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How Great Is Our God Lyrics For Piano


Entry into sheet music can be both exciting and intimidating for beginners. Yet, this easy piano arrangement offers a perfect entryway into worship music – helping learners confidently play this timeless anthem!

This song celebrates God’s greatness with lyrics that inspire reverent praise from believers of all faiths, uniting people of diverse traditions to honor Him as Creator. The simple melody and profound lyrics stir awe and wonder among listeners from different backgrounds.


This song’s themes revolve around how amazing our God is and our responsibility to share that goodness with everyone around us. At a time when many are against talking about religion, we must let everyone know who it truly is! The lyrics for this song were taken from Psalm 95 of Liturgy of Hours as one of its Invitatory Psalms, while its chorus is drawn from Amazing Grace by John Wesley.


Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” has quickly become one of the most beloved worship songs since its debut on his 2006 album Arriving. Since then, the song has gone on to top Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart and CCLI’s Top 25 Worship Songs chart worldwide. Tomlin uses Biblical references in his lyrics to praise Him as Lord while successfully mixing Christianity with everyday language in an easily understandable fashion for nonbelievers.

No matter the occasion – youth group, small church service, or stadium crowd – this song provides a powerful opportunity for communal worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Use our Key Finder below to determine your vocal range and see if this song fits for you!


“How Great Is Our God” is a timeless worship song that will continue being sung for years. This timeless classic unites people of all backgrounds in worship, be it small youth groups or large stadiums. The catchy music and accessible lyrics by Chris Tomlin make this an excellent choice for newcomers to the church and non-believers alike – use our Key Finder tool to find one that best matches your vocal range! Originally recorded by Chris Tomlin on his album Arriving.

Verse 1

Line 1 pays tribute to God and invites others to worship Him, glorifying Him as the exalted King of the universe and light that causes darkness to flee (Psalm 104:2, John 3:1-20). Additionally, this verse recalls Jesus Christ as the Lion of Judah and the sacrificial Lamb for our sins (Revelation 5:6-8). Tomlin cleverly mixed Christianity with everyday language to create an accessible song that can be understood both by believers and nonbelievers alike.

The second verse emphasizes God’s eternity and power in this verse, reminding us that He never changes and surpasses any force in existence. All knees will bow and acknowledge that He is Lord over all (Romans 14:11).

Verse 2

Verse 2 continues the theme of God’s power. Not only is He omnipotent, but His unique sponsorship of an anointed one (known in Hebrew as Mashiach and translated to Greek as Christ) sets Him apart from all others. (This term denoted someone aligned with Him for prophetic, priestly, or kingly purposes.)

The Psalmist calls us to worship Jesus as the God-ordained leader of this universe, exalting Him above every earthly authority as its King and Lord of all creation. Jesus should be revered as King over all design, his light driving away darkness as everyone bows before Him with worshipful hearts; when everyone turns before Him and professes Him as Lord, He will be fully honored – an invitation extended even to those not yet followers of Christianity who can join together in love and commitment towards unity.

Verse 3

This verse refers to God as holy, and He is the creator (Psalms 145:5). Additionally, this passage mentions all things bowing before Him (and confessing Him as Lord) along with references to Laodicea Church, which rejected Christ due to becoming lax in their faith (Revelation 3:20). Additionally, this text uses everyday language which would easily translate for unbelievers.

This song praises God as He truly is: Almighty and Eternal Ruler of the universe; one whose light dispels darkness and whose glory can be seen throughout heaven and earth (Psalms 104:2). This song invites worshiping Him.

Verse 4

This verse celebrates God’s magnificent majesty and encourages everyone to praise and worship Him. It honors him as the Exalted King, Lord over all Creation (Psalm 97:1, Psalm 96:5). Additionally, this Psalm glorifies him as “Light of the World,” who illuminates us from darkness (John 3:1-20) – calling on all nations of creation to join in worshiping him (Psalms 146:5, 148:5 and Psalm 96:8) This Invitatory Psalm calls out people to praise and worship their Creator God in worshipful reverentness.

This verse has various interpretations, yet most fail to provide its full scriptural and social context. Still, this powerful and meaningful passage should give us cause for reflection; spend some time investigating its deeper meaning! The Bible contains so much wisdom for us all!

Verse 5

God is unfathomably majestic and splendid; Our limited minds cannot comprehend his greatness. He engulfs himself in light, making darkness shudder at His presence. As the eternal King of all creation, He deserves our praise and happiness on Earth. This song proclaims God’s greatness while calling all people on Earth to rejoice in Him – using Christian language that would be difficult for non-believers to comprehend and more accessible language accessible even to non-believers.

Speaking out about God is vital because it can change lives. While our society discourages prayer and worship, we must continue proclaiming His glory. His praise should be spread far and wide! Even though some might deem speaking about Him inappropriate, He wants us to sing His praises!

Verse 6

The song’s background and history remain unclear, yet its lyrics center around God’s faithfulness. This song honors Him as King over all creation, illuminating our world with light that drives out darkness; furthermore, it calls on all to worship and call Him Lord. Additionally, Tomlin intermixes Christianity with everyday language, which non-Christian audiences could easily understand.

This song can be incorporated into Liturgy of the Hours as one of the “Invitatory Psalms,” which encourage worship and praise. Additionally, it makes for an easy musical choice when used with children or youth groups, as it is easy for them to understand.

Verse 7

Line 7 glorifies God as King of all Ages. His power to exult all nations (Psalm 89:18, Daniel 4:34-35 and Psalm 97:1), cause those in darkness to flee (1 John 1:9), his understanding inexhaustible (1 Chronicles 16:25) is also manifest in this verse, along with calling on all people everywhere to worship him (Psalm 145:5); reflecting some Invitatory Psalms from Liturgy of Hours which invite people in to praise and worship God through songs called Invitatory Psalms which call people to worship the Lord through everyday language that Tomlin uses when speaking of Him majesty is used.