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How the Little Kite Learned to Fly Poem


How the little kite learned to fly poem tells about a brave little kite that overcomes its fear of rising high in the sky. It is a motivating story that helps small children to develop determination and self-confidence in themselves.

It was the big kite that encouraged it by telling it to ‘only try.’ That sight stirred the little kite, and it sailed whirling in the air. It looked down far below where boys seemed like small spots moving around.

The Big Kite

The giant kite was flying in the sky. The little kite saw it and was afraid to try to fly as he felt that he would fall if he passed. But the big kite advised and encouraged him to try, and so he did.

The little kite sailed side by side with the big kite. He could see the ground far below him and the boys, who looked like small spots moving around. They rested high in the quiet air among the birds and clouds. The little kite was happy and proud.

This poem teaches children to be courageous and not be afraid to try new things. It also introduces the lesson that if we keep trying and never give up, we will eventually succeed.

As you read through the poem, what do you think about the little kite and the big kite? How do you feel about their relationship and how they work together to accomplish something?

How did the little kite feel after he succeeded in flying? Was he happy? What did he do afterward?

This is an engaging short English poem for class 1 students. It has a beautiful flow of words that will surely grab the attention of young kids and make them want to read it again and again. It also helps them build their vocabulary and reading skills.

This is a beautiful poem for kids to help them learn English for class 1. This poem focuses on encouraging kids to be brave and not be afraid of trying new things in life. It is essential not to be scared of failing as this will teach them to persevere and not give up. It also teaches children the importance of learning and growing from mistakes. It is also a great way to practice their listening skills.

The Little Kite

The little kite had been afraid to fly high in the sky because it thought that it would fall. The giant kite told it to try. The little kite was frightened of falling, but it listened to the big kite and began to rise.

It rose slowly and reached the same level as the giant kite. From this height, it could see the ground far below. The boys seemed like small spots moving around. The little kite sailed with the big one side by side and rested high in the quiet air, with only birds and clouds for companions. It was thrilled with pride and happy because it had finally succeeded in flying.

As the little kite sailed along with the big one, its paper stirred. It became a little braver and began to whirl. It rose higher and higher all by itself.

When it reached the same level as the big kite, it was able to rest with it. The little kite was so pleased that it sang with joy. It had flown to such a great place that it was able to see the ground and the boys. It was the most beautiful sight that the little kite had ever seen.

The moral of the story is that one should never give up, even when they are scared. Children can learn from this poem that it is essential to keep trying new things, even when they are afraid, as you will eventually succeed. Katherine Pyle was an American poet and children’s author who wrote over 30 books. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1863 and died in 1938. This poem is an excellent example of how she was able to teach children in a way that was fun and exciting. This is why her work remains so popular to this day.

The Apprehension

The little kite was afraid to fly in the sky because it thought that it would fall. The giant kite tried to encourage it, but it was still scared. It finally decided to try. The little kite rose in the air with the help of the wind. Then it saw the ground and the boys. The boys looked like tiny dots moving around. The kite felt proud of itself for being able to rise in the air.

The giant kite told the little kite that if it didn’t try, it would never learn to fly. The little kite was still scared, but it began to feel hopeful that it could do it if it only tried. It started to whirl and rise in the air. Then, it felt confident enough to fly alone.

Eventually, the little kite could see the ground and the boys from far away. The kite was very happy and excited. Then it was time to rest. It rested high in the sky with birds and clouds as companions.

Katherine Pyle wrote this poem to teach children that they should be brave and try new things, even if they are scared. The story is simple and doesn’t use a rhyme scheme, which makes it sound natural and conversational. The story is also an excellent way to show that it’s OK to make mistakes and not always be perfect.

The little kite had to struggle to get up in the air, but it was a success in the end. The little kite didn’t give up, and it was able to fly with the big kite in the sky. The kites flew together side by side, and the little kite was proud that it had become a companion of the giant kite. The little kite knew that if it had only tried, it would have succeeded.

The Miracle

The little kite saw other kites flying high and was afraid that he could never fly. He believed that if he tried, he would fall. The giant kite wanted to convince him that he should try at least once because only by trying would he be able to learn to fly. But the little kite kept refusing and saying that he would never try. Finally, the giant kite got tired of this and went off to fly in the sky alone.

The sight of the giant kite flying high in the sky stirred the little kite’s paper, and he decided to give it a go. At first, he was frightened, but then he began to rise through the air. Eventually, he was able to sail beside the big kite, and he could see the boys down below like small spots moving around. The little kite felt proud because he was now at a place that only birds and clouds could reach.

This engaging poem teaches kids the importance of being brave and trying new things even if they are scared. It also demonstrates that persistence and hard work pay off. The story of the little kite’s journey from fear to courage is also an excellent example for kids of all ages.

Katherine Pyle (1863-1938) was an American artist, poet, and children’s author. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Her first major success occurred in 1898 with The Counterpane Fairy. In the course of her career, she wrote over 30 books and illustrated the works of others.

This engaging poem is a perfect addition to any child’s book collection. It is written in simple English and is a must-have for parents and teachers who want to encourage their children to be brave and try new things, even if they are scared. To find more engaging poems for kids, visit our English Poems page. We have many exciting poems for class 1 students to help them grow and excel in their academics.