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How to Make a Paper Cracker


Use a cracker template to craft paper Christmas crackers at home, filled with gifts and jokes, for an enjoyable family tradition. Add drama by using a cracker snap for an even more significant dramatic effect!

Start with a piece of 12 x 12 card stock. Crease and fold along the 6.5″ side, pressing each crease firmly, as this will determine how loudly your paper crackers pop when pulled.

Make a template

Make Your Paper CrackersWith various techniques available, it is possible to make paper crackers quickly and easily. One straightforward approach involves simply using an ordinary sheet of paper. Use either a roll of paper or scrap pieces of scrap paper; just be sure that you follow all instructions closely for an accurate result! This may take some time, but it will definitely pay off.

For an extra decorative cracker, try making the hats with patterned wrapping paper – this will give your hackers an eye-catching festive appearance while providing children with an engaging activity! Additionally, washi tape or stencils are great ways to add even more color and decoration – or choose plain white or kraft brown backgrounds for classic vintage-style crackers!

Once you’ve obtained patterned paper, the next step should be cutting it into its desired shapes. You have two options for doing this – either manually or using an electric cutting machine to speed things along. For the latter option, first load 20lb of paper onto the cutting mat; once ready, select your design and connect your machine directly with its cutter.

Make your cracker with ease! Attach two holes and add raffia ribbon around them; for added flare, tie more raffia around its middle with a bow tie to complete this lovely creation!

Once your cracker is assembled, fill it with gifts, jokes, and paper hats for guests to pull themselves! For an additional personal touch, write each guest’s name on kraft paper and tie it onto the end of a cracker – you’ll be amazed at how much fun these crackers will provide your guests!

Cut the paper

Before beginning work on the paper cracker template, it’s necessary to cut the paper into pieces. You have two options for doing this – manually cutting or using a paper cutter (the latter typically offers faster results), with manual cuts being better as they allow multiple amounts at once. When cutting manually, the paper must be correctly aligned so as not to create a tight or loose end shape. Alternatively, you could also use a ruler as guidance while cutting.

As soon as your paper cut is ready, it’s time to assemble your cracker! Start by attaching one roller on either end of a cardboard tube. Next, place one roller inside one end. Finally, add the hat and small gift or novelty item before crimping (gathering) one end using thumb and forefinger and using double knots, secure 10 to 12 inch length of curling ribbon onto it all for finishing touches!

Making your crackers from paper and other supplies such as old wrapping papers, kraft brown paper, or floral wallpaper can be made fun and festive with washi tape, stencils, and washi tape for decoration. For an extra festive look, consider using Christmas colors like greens and reds on patterned papers!

When making crackers, be sure to press all fold lines carefully, as this will determine how loudly it pops when pulled. Also, be sure to select thick paper, as this will affect how loudly the cracker pops when pulled – the wider it is, the louder it pops!

Toilet paper rolls make an easy and fun craft project when it comes to creating paper crackers! Not only can they be decorated with paper, ribbon, and string embellishments, but you could even add glitter for even more excitement!

Fold the paper

Are you looking to add an exciting element to your Christmas celebrations this year? Try making paper crackers! Any paper, from leftover wrapping paper to classic brown kraft, can be used. Adding different colors and patterns for decoration gives each cracker its distinct appearance; adding silly hats or jokes adds even more fun and entertainment!

To create a paper cracker, start by folding a piece of wrapping paper into thirds along its length before creasing down its center crease line. As human eyes tend to distinguish halves from thirds better, this method may make folding easier. You could also use a ruler to help when aligning your crease, creating two long and skinny triangles on either side of the paper cracker.

Once your folds are completed, assembling a cracker requires just a few more steps. Secure one end of the paper with string or ribbon before scrunching one side down to form a narrow tube – being careful not to tear the paper, otherwise your cracker won’t stay together! For added stability, you could add glue as well, if necessary.

Secure one end of the paper with string or ribbon and fill your cracker with sweets, small toys, jokes, or an eye-catching question or riddle – this will guarantee an engaging opening experience!

Once your cracker is ready to play with, an easy way to use it is by blowing air into it – this will cause a loud pop when swung up! For added effect, you could add confetti to it, too.

If you are using a Cricut machine to cut your cracker, this step can be skipped; otherwise, use a ruler and pencil to draw out its outline before cutting with your cutter and trimming away smaller pieces of paper as necessary.

Fill the cracker

Traditional party crackers contain a paper crown, novelty toy or trinket, and riddle/joke in addition to an item you choose, such as paper hearts for your crush or something as practical as a delicate chain-beaded friendship bracelet or natural lip balm. Once filled, use the cracker snap to secure them into place if the contents become loose; alternatively, add glue or ribbon as necessary for more security.

To create the cracker, start by printing out a template onto a sheet of acetate. Online, you’ll find many, such as ones with cardboard tubes at either end; alternatively, you could use a craft knife to cut diamond shapes at either end and, once completed, cut off any excess acetate.

Add extra charm and make your cracker more personal by decorating it with ribbon, stickers, or paper bows – you could even write your message directly on its backside! There is so much potential!

Once your decorations and fan-shaped pieces have dried, fill the crackers with your message and small candies. Use the leftover thick icing as glue to adhere fan-shaped pieces inside tubes so they close up any holes (see the seventh photo). Finally, if using a cracker snap, roll a piece of cardstock into a slightly smaller diameter cylinder than the stiffener and tuck it into one end until flushed with the wrapping paper edge.

Now, with one end of your cracker still open, run a thin bead of glue on the back of your wrapping paper about 1/4 in from its top edge and tightly wrap it around a stiffener while pressing against your work surface until it hardens – repeat this process on both ends! Afterward, trim off any excess wrapping paper from either end and tie a length of yarn, string, or curling ribbon around each gathered end for a double knot finish and attractive look.