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How to Find the Best Hardscape Contractors Near Me in Fremont, CA


Landscape contractors specialize in lawn, garden, and hardscaping designs and implement them accordingly. They also make adjustments, maintain plantings, and remove weeds as necessary. Landscapers know Fremont’s climate well enough to recommend plants that thrive there. How do I find the suitable landscape contractors Fremont?

Dutra Landscape & Gardening of Fremont is an expert lawn service renowned for its quick estimates and professional expertise in landscaping, flowerbed installation, and shrub trimming.

Dutra Landscape & Gardening

An attractive yard adds curb appeal to a home. Hiring a Fremont landscaper to design and create your outdoor space can bring its full potential into view – creating something functional, inviting, and in sync with its natural surroundings. A professional understands all of the components required for successful landscaping, including soil, plants, and grasses, as well as decks, walkways, and patios that comprise a practical design.

Landscape contractors are experienced at carrying out the plans developed by landscape architects or designers for lawn, garden, and hardscaping in local environments. In addition, they perform regular maintenance on plantings, such as weeding and pest control, and are familiar with the local climate, plant types, and design trends.

Dutra Landscape & Gardening of Fremont, California, provides landscaping work. They are known for their expertise and fast estimates; they are licensed by the state of California with top customer satisfaction ratings; sod installation, shrub trimming services as well as landscape construction upon request are provided by this business.

Evergreen Landcare Inc

Evergreen Landcare Inc. is a landscaping service provider serving both residential and commercial customers in its service area. It specializes in lawn maintenance, flowerbed installation, and shrub trimming. In business for 14 years, it is widely acclaimed for excellent customer service. It employs two experienced employees dedicated solely to landscaping work.

Evergreen Supply of South Easton, Massachusetts, has been serving the Gardening, Landscape, and Construction needs of Homeowners, Landscapers, and Contractors since 1961. Offering mulch, compost topsoil bark, woodchips, decorative gravel, weed control products, flagstone pavers, driveway, and walkway supplies, among others – Evergreen offers it all!

Koch & Associates was established in 2009 as a landscaping service that provides homeowners and small businesses in Fremont with landscaping services, sod installation, bush trimming services, as well as tree stump grinding and landscape construction services.

Primo Plantscape Inc

Primo Plantscape Inc., a lawn service company serving Fremont residents with landscaping solutions, offers services such as landscape maintenance, flowerbed weeding, and shrub trimming. Their customers have described them as knowledgeable and courteous while being licensed and insured with low worker’s compensation risks.

Legendary Landscapes works closely with clients from Rockland and Bergen County to design stunning green spaces that showcase your property. Their team is family-owned, with a passion for crafting customized yet functional landscaping solutions for years to come.

They specialize in Bay-friendly landscaping and can help you design a landscape to complement the architecture of both your home and office. Furthermore, they can create an automatic sprinkler system to save both time and money by watering plants and trees automatically. As members of the California Landscape Contractors Association with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they offer professional service with quality results!

Mozaic Landscape Design

Landscape architects near me use living plants and building materials to create a visual impact for your home. Their experience in your local climate helps them recommend plants that thrive there. A landscaping architect can also assist with planning for future growth and maintenance needs, including any necessary grading changes. In addition to designing front or backyard yards, landscaping architects may be responsible for planting structures like patios and walkways as part of their service offering.

Mozaic Landscape Design has been providing landscape services for more than ten years and is known for its expertise and fast estimates. Their staff of two service professionals offer years of experience to help clients make the most of their space.

Enviro Scapes Incorporated

Enviroscapes, Inc., is a landscape design and construction firm offering services such as masonry work, water features, outdoor fireplaces, and more. This business also provides landscaping and mulch installation for residential and commercial properties across the United States.

Enviroscapes employees typically make an hourly rate of $42. This company, located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, offers variable pay depending on job title and location, as well as employee responsibilities and skills.

Enviroscapes (formerly Todd’s Lawncare), founded at age fourteen by its current owner, Todd Pugh, as Todd’s Lawncare, quickly expanded from its humble roots with just one $5 per week mowing client into one of the premier commercial landscaping firms in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Recently acquired by Schill Grounds Management – another family-owned commercial landscaping business – it will expand further by servicing Midwest states.

El Paraiso Landscaping

El Paraiso Landscaping of Fremont has specialized in lawn maintenance, bush trimming, and sod installation services for over two decades, earning themselves a renowned reputation for excellence and craftsmanship. Their experienced service professionals are friendly yet knowledgeable, while emergency service is also offered when necessary.

Koch & Associates, owned by George Dobbs in Fremont and operating for over 16 years under license number 887915 with the Contractors State License Board, specializes in sod installation, hedge trimming, and shrub care services. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service!

California contractors are required to carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance and submit a $15,000 bond to the Contractor Services Licensing Board (CSLB). You can verify any contractor’s bond status by searching their profile on BuildZoom or calling CSLB directly.