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How to Add a Vintage Flair to Your Home Decor


Get that vintage feel by shopping locally at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. Additionally, opting for handmade products instead of mass-produced ones will help both the environment and your wallet. Check out https://dundeedeco.com/product-category/mdf-wall-panels/ to know more.

Begin Your Search with a Theme or Style: Select an era, such as Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern, to narrow your search for antique home decor pieces. Be on the lookout for furniture pieces that match this period’s color palette – this can help streamline the process!


Vintage home decor involves adding pieces with an abundance of history to your space, such as antique armchairs or reclaimed wood coffee tables. If you need help getting started, visit flea markets, estate sales, or thrift stores; handmade furniture will add its distinct character, which adds another significant element of vintage decor – for instance, handmade rugs can add even further character!

Establish Traditional Color Palettes. One of the primary aspects of vintage decorating is selecting a traditional color palette. This may range from soft, neutral hues to deep and vibrant tones. Accent pieces such as vases, picture frames, or table runners can help bring color into your room – they should all complement one another to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

Vintage furniture can be found anywhere, from flea markets and estate sales to online retailers, antique stores, or even family members. Vintage-style pieces must be made from quality materials with clean lines for an authentic vintage aesthetic that creates timeless room interiors.


Blankets add warmth and coziness to rooms while serving as a decorative element. Blankets come in various materials and sizes that suit your needs – from cozy fleece blankets to classic quilts with cotton front and linen back layers that provide breathability for warmth.

Historically, blankets have long been seen as symbols of wealth and status, with many constructed using expensive fabrics. Today, they’re often displayed to celebrate family heritage or provide comfort while telling a tale or two.

Some blankets feature unique details that communicate language, culture, and tradition through embroidery text or symbols; others can include photographs to capture special memories and create keepsakes that are genuinely one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Flea market finds can add texture and interest to modern living spaces, from vintage quilts under your Mid-Century Modern sofa to using vintage woven baskets for storage of throw pillows and blankets in your living room.

Reselling pre-used products helps reduce resource impacts by keeping them out of landfills for an extended period. Chairish is an online marketplace specializing in vintage home decor; their selection includes furniture, lighting and lamps, kitchen and barware items, wall art pieces, garden tools and accessories, vintage textiles for DIY projects like reupholstering furniture or making curtains, and much more.

Apothecary Cabinets

Historically, apothecary cabinets were initially used to store herbs, spices, and medicines at pharmacies; today, they make an attractive addition to any home. With numerous small drawers that make organizing items easy and a vintage aesthetic that complements various settings – you could use one repurposed as part of a kitchen setup to store different dried leaves, herbs, seeds, etc., for use when cooking while labeled drawers make them a great way to organize baking supplies and ingredients!

An apothecary cabinet makes a dramatic focal point in any living room when painted or stained with a textural finish. You can customize its appearance to your decor – for instance, shabby chic or industrial vintage themes- and even turn it into a DIY art piece by painting different hues on its drawers and framing it with metal for an enhanced effect.

An apothecary cabinet can serve as an elegant decorative display for an array of beautiful collectibles, like vintage candleholders or Murano glass vases. Additionally, its compact drawers make an apothecary cabinet a convenient addition to front hallways or entryways; coats, scarves, and hats can be stored away easily while leaving space clear for shoes, bags, and coats that would typically take over your floor space. Plus, it also works perfectly as a buffet table in dining rooms to house showy floral centerpieces that would otherwise take over their space on tables!


One easy way to add vintage charm to your decor is by mixing flea market finds with salvaged furniture – it even works great in home offices!

Add accent pieces to your shelves and media tables for a welcoming, lived-in look. Go for a theme or mix-and-match pieces. Antique typewriters or fans make excellent bookends!

As another great way of adding old-fashioned style, vintage art, and wall decor are excellent ways to bring that look into any space. Hanging posters or prints from vintage years add a splash of color while opting for sculptures can become focal points within any room. No matter what it is you need or want, there is plenty of selection online or in stores.

Shopping secondhand doesn’t just save money; it also helps the planet. By selecting vintage home decor items from Simply Chi, you are giving pre-loved items a second life while reducing resource impacts associated with manufacturing. Many online home decor shops provide eco-friendly shipping; the best ones prioritize local sellers. Simply Chi features thousands of vintage decorations from all around the globe, with 5-star customer ratings on each product page!