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How to Install a Garbage Disposal


A garbage disposal device is used to dispose of waste material. When installing a garbage disposal, it is essential to ensure it is installed correctly. To do this, you must first measure the space in which it will be placed. You should also read the owner’s manual to learn more about the appliance.

Read the owner’s manual.

If you are installing a new garbage disposal, be sure to read the owner’s manual first. This will tell you what materials you need, how to mount the unit, and how to connect your electrical cable. These instructions will help you avoid making any mistakes.

When mounting a new garbage disposal, use a proper mounting ring. A thin metal ring with three extending grips is used. It would be best if you mounted the ring tightly against the sink.

Next, turn the lower ring clockwise until it holds the disposal. This will form a watertight seal between the removal and the sink’s flange. The backup ring should also be held in place.

Once the mounting ring is secure, run a wire through the access hole at the disposal’s bottom. Be careful to avoid touching the blades. Also, connect the white (neutral) electrical wire to the disposer’s black (hot) wire.

Measure the size of the disposal

The first step in measuring your garbage disposal size is ensuring you have enough room to fit it in. This means you should measure the cabinet’s depth and the sink’s height. You may have to settle for a less-powerful unit if you don’t.

If you’re buying a new garbage disposal online, you’ll want to take measurements before you make your purchase. Examining return policies, you can also get an idea of the best deals. However, there’s more to purchasing a new appliance than simply taking measurements.

It’s always a good idea to ask a professional plumber for their opinion. After all, a garbage disposal can be quite expensive and may not last long in your kitchen. To ensure your purchase is a sound investment, keep an eye out for features such as energy-saving technologies and a warranty that offers protection.

Replace the disposal and the sink flange

If your sink leaks or your disposal has become jammed, you may need to replace the garbage disposal and the sink flange. However, this is not difficult to do. You need to follow a few steps.

First, shut off the water. This will prevent flooding when you remove the disposal. Also, turn off the power at the main circuit breaker box.

Next, remove the plastic support ring. Then, disconnect the electrical connector. Depending on your model, you might also need to pull out the gasket.

Once you’ve removed the old disposal, you can replace the flange. In most cases, manufacturers provide instructions on the tools required. For example, to remove the flange, use a flat screwdriver. Alternatively, you can use a large plumber’s wrench. Be careful, though – the wrench might warp the flange or twist the pipe.

To install a new sink flange, you should follow the same steps. However, before you begin, make sure the old one is undamaged and free of leaks.

Check if the disposer has tripped.

If your garbage disposal keeps making humming noises, it may be jammed, or a faulty motor. In either case, you will need to reset the unit. This is a simple task.

First, you will need to shut off the electrical power at the panel. Next, you will need to find the red reset button, which is usually located on the side or bottom of the unit. Finally, you can use a flashlight to see if you can identify the obstruction; if not, you can also use a long fork.

Once you find the obstruction, you can use your hex wrench to unjam the flywheel. Do not touch the blades, which can cause damage.

After you have dislodged the jam, you need to turn the unit on and off in short bursts. Then, you can check the circuit breaker to ensure the team is working correctly.

In addition, you can check the cord’s connection to the disposal. If it is loose, you will need to tighten it.