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Highland Business Park Offers Commercial Real Estate For Rent


Highland Business Park offers everything from high-end shopping centers and top restaurants to commercial real estate for rent to help expand your business.

B&M Painting, which applies aerospace and military coatings, operates within HIP. Though defense work tends to be cyclical, Hill is confident that his business can weather future downturns.

Affordable Commercial Spaces for Rent

Kapurbawdi Park provides office space at an attractive rent that’s suitable for any business in need of productive work environments. Fully furnished and featuring two washrooms, its super area covers 2739 square feet and has one parking spot – making this property the perfect location to rent office space.

At this site are several thriving industrial and manufacturing firms, including defense contractor General Dynamics. Their new facility in the park will increase operational capacity by 50 percent, part of a series of investments to allow their firm to grow. As such, hundreds of jobs have been created through this project.

Other industrial and commercial spaces available for rent at the park are filled with technology, energy, finance, and services firms such as solar power producers, software developers, and IT consulting firms. Thanks to its convenient proximity to both airport and rail service as well as affordable rent prices, this location makes an attractive home for companies with specific requirements.

Highland Business Park provides more than office space for lease; they also offer warehouse spaces suitable for light industrial and manufacturing uses. Their convenient location on Highway 164 and County Highway K gives excellent visibility and quick access to Interstate 41 for short distribution/logistic operations, and build-to-suit opportunities are also available to meet individual tenants’ unique requirements.

Even though this park is located far from defense contractors across the country, its forces still have an effect. Although its CEO remains hopeful for diversification to come eventually, finding alternatives may prove challenging when an economic cluster is founded around one customer.

Soon, this park will become home to a technology park that will house startups and research and development firms. Built to LEED standards and offering amenities such as cafe and lounge seating space – the project is set for completion in 2022.

Flexible Spaces for Your Business

No matter the size or type of business, finding an appropriate space is critical to running it successfully. These spaces may include workshop areas, office suites, and storage rooms – everything needed for smooth production, operations, and logistics. Make sure yours is located in an established business park to gain visibility and parking benefits!

At Acheson Industrial District, this 300-acre business park serves as an incubator for light and medium manufacturing operations. Boasting complete municipal services, competitive land prices, and easy access to major transportation routes, this hub for light manufacturing stands out.

ICP performed this redevelopment, specializing in turning underperforming properties into desirable locations for businesses and tenants alike. In this instance, there was a former grocery store and an outdated warehouse/distribution center on-site; they used this knowledge to transform it into a modern commercial and light industrial park featuring various office and warehousing spaces to meet any business needs.

Location-wise, this industrial and manufacturing park is ideal for various industrial and manufacturing uses, such as light industrial production, office work, senior housing, and hospitality businesses. Furthermore, there is good highway access near residential developments and Sussex Corporate Center.

With its high visibility, the business park is an excellent location for industrial and distribution companies looking for their headquarters. I-94 and County Highway K are nearby for easy access, making this park suitable for businesses of any size. In addition, amenities such as ample parking are provided at this park for added convenience, and airport access is easily attainable.

The park boasts an excellent workforce, and its proximity to military bases and universities makes it ideal for companies searching for quality employees, offering jobs in fields like defense, arms manufacturing, aerospace/aviation technology, and telecom.

At the Park, counselors from SCORE provide services to assist small business owners in starting and expanding their businesses. Offering free or low-cost management consulting, workshops, templates for business plans, and obtaining loans to fund your ventures – the counselors can even help complete all paperwork for applying for business licenses!

Great Visibility

Highland’s prime Highway 15 location gives commercial businesses and industrial space the maximum exposure, along with low living costs, property taxes, and excellent schools – making it an attractive place for any business. Yet, as with other Southern California communities, Highland must strive to balance growth with sustainable public services and infrastructure development.

The City is committed to maintaining steady revenue sources such as retail sales tax, property tax, and income tax that support our community’s spending capacity and are essential in meeting its growing demands. In addition, they strive to attract high tax-generating industries through strategic recruitment and using effective land development policies and planning tools for long-term economic growth.

Current Retail Sales Tax Revenue in the City. As retail sales tax makes up the majority of revenue in the City, efforts are focused on improving quality of life by encouraging consolidated retail development within an urban town center, with quality design standards and flexible land use designations. An increase in retail activity within the City can boost local economies by drawing more shoppers and ultimately leading to higher sales tax revenues.

Manufacturing, construction, and transportation employment has remained relatively flat during the past decade; however, expansion of the City’s airport and new building projects in Eastern Highland suggest they could experience growth. Meanwhile, business and professional services have experienced intense development as firms locate within their skilled workforce at reasonable costs.

Camden Defense Business Initiative exemplifies how effectively its city government and local business community work together, supporting firms like B&M Painting in navigating the sometimes complex process of becoming federal contractors. B&M applies aerospace and military coatings requiring formal accreditations; now expanding facilities and hiring employees as defense contractors scale back after budget cuts have reduced demand for their services.

Additionally, the City offers career education programs through Regional Occupation Program internships, job shadowing opportunities, and other educational activities in its public schools. Furthermore, it is a liaison for job and training opportunities within its city limits.

Easily Accessible

This industrial park offers easy access to major transportation routes and a skilled local labor force. Addison Airport features business aviation services with a jet-length runway, perfect for accommodating businesses that ship large loads. Furthermore, its proximity offers access to retail shops and restaurants and workshop or office suite spaces, making this park the ideal location.

Camden County is a central location for manufacturing, aerospace, technology, and defense contractors such as General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. This economic cluster represents one example of a geographic grouping of firms focused on one industry, which creates synergy among them.

Many companies in the park enjoy strong relationships with local small businesses, including B&M Painting Company – a family-owned paint shop specializing in aerospace and military coatings – which thrives thanks to programs like Camden Defense Business Initiative. B&M’s success stands as a testament to how supportive its community can be.

Construction on a light industrial and commercial building began at Highlands Business Park in 2022. Wangard Partners and Hunzinger Construction joined forces to construct the one-story precast facility near Wisconsin Highway 164 and County Highway K, eventually finishing it in December 2022.

On Thursday, commercial printer The Marek Group began operations in an 81,549-square-foot industrial space within the park. According to their CEO, this increase will increase operational capacity by almost 50% – something they were attracted to due to the proximity of suppliers and quality workforce in the park.

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