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How to Do the Gender Swap Filter on Capcut


Capcut’s gender swap filter is an amusing and engaging way to transform yourself or friends, creating excitement on social media platforms and sparking dialogue among users. Unfortunately, however, its use has also generated some debate and controversy.

To create a gender swap template, begin by taking a photo using FaceApp or Snapchat and uploading it. Next, launch the CapCut app and choose the “Use template” button.

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How to do it

Gender swap filters on TikTok have become an increasingly popular trend that allows users to change the gender of video uploads for fun or entertainment purposes but also can cause controversy. Some may fear that using gender swap features for malicious purposes might put those around you at risk; on the other hand, others find them harmless ways to express creativity.

To do a gender swap on Caput, first download and launch the CapCut app from either the App Store or Play Store for free. Launch it, and select “Use a template.” Next, choose which gender-change effect you want applied to your video before saving or uploading directly onto TikTok.

This effect uses artificial intelligence to transform photos using gender-morphing technology. It’s so realistic even TikTok officially features it! To use this effect, upload an image from your phone or tablet and click the gender change icon.

For optimal results, you must use high-quality images. Avoid images with heavy shadows or extreme angles, as these could impede the accuracy of the gender-change effect. Furthermore, any filters or products that might detract from its effectiveness must also be avoided as this would interfere with its application.

Capcut offers more than gender swap; it also provides filters and effects to enhance photos or videos. For instance, stickers can be added to videos with music and text, and created collages and slideshows using Capcut. Furthermore, its effects transform photos into art, including comics, 3D magnification, and pop-up albums.

To experience the gender swap filter on Capcut, download its latest version from the Play or App Stores and install it. When launched, allow access to your camera and gallery; additionally, you can search TikTok for “gender swap filter caput” to see videos showing this trend.


Gender swap filters offer an enjoyable and engaging way to transform photos and videos, from pranking others or amplifying your social media presence to making life-like transformations without effort. Many apps, including CapCut’s popular video editing app, feature gender swap filters that allow users to transform images or videos of either gender into the opposite sex with various effects, such as beards, makeup, glasses, and even realistic facial features to produce lifelike transformations. You can use CapCut for free, download the gender swap filter, and start using it immediately for free changes!

CapCut’s gender swap filter can add flair to your selfies and social media posts, but there are risks involved with its use that should be considered before using this feature. If using it to discuss sensitive material, ensure your friends’ permission before proceeding or consult your parents.

To start using CapCut’s gender swap filter, first, upload or capture a photo using the camera, and select ‘Gender’ at the bottom of your screen from among all available gender effects such as female, male 2, etc. Once satisfied with your results, save them to your gallery.

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app for iOS and Android that lets you add music, text, and special effects to videos. Supported on both platforms, CapCut enables you to create stunningly creative videos easily. Easily accessible and with many valuable features, such as gender-swapping capabilities, it works great when creating AR videos!

Gender swap filters have long been a favorite feature on TikTok, providing users an entertaining way to produce photos and videos with unique flair. Many have used this filter to prank friends or just for fun; this effect is available across several TikTok apps, including FaceApp and CapCut.


Capcut’s Gender Swap filter can be an entertaining way to amuse friends. Open the Capcut app, select a photo you’d like to convert, and choose Female Gender Swap from the Style menu – your image will instantly change into its opposite gender! TikTok users love using this feature as it makes for some humorous exchanges! This fun feature makes excellent use of photo editing software; make someone laugh today by giving this gift!

Capcut is an Android and iOS free video editing app designed for students. This versatile video editor allows students to create presentations, video projects, and more. To start editing video projects with Capcut, download it from the App Store or Google Play and let it access your camera and gallery before adding pictures and videos onto its timeline. Once finished, save and share it online or locally on a device for easy sharing!

Are you interested in joining TikTok’s gender swap challenge? A great way is by using the free app Capcut. This app features numerous templates to assist in creating captivating videos, including gender-swapping templates that accurately change features into opposite-gender features. In addition, filters, effects, and transitions can further customize your video creation experience.

To use the Capcut Gender Swap Filter, first install it on your phone or tablet and launch TikTok. Search for videos using this filter; when you find one that contains one, you should see an option “Capcut – Try this template,” which allows you to access Capcut. Tap this to open it.

The Capcut Gender Swap Filter is an entertaining way to express your creativity. Available on Android and iOS devices, you can use this filter to edit photos and videos using its advanced algorithms and facial recognition technology to transform an image or video into the opposite gender. While this filter may provide accurate transformations, please keep in mind it may lead to inaccurate modifications, so it is recommended that before making any changes, take a photo without it first and take one with just yourself without filters applied – that way, any mistakes can be easily rectified later on.


Gender swap filters have become a new trend on TikTok as an interesting effect is seen to transform people into the opposite gender and amuse viewers. This month alone has seen users laugh out loud over what they look like as pensioners, and the Long Hair Filter shows men what their appearance would be with long locks.

Download a photo editing app such as FaceApp or Snapchat and create a gender-swapped version of yourself to get started. Save this photo to your gallery before opening it in Capcut. Select a template, add edited pictures and a regular selfie to it, tap the Preview button to see what the video will look like, and if satisfied, an Export button for saving.

Once your gender-swap video is finished, upload it to TikTok using the #genderswapfilter hashtag so that other users can find it easily. Add voiceover or special effects for added entertainment value! Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Gender-swap filters offer an engaging and entertaining way to transform your image and produce entertaining videos, but they should never be misused for malicious reasons such as catfishing and creating false profiles on dating apps. Some online users have reported experiencing feelings of gender dysphoria when using these filters; therefore, users must be aware of their limitations and how best to utilize these tools to prevent issues that might arise from improper usage of gender-swap filters.

Gender-swap filters can be found across several platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. They work by altering the appearance of facial features to give images of both male and female looks. Live and recorded video streams can also use these gender-swap filters, though each has its own set of rules about which filters work better on specific photos than others; for best results, it is wise to experiment with multiple gender-swap filters before choosing one, as some may not work as effectively on specific photographs – therefore it is wise to try several before selecting one!