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How to Use the YouTube Video Downloader


Video downloaders should be user-friendly and offer various options, ideally supporting multiple formats and the opportunity to download videos with subtitles.

To use Downie, first open YouTube in a web browser and copy and paste the video’s URL into Downie before clicking Download.

How to download a YouTube video

YouTube’s ability to let users download videos is an attractive feature, particularly for people who like keeping their clips offline. But before taking advantage of this feature, there are a few considerations worth remembering: you must be aware of whether copyrighted material can be legally downloaded in your country; if uncertain, consult local laws or contact the owner. Furthermore, for maximum downloading speed, be connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network and use encryption software if available.

Simply open a YouTube clip in your web browser, right-click, and choose “Save video as” from the drop-down menu – this will ensure it gets saved onto your computer as an MP4 file.

Use the official YouTube app on Android and iOS devices to download videos. This free service features several valuable functions, such as saving offline. Browse YouTube and tap any three-dot videos until they download as MP4 files, after which they can be played back directly in your browser or media player.

Use an online YouTube video downloader for similar results. Many programs work by simply pasting in a link and selecting quality options – though be wary as some may contain annoying advertisements or even try to inject malware.

Due to this reason, it’s advisable to opt for official apps from the app store instead. Some offer multiple video downloads simultaneously while enabling you to choose their location or even automate downloads when connected via WiFi.

Use an application like aTube Catcher to easily download videos, enabling you to choose the resolution and file size for your video while downloading audio separately and adding subtitles if applicable. It’s an invaluable resource for those storing videos on computers or iPads.

Formats supported

YouTube supports several video formats, so select one that best meets your needs and computer capabilities. For instance, if you have limited memory, it would be prudent to select smaller video file sizes; otherwise, you risk running out of storage space and potentially crashing while editing or rendering your video.

Microsoft’s AVI file type offers high image quality, making it popular with many users. Unfortunately, however, its large file size necessitates considerable storage space; additionally, most other video editors and platforms do not work well with it.

FLV: FLV files developed by Adobe for its Flash player are still widely supported on some websites and can easily be converted to MP4 using free software; however, be wary of using these files due to potential malware issues.

MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4) is a universally compatible container format that accommodates various media files, including video, audio, subtitles, and still images. YouTube prefers this format due to its superior quality and file size; additionally, it is supported on most operating systems and devices, including Apple products and Windows OS.

DNxHR: DNxHR video codec was specifically developed to support high-definition content and is commonly seen on YouTube. Though not as flexible as other file formats, DNxHR has a relatively low CPU footprint and supports various resolutions.

Video content can make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and Mailchimp makes this task simple with its tools for video creation. However, understanding different video formats and their advantages will allow you to choose one for your video marketing campaign. Here are a few popular file types to get you started:

Streaming options

Online streaming services offer a convenient alternative to watch videos without a computer. Accessible from any internet-enabled device and completely free to use, these sites provide access to short films, documentaries, music videos, and much more – including your uploaded content! Brightcove provides companies with services for managing and monitoring videos across multiple platforms simultaneously to track performance metrics more accurately while measuring audience reach.

Another YouTube alternative for mobile devices is Snaptube, a popular application available for both iOS and Android. This app lets you easily download and stream any video at the highest quality available – you can even share them as attachments on other apps! Plus, downloaded videos will remain stored locally without worrying about data usage!

Ultron is another free app offering streaming options, including ad-free viewing, unlimited storage capacity, HD and 4K video compatibility, and HD/UHD conversion support. Ultron works perfectly as another streaming option for iPhone and iPad as well as other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Copying the URL

Add a timestamp to its URL if you want to link and share a specific YouTube video section. This will ensure the video starts playing from where you select while including that start time as part of its title link. This method works on both computers and mobile devices – on computers, right-click the video and select Copy video URL at the current time, while on mobile phones, tap the “Share button and Copy URL.”

If your computer lacks a YouTube downloader, a free open-source software called YouTube is an ideal alternative for saving videos from YouTube. With features that include individual video downloads up to 4K quality levels and bulk downloading multiple videos simultaneously, YouTube makes for an excellent solution that’s simple to install on any computer.

Alternatively, download YouTube videos without installing an app with the help of a website that specializes in this service, like 4K Video Downloader. While dozens of these websites offer this option, be wary when selecting a reliable one; many get shut down by YouTube for violating DMCA policies or have been implicated in scams. If third-party sites don’t suit you well, an alternative software solution could provide another alternative, such as 4K Video Downloader.

Once you’ve copied and pasted in a video’s URL, open 4K Video Downloader and paste it into the “Paste URL” field. When your video has been analyzed, simply click on your preferred resolution’s “Download” button; your downloaded file will then be stored locally so you can watch it any time in any video player.

If you own an iPad or iPhone, transferring videos can also be accomplished using a Lightning cable connection to a computer. Once on your device, open up the file in a video player or download it directly via iCloud to access and watch on any iOS device.