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How to Remove Wax


Spilled wax on carpet, clothes, or furniture can leave an unsightly mess that is difficult to clean up. Fortunately, several methods exist for removing it and restoring your items to their former glory.

The initial step is to remove as much hardened wax as possible. Use a knife that’s sharp enough to do some damage but not too sharp, and work on the stain to scrape away as much material as possible without harming what you are trying to remove it from.

Warm water and soap

Wax is an unruly substance that can seep onto furniture, floors, and walls if a candle falls over.

Soap is an effective way to remove wax, as it breaks down the molecules that compose it and makes it easier to wash away.

If you need to remove wax from clothes, warm water, and a mild dishwashing liquid is the best solution. Soap softens the wax, making it easier to withdraw from the fabric.

Soap is essential in germ control because it breaks up chemical bonds between viruses and bacteria, making it an effective natural disinfectant.


Spilled wax on walls, furniture, or floors can be challenging to remove. While there are various methods for getting wax off surfaces, temperature plays a vital role in how best to eliminate it.

The first method is to heat the stain with a hair dryer or iron. You could also place a paper bag over the wax and direct your heat source to melt it.

For wood walls, you can remove wax stains by dipping a microfiber cloth in a solution of one part hot water and two parts distilled white vinegar. Wipe the surface following the wood grain as you wring until damp.

Dampen a brush in water for unfinished or painted wood to remove any wax residue. Dip it into dry baking soda and gently wipe away the wax residue.


Scraping is a widespread technique among artists to reveal the history of layers and colors in their artworks. It can be done using razor blades, loop tools, or wax scrapers.

When scraping a painting or snowboard base, it is essential to work slowly to protect your board’s surface. This is especially true if you remove old wax from its base.

A hot scrape method can thoroughly remove old wax before applying new. For this task, use an affordable soft-rated yellow or red hydrocarbon wax.

Once the old wax has been scraped off of your board, you can add a few thin coats of fresh polish. Additionally, brushing out excess polish on the base helps expose its structure and provides a smoother ride.


Wax can be an intractable stain. Fortunately, there are several methods available for removing wax from fabric.

Clothing that won’t be washed, such as shirts and jeans, should be the first step. Start by scraping away excess wax with a dull knife. Next, blot the stained area with thick paper like a brown paper bag.

Repeat this process until the wax has been eliminated. Finally, launder the garment in hot water according to its care label guidelines.

Try using a blow dryer to soften the wax for wood or other surfaces where you don’t want to risk damaging the surface. Then, wipe it off with a soft cloth and rinse with warm water – this will help prevent wax from restaining the area.