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Haunting Historical Mysteries


History is filled with mysterious and chilling tales, from house legends to serial killers. These haunting historical mysteries will get your spine tingling! Check out the Best information about Haunting Historical Mysteries.

Anne Boleyn was executed for treason, incest, and adultery, but her ghost is said to haunt still Hever Castle, where she once resided.

The Drummer

The Drummer is an unsettling tale about an unknown drummer who lived in a house during the 1600s. It is often considered the first recorded account of poltergeist activity.

John Mompesson of Tedworth, Wiltshire, England, was haunted by nighttime noises of banging, knocking, drumming, shaking, and lifting beds within his family home. A mysterious presence also caused their beds to vibrate uncomfortably at times.

One night, when the noise became even louder than usual, Mompesson pursued its source with his gun in hand. Soon, he discovered drumming emanating from under his children’s bedframes as well as scratching noises like someone dragging a drumstick across the floor.

William Drury was an unofficial beggar in 1660s London who traveled through town accompanied by his drum in order to solicit money from passersby. A magistrate saw this and saw his fake beggar permit; upon seeing this information, he ordered William’s arrest and confiscation of his drum.

Historian Joseph Glanvill reported that a beggar later claimed the drummer was actually a ghost driven to madness by imprisonment. The ghost would occasionally appear before magistrates and play his drum, and he also played it at funerals. After death, this spirit came to an end.

The Ghost of Peter Stubbe

Stubbe was an individual who murderously devoured 14 children (one being his son), two pregnant women, their fetuses, as well as many raw animals he killed and consumed himself. Furthermore, during this period, there was widespread belief in both werewolves and sorcerers, but Stubbe has never been identified with either label.

Bedburg, Germany, was shaken by a series of murders that caused havoc among farmers who discovered parts of their livestock being stolen and scattered across fields. Residents blamed an attacking werewolf; therefore, several hunters set out with dogs in pursuit. After several days of chasing this animal, they finally caught it, only to discover that Peter Stubbe was actually hiding within it!

Stubbe was forced to confess under torture that he was the werewolf who had been terrorizing the village, citing how the Devil gave him a belt that allowed him to transform into one and back into a human by simply taking it off; unfortunately, no belt could ever be located after his arrest.

At StubbeaEUR(tm) ‘s execution, the city erected a torture wheel atop a pole and placed his severed head into it; above it lay an image of Wolf, while on its outside edge were 16 strips of wood representing each one of his victims.

The Haunted Sprague Mansion

Governor Sprague Mansion in Cranston is not only old and historic but is also considered one of Rhode Island’s most haunted homes. Ghostly noises have been heard and felt, and even unexplainable touches have occurred at this property; for example, a woman living there reported feeling something brush against her arm in the wine cellar alone!

Amasa Sprague was murdered here on December 31st, 1843, and John Gordon, her assailant, was later charged and hanged for this act of violence – yet this wasn’t where it all ended. The actual Interesting Info about

Dark History And Legends.

Since becoming a museum, strange things have been occurring at this house. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps, feeling cold spots, and even being touched by unseen hands. Most activities seem to center around the wine cellar and doll room, where visitors have sensed an unseen presence staring back through antique dolls.

The museum has become renowned as an epicenter for paranormal activity and has been featured on multiple television programs, including “Ghost Hunters.” Additionally, RISEUP (Rhode Island Society for the Examination of Unexplained Phenomena) conducted investigations in this home, which only strengthened its eerie aura.

The Legend of John Mompesson

John Mompesson of Tedworth, England, was plagued with strange happenings that seemed suspiciously related to witchcraft and curses. At this point, he managed to anger a band of Gypsies by arresting one of their drummer boys, arousing their fury at what may have been perceived as injustice by Mompesson.

In his 17th-century work, Saducismus Triumphatus, Thomas Glanvill recounts how Mompesson brought an accusation against a drummer who extorted money from residents by drumming in their streets. Once Mompesson won this case against the drummer, he found his home plagued with inexplicable drumming noises at night that seemed connected with witchcraft being used against landowners.

Mompesson’s home was also beset with other disturbing events, such as disembodied shouting, hard knocking on doors where nobody stood, mysterious drumming noises, and an odd sulfurous smell. Even children seemed to be targeted – their blankets would often be torn off during the night while scratching noises could be heard near sleeping bodies, quickly leaving his family terrorized.