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How Does Top Resume Work?


Resumes are essential in the job search, yet creating one can be daunting. At Top Resume, they take all of the guesswork out of creating quality resumes by offering many packages with cover letter writing assistance and LinkedIn makeover services included.

Your writer will be a certified expert in your field.

TopResume is an online resume-writing service offering various packages. Their professional writers combine career coaches, hiring managers, and HR specialists who use their expertise to craft compelling resumes that stand out in applicant tracking systems. In addition, to resume writing services, TopResume offers LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and interview coaching as additional services.

Once you select a package, a writer will work closely with you. They’ll review your existing resume and discuss your desired goals for your new one; plus, they will give you a list of keywords to ensure it stands out in applicant-tracking software.

TopResume’s website boasts an appealing and modern aesthetic with an intuitive layout that’s easy to use. There is also an FAQs section which should be read before placing an order as this may help determine the most suitable package for you. Finally, before making your choice, it would also be prudent to read reviews from past clients, as this can provide further insights.

TopResume writers are an elite combination of career coaches, recruiters, and HR professionals with over ten years of experience as certified experts in what works and producing engaging resumes as their full-time jobs. Furthermore, their writers will help your pass applicant tracking software while garnering recruiters’ and hiring managers’ interest in your candidacy.

TopResume is an official resume-writing service, but some customers have complained about poor-quality work and unresponsive customer support from TopResume. Many have taken their concerns directly to the Better Business Bureau and Reddit; others include receiving documents with grammatical errors requiring more editing than searching for new jobs.

Once you submit your questionnaire, your first draft resume will be ready in your portal in approximately seven business days. From there, you can work directly with your writer via direct messaging and email to make revisions; alternatively, you may arrange to speak directly to them over the phone if preferred.

TopResume has one drawback that could hinder its services: its support staff doesn’t answer calls outside of business hours – which may be inconvenient if you live in another time zone. However, they promise to respond within 24 hours, which seems reasonable for a resume-writing service.

Your resume will be keyword optimized.

Professional resume writers at TopResume specialize in including keywords in your resume to make you stand out against the competition and increase the odds of an interview. However, be mindful not to overuse keywords.

Career Builder offers three packages, including a phone consultation with a writer and up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback. Their basic package, priced at $449, offers a complete resume rewrite and cover letter overhaul, keyword optimization for ATS platforms, and revamping their LinkedIn profile. In addition, there are additional services such as coaching sessions, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile writing, or career advice services offered a la carte.

Many customers first discover TopResume through its free resume review service, offering initial application document feedback. Although the website claims to provide personalized advice, several users have complained about reviews being templated with similar phrasing – this indicates the reliability of its free review is reduced substantially.

TopResume has an overall strong rating on Trustpilot and Sitejabber; however, many reviewers give only two stars for review services. Negative comments often center around grammar-related errors and lack of communication with writers or customer service representatives; customers often report that free resume reviews provide similar results for every candidate.

Your resume will be sent to hiring managers.

As we’ve all heard, “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies when job hunting; however, hiring managers often make snap judgments about applicants before ever meeting them, often using information contained on their resume to form opinions about them based on personality, interests, and ability. Thus candidates must get it right when creating their resumes.

An effective way of doing so is by emphasizing your accomplishments in the work experience section of your resume, which will make you stand out among other candidates. Use strong action words like “achieved,” “designed,” and “improved” when discussing roles that you held – but be wary not to appear overbearing as this could come across as arrogant.

The ideal time and date to send your resume depend on the hiring manager’s schedule. In general, however, early in the week is recommended as hiring managers may be more open to applications during the workweek and have fewer distractions to worry about; sending it on Sunday night or Monday morning might increase your chances of being noticed; otherwise, submit it during days when meetings and other distractions may be lower, like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday if applicable.

Hiring managers look for candidates with industry-specific experience. When writing your resume, include keywords from the company job description that will enable it to pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) and get into the hands of recruiters. Job boards or search engines offer helpful suggestions when searching for these popular terms in your industry.

An effective cover letter can give you an edge over competitors and help secure job interviews. When writing one, be sure that it is professional – using emoticons or unsuitable language may lead to rejection from employers. Ensure someone else reads and proofread your letter before sending it off – also, include your phone number and email address to prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunications later.

A recruiter will review your resume

Top Resume is an established resume-writing service offering four packages with unlimited revisions, a LinkedIn makeover, two interview prep sessions, and an industry-first 60-day interview guarantee! They guarantee double the interviews if their services fail to help secure twice as many interviews after using them – otherwise, they’ll rewrite your resume at no cost to ensure success!

TopResume writers possess an in-depth knowledge of what recruiters require in a resume and can assist you in crafting one that passes ATS screening. Furthermore, they will advise which keywords would work best when creating your document; unlike free resume builders that may not incorporate keywords as effectively, professional writers are equipped to create an ATS-friendly document that will outshine competitors.

Recruiters and hiring managers face an avalanche of job applications and must quickly sort through them all to meet deadlines and interview candidates in person. Therefore, recruiters often scan resumes for keywords that could quickly categorize applicants or identify qualified ones using keyword-scanning software, saving time filtering out candidates.

Professional resume writing services provide another advantage by improving your resume by correcting grammar and spelling errors that would otherwise draw potential employers’ attention and make you appear less qualified for the job. In addition, they will write an eye-catching cover letter to go along with it.

Read its customer reviews online if you’re considering hiring a resume-writing service. Several sites are dedicated to rating and reviewing resume-writing companies; some may be more reputable with numerous positive reviews; however, others could contain many negative ones, many related to grammar or spelling errors.

As well as reviewing customer service and quality of work, you should also research their reputation. A business with an unfavorable rep may never see success over time – this may also include reading customer comments on social media to get an accurate idea of their working style.