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Here are ten advantages to learning how to drive. An Irish Student Driver’s Handbook


Most of the time, when you’re behind the wheel, the results of your choices and actions will have consequences for your wallet and your safety. The option to enroll in driving school is a straightforward one, but it has long-lasting ramifications. Most, if not all, of today’s drivers’ poor or risky habits, can be traced back to an absence of initial professional instruction. This is the second piece in a series meant to help new drivers today, and in it, we’ll discuss the advantages of taking professional driving lessons. Steps to buy driving license online.

1. If you take driving lessons and apply what you learn, you’ll be a better driver than many others who have been on the road for far longer. This dramatically increases your likelihood of staying accident-free. Unfortunately, novice drivers who have not received adequate instruction (or who, as is typical in Ireland, have never driven) are much more likely to be involved in accidents. Therefore, all possible risks should be eliminated. Ultimately, doesn’t everyone on the road—the driver, the passengers, and everyone else—deserve to be safe?

2. Taking driving lessons from the outset of your driving career, rather than a month before your driving test, will provide you the self-assurance to continue your education and lay the groundwork for safe driving.

3. Getting training can improve your odds of being accepted by an insurer for your initial coverage. For example, most insurance providers require proof of a certain number of hours spent in school before adding a child to a parent’s policy.

4. As a timely aside, in January 2005, the Irish insurer Hibernian partnered with the Institute of Advanced Motorists to make their successful Ignition plan available to people with temporary licenses. A 21% insurance discount will be available to new drivers completing the one-hour driving evaluation. This is a significant improvement for all new drivers, especially young males under 25. Even if you already have a provisional license, that won’t get you through this exam. You’ll need to take some classes to get to the required level, and you shouldn’t schedule the Test until you feel confident and competent.

5. Insurance premiums can be reduced even further by passing the Department of Transport’s written and driving tests as soon as possible. In today’s test environment, cramming for the Test the night before will not cut it; there is too much to study in that amount of time.

6. Many Irish student drivers and their instructors are frustrated by the long wait time for the country’s driving test. Because so many students fail to prepare with a professional school appropriately, they must retake the Test, sometimes multiple times, adding more time to the already lengthy process. If getting your full License takes too long, it could derail your career goals.

7. You can reduce your insurance costs by using your no-claims bonus each year, provided you don’t have any accidents, by getting your full License as soon as possible.

8. Since only a select few insurance companies will cover provisional license holders, and those that charge exorbitant rates, you’ll have many more options when you’re a licensed driver.

9. If you are in your first five years as a licensed driver, in addition to item 4, you may apply for the more advanced Hibernian Ignition course. If you pass the final driving test after the day, you will receive a full refund for the day’s tuition. In addition, the successful candidate may see a reduced insurance rate of up to 30 percent. This group of motorists would benefit significantly from taking a refresher driving course at an approved driving school. It bears repeating that having years of behind-the-wheel experience is no guarantee of success if you don’t get off to a good start.

10. If you’re starting your career and you get laid off due to a merger, downsizing, or closure, having a valid driver’s License will help you find a job quickly so you can pay the bills while figuring out what to do next. In addition, opportunities abound for young, qualified, and well-trained drivers in Europe due to a severe lack of drivers to fill open positions, especially in the commercial sector.

A professional driver with a valid license has many options for advancement inside any company. Employers will almost always choose candidates with valid claims if they decide between two otherwise equally qualified applicants.

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