween theme, the Black Halloween icons are a fantastic choice for an app or mobile game. This color favors simple designs. Don’t overstuff your icon with elements; it’s better to focus on a Halloween-themed logo or one character. 

If you still want to focus on several elements (for instance, to illustrate a landscape), water black down with dark teal, dark green, or similar shades to set a mild background contrast. Black will look especially advantageous if you use a bright color for your logo or a character. Glowing eyes, for example, will be a scary sight on a totally black canvas. Whether you’re into minimalism or love the color black, these icons will make your app stand out.

7. Dark Blue Halloween Icons:

A dark blue Halloween icon will definitely set a mysterious mood, as this color is traditionally associated with night and a starry sky. The most excellent thing about it is that it will let you feel more accessible than black when it comes to composition, light, and other colors.

This means you can focus not on one element only but on a landscape or a group of characters. A haunted house, a sleeping city under a sinister moon, a coven of witches, or even a Lovecraftian creature will be excellent choices for these icons. In a nutshell, with shades of blue and eerie Halloween imagery, these app icons will be perfect for those who want to deviate from the usual orange and black palette.

8. Purple Halloween Icons:

Purple symbolizes intuition and wisdom. It’s often linked to psychic and magical abilities, making these icons perfect for a unique home screen experience.

First, like dark blue, purple & its shades can be a solid alternative to a black icon background, as it is one of the colors of the night. Remember the Wednesday promo pack of photos by Netflix? They also used purple a lot. You can follow suit and design your Halloween icon accordingly.

Second, purple is often used as the primary color for witches’ costumes so that you can dress your characters up in violet mantles and hats. And third, you can use purple to bring Halloween magic to life. Spells and their effects will look stunning within this palette.

How to Use Halloween App Icons on an iPhone:

If it’s been some time since you’ve updated the home screen on your iPhone, I’ve got you covered. All you need to get started is the Shortcuts app and the covers in your gallery. Generally, follow the quick steps below to start decorating your home screen for Halloween

  • Open Shortcuts and tap the + in the top right corner
  • Tap Add Action, then type Open App, and select it from the actions menu
  • Tap Choose and select an app you want to customize, then tap the blue circle in the corner
  • Tap Add on the home screen, then tap the app icon, such as choose a photo and set a cover from your gallery.
  • Tap Add in the top right corner, and your new Halloween cover will be on the home screen.


Halloween is a fang-tastic time in every sense of the word. You can be whoever you want, even if for a little while — as well as your app. It’s a great time to step away from what you usually do and try out something unorthodox. Designing a special Halloween icon is also a great way to promote new app content, for example, an advanced level in your mobile game. Or to remind that iPhone user that your app is excellent and worthy of grabbing their home screen.

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